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FROM READERS: Beginning New Life Community Church taught many life lessons

Pastor Tom Ragsdell began New Life Community Church in Columbia in 2007. He shares the lessons he has learned through the process.

FROM READERS: A show of Mizzou support from U.S. military in Kuwait

Members of the 35th Combat Aviation Brigade showed their support for the Missouri Tigers at their base in Kuwait.

FROM READERS: September has brought white irises, significant rain and plenty of photos

John Hall shares his photos of the flora and fauna in his backyard as well as some shots of the rain from Hurricane Isaac.

FROM READERS: Kelly Needham's life remembered

MU student Hannah Cusack shares her memories of her lifelong friend and classmate Kelly Needham who died in a car accident in Wisconsin on Aug. 18.

FROM READERS: A guide to staying safe at parties

MU's Wellness Resource Center offers tips on staying safe at parties and making sure you get invited back.

Frequently asked questions about the Public Insight Network

Still have questions before you sign up to become a Public Insight Network source? Here are some frequently asked questions to help you out.

FROM READERS: Inside the earbuds of marathon runners

Marathon runners share what they like to listen to when they run.

FROM READERS: A librarian's work not limited to books

Lauren Williams, a public services librarian for the Daniel Boone Regional Library, says her responsibilities are more technologically oriented than one might expect.

FROM READERS: 'Loaves and Fishes' unites many to help those in need

Brad Bryan, a third-generation religious leader in Columbia, views a program that helps feed those in need as one of the many reasons the city is special.

TELL US: What do you wish people understood about doing your job?

Labor Day gives workers a chance to celebrate and critique their work. Share what you wish people understood about doing your job.

FROM READERS: Missouri wineries grounded in cultural tradition

W. Arthur Mehrhoff shares his take on the Missouri wine industry.

FROM READERS: Images of Katrina make threats of Isaac more ominous

No one is really sure what Isaac will do. But Missouri native Eliot Thomas decided to evacuate from New Orleans, where he's in law school, and is seeking refuge in Texas until Isaac passes.

DEAR READER: Why membership makes a difference

Readers of the Columbia Missourian have given of their time, expertise and experience. They have helped make the newspaper what it is: an award-winning publication that trains the next generation of journalists across the world.

FROM READERS: Veteran Warren Forrest hopes his experience can help youth

Submariner Warren Forrest discusses unique skills acquired through naval service.

DEAR READER: The Missourian launches a digital suite of apps

The Columbia Missourian has created applications that will give readers new ways to access content on smart phones and tablets. The apps are accompanying a change to an experimental pay model.

Philip and Aleta Miller mark 50 years of marriage

The Millers were married Aug. 18, 1962, at St. Clement Catholic Church in Bowling Green.

FROM READERS: Observations on working from home

Jessica Kohler, who works from home, writes of her time spent away at a work retreat, which helped her find her place on her team of co-workers.

FROM READERS: Columbia College welcomes home veterans

Columbia College shows its support to the troops through its veteran homecoming events.

FROM READERS: Grocery shopping tips for college students

Between classes and extracurricular activities, college life gets busy and eating well can sometimes fall by the wayside. Here are some tips on how to be prepared with healthy snacks for the busy times.


FROM READERS: Trey Bistro off to a delicious start

Downtown Columbia restaurant, Trey Bistro, offers ingredient-diverse meals made from local goods.