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FROM READERS: Columbia author shares a funny take on his humorous autobiography

Joe Dillard, a longtime Columbia resident, shares what you can expect to find in the  humorous autobiography he recently published about his life experiences so far.

Helveys celebrate 50th wedding anniversary

Julia and Bill Helvey celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a concert by their son Howard at the church where the couple was married.

FROM READERS: Columbia residents celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day

Friday was Take Your Dog to Work Day. Columbia residents celebrated by doing just that.

FROM READERS: Newman Center will host Vacation Bible School in July

The St. Thomas More Newman Center is hosting "Win the World for Jesus" Vacation Bible School July 9-13.


FROM READERS: Pepe's food truck

Robin Nuttall, an author of CoMo Whine and Dine blog, reviews Pepe's of Columbia, a local food truck. 

FROM READERS: Baby bluebirds leave an empty nest

Photographer John Hall sees off the last of the baby bluebirds as they leave the nest.

FROM READERS: Ready to leave the nest

Photographer John Hall follows the steps of baby bluebirds in his backyard ready to take flight.

FROM READERS: Columbia native co-directs documentary about ancient game

Cole Pruitt, a graduate of Hickman High School, is the co-director of "The Surrounding Game," a documentary about the ancient Chinese game of Go.

FROM READERS: Lime-marinated flank steak

Christa DeMarke, creator and author of c. jane create, shares her recipe for lime-marinated flank steak.

FROM READERS: Implications of a dry spring for organic farm

Eric and Joanna Reuter, who are full-time farmers managing Chert Hollow Farm LLC, discuss the implications of a dry spring on their produce. 

FROM READERS: Feeding baby Bluebirds

Photographer John Hall has become an expert on feeding baby bluebirds.

FROM READERS: The changing world of wine

Rachel Mills, Les Bourgeois Vineyards and Winery marketing director, shares how her experience with wine is different from that of previous generations.

FROM READERS: Columbia's contra dance community

Krishna Fogle shares her experiences with contra dancing in mid-Missouri. 

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FROM READERS: Columbia author writes about his WWII-era memoir

Norm Benedict, a Columbia native, writes about his memoir, "Thumbs Up, 'V' for Victory, I Love You," about growing up in 1940s and 1950s America.

FROM READERS: Columbia to host statewide Occupy conference

Occupy Missouri will host speakers and hold events in Columbia during the weekend of June 29. 

FROM READERS: Bluebird is actually Father of the Year

Photographer John Hall and his subject, a bluebird he named Mr. Bluebird, interact in a story about one father helping out another


FROM READERS: Quilting conference meets in Columbia this week

This SUGAR quilting conference started today and will run until Wednesday.

FROM READERS: Hockman on his way to becoming a martial arts master

Jade Hockman, a local martial arts instructor, has been selected as one of few worldwide to earn a coveted title in the sport.

FROM READERS: Military service inspires Stephen Webber to seek meaningful legislation for veterans

Possessing combat experience that tends to be rare among his lawmaking counterparts, Stephen Webber asserts that his focus is on legislation that has a tangible benefit to the veteran.