From Readers

FROM READERS: John Hall captures a few glimpses of spring before winter begins

John Hall shares pictures from a warm day in mid-Missouri.

FROM READERS: Wonder of wonders

John Hall details several species of birds he found over an unusually warm December weekend.

Facebook page facilitates anonymous compliments at MU

Thanks to the new MU Compliments page, the warm fuzzies have been spreading across campus since Friday morning.

FROM READERS: Confronting sexism in person is difficult but important

It's easy to stand up against victim-blaming on Facebook or with your friends. It's harder when you're talking to people you don't know very well.

FROM READERS: Over a decade of photos from photographer John Hall

John Hall shares photos of birds from over a decade of photographing mid-Missouri. He has used five different digital cameras to take the photos since Nov. 2001.

FROM READERS: Cultural views on rape, sexual assault need to change

The MU campus needs a better understanding on the subject of rape.

FROM READERS: 'Discrimination Made Simple,' a poem from Margaret Prezioso-Frye

Margaret Prezioso-Frye moved to Columbia in 1987. She wrote a poem about discrimination called "Discrimination Made Simple."

Our 2012 Missouri football fan photo superlatives

Drool over tailgating food and fawn over babies and dogs supporting the Tigers in our gallery of the most noteworthy fan photos from this football season.


Taylor Dillard, a sophomore at Rock Bridge High School, wrote an essay for Mrs. Marilyn Toalson's class entitled "I Love You."

QUIZ: 2012 Missouri home football game superlatives

The Missouri football team played more home games in 2012 than in any season since 2006. Can you answer these questions about those seven games?

ArtTalk: Missouri Contemporary Ballet to hold choreographic installation show on Thursday

Craig Rooney, from the Missouri Contemporary Ballet's board of directors, talks about Thursday's choreographic installation performance.

FROM READERS: A stroll at the park in the late afternoon

Missourian reader John Hall shares photos from his most recent trip to the park. 

TELL US: What keeps you sitting throughout the day?

Adults should have around 30 minutes of exercise a day, but people have become more sedentary over time, said John Thyfault, director of the Health Activity Center. What keeps you sitting?

TELL US: Who were the most spirited fans during Mizzou's inaugural SEC football season?

To commemorate the Tigers' first season in the SEC, the Missourian will be awarding those who demonstrated excellence in game day fashion and festivities.

FROM READERS: How I survived working Black Friday

Even though I was tired, sick of dealing with coupon and sale-crazed customers, and hungry — I survived working Black Friday.

ArtTalk: MU student Ryan Johnson discusses artistic process, inspirations

MU journalism student and art lover Karen Rodriguez talks to fine arts student Ryan Johnson about why he loves what he does.

Tiger fans tweet about loss to Texas A&M

Tiger fans were not impressed with the Missouri football team's performance Saturday night, and many expressed their disappointment on Twitter.

FROM READERS: Columbia teen shares fictional story

Mary Clare Agnew, a senior at Hickman High School and a student in Nancy White's Creative Writing Class, shares a fictional story.

ArtTalk: Columbia Public Library to hold Book Trivia Night

Librarian Brandy Sanchez talks about an upcoming trivia night, where participants will be challenged with literature-related questions.

FROM READERS: Veteran wants military career to serve as example to others

Holts Summit resident Donna Kinder thinks two overseas deployments and an extensive military career can provide a good example and create a level of respect.