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TELL US: How would a longer school year affect Columbia?

Gov. Jay Nixon has suggested extending the school year by six days. We're interested in finding out how this change could affect you.

FROM READERS: MU students write, direct and star in St. Thomas More Newman Center musical

Bridget Kapp, an MU senior, is directing the Newman Week Musical, "History of the Bible: Part II," at the St. Thomas More Newman Center. She gives some insight into what her involvement with Newman Week has meant to her.

FROM READERS: A California native embraces Columbia's music scene

Chantelle Moghadam, a freshman at MU and Los Angeles native, discovers Columbia's local music scene is very much alive.

FROM READERS: What, exactly, does ABC Chinese Cuisine stand for?

A local blogger raves about the newest addition to Columbia's Chinese food scene. The restaurant is located at 3510 I-70 Drive S.E., Suite A.

FROM READERS: Doritos’ Goat, Budweiser's Clydesdale ads and more win big with college students in MOJO Ad Bowl

MU students from MOJO Ad ranked and rated this year's Super Bowl ads by originality, youth and young adult (YAYA) relevance and "tweetability." 


FROM READERS: Columbia man to take back 506 days of video gaming with bicycle trip

Michael Marberry is taking his life back after five years of non-stop gaming with a bicycle trip from Columbia to San Clemente, Calif. He describes how he came to this decision and what he hopes to gain from the trip.

FROM READERS: 'Not a Nor' Easter But a Mid' Wester'

Margaret Prezioso-Frye shares a poem about Missouri weather based on her experiences living both on the East Coast and in Columbia.

FROM READERS: There are many choices for the modern parent

Lots of progress has been made in the present day parenting world. Traditional roles have been challenged.

FROM READERS: Classmates start Students' Say group to advocate for teen voices

High school students write about their expectations of involvement in school policies and the mixed messages they get from adults.

FROM READERS: Brother writes of Norris Stevenson's experience as MU's first black football player

A former football player's brother writes about the racial climate at MU in the late 1950s, and how black players like Norris Stevenson and Mel West were received.

FROM READERS: GI Bill allowed MU graduate to pursue goals

After spending time in the Missouri National Guard, Tom Holt went to MU to pursue a degree in civil engineering.

FROM READERS: John Hall shares memories of Stan Musial from around the country

Frequent contributor John Hall shares thoughts and memories of the recently deceased Cardinals legend Stan Musial from friends, family and former minor league baseball players across the country.

FROM READERS: A fan's tale of making a movie with Stan Musial

In 950, Missourian reader Billie Silvey was in a safety movie with the St. Louis Cardinals ballplayer.

FROM READERS: Knowing the difference between a squat and a hunker — a hidden talent

There's more to hidden talents than burping letters and using grass as a musical instrument.

FROM READERS: The Altar at Olivet offers a mix between traditional, contemporary worship services

Brad Bryan, who leads worship at the Altar at Olivet at Olivet Christian Church, says his service provides the community with a service that is a balance of traditional worship with contemporary themes.

FROM READERS: On Stan Musial's last game day, Larry Dickerson tagged along

Larry writes that Stan Musial's "humility, caring and warmth set an example of how everyone should be treated, no matter who they are."

FROM READERS: Memories of Stan Musial's last game

Harvey Hoffman, a local lawyer, was present at Stan Musial's last game in old Busch Stadium. Hoffman writes that Stan Musial is the final loss of his childhood memories.

FROM READERS: Remembering Stan Musial

John Hall writes about the first baseball player he ever heard of, his hero, Stan Musial.

ArtTalk: Check out 'Beauty and the Beholder' at Columbia Art League

Jennifer Perlow, owner of PS:Gallery, talks about "Beauty and the Beholder," the Columbia Art League's current exhibit.

FROM READERS: A ducky Friday

Photographer John Hall shares photos from a cold morning drive with his dogs.