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FROM READERS: MU student makes noise-making gloves for sporting events

MU freshman Ryan Kohn created Gameday Claps, gloves designed for fans to cheer  louder for their team. 

Obama, Romney, Ryan, Biden: Who would you study (or tailgate) with?

Before Thursday's vice-presidential debate, we asked MU students at a nonpartisan watch party what they thought about the candidates' personalities.

MU TIGER CHALLENGE: Vote on the best fans going wild and tailgating tents

Join the MU Tiger Challenge game for the chance to win $100 to $1,000 this football season.

FROM READERS: 'Transcendent Tower' exhibition offers new vision of Memorial Union

The exhibition was researched and created by Rebecca Dunham, former museum graduate research assistant who spent nearly a year assembling and assessing archival materials to bring the exhibition to life. Check it out online on the MU Museum of Art and Archaeology's website.

QUIZ: Test your knowledge of Alabama, Missouri football's next opponent

Missouri will face Alabama, the defending national champion, on Saturday. Test your knowledge of the Crimson Tide.

FROM READERS: Football fans share one-word feelings about Missouri's season

We invited Missouri football fans to describe, in one word, their feeling about the Tigers. Want to contribute?

FROM READERS: People should be politically informed in the upcoming election

Tom Wright, vice president of the Mizzou College Democrats, thinks if people aren't politically aware and don't vote they are essentially saying they don't care what happens in the country or how it will affect them.

WHAT YOU SAID: Will higher cigarette costs affect smoking rates?

Readers join the conversation on how effective a higher cigarette tax would be.

INVITATION: Share what's happening in Columbia's art scene

Have something from Columbia's arts and culture scene that you'd like the rest of the community to know about? Become a part of ArtTalk, and help open the eyes of our community to local art.

TELL US: What one word describes how you feel about Mizzou football?

Halfway through the season, Missouri is 3-3. Some say the team is just not prepared for the SEC.

FROM READERS: Pictures of the morning of the first frost

Frequent contributor John Hall shares photos from the morning of the first frost.

FROM READERS: Dance Marathon Miracle Kid plays princess for a day

Mahir Khan met Jayla Kemp, a Mizzou Dance Marathon Miracle Kid, and instantly knew they would be friends.

FROM READERS: Despite a disappointing debate, Americans should still vote

Despite a disappointing first presidential debate, citizens should still show up to the polls on Election Day to support a candidate.

TELL US: Will higher cigarette costs motivate people to stop smoking?

We want to hear your thoughts about new proposed cigarette tax increase.

From Readers: A daughter remembers her mother's life

Gertrude Lavera Dawson's daughter remembers her mother's life.

FROM READERS: Columbia CROP Hunger Walk aims to overcome hunger

This Sunday's Columbia CROP Hunger Walk raises money for local and international organizations and includes a 1.5 mile walk around downtown Columbia and a 5K Run on the MKT trail.

FROM READERS: Exercise caution when handling food at tailgates

Ellen Schuster and Karen Sherbondy advise tailgaters not to eat perishable food after it's two hours old. If the outside temperature is about 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the time falls to one hour.

TIGER KICKOFF: Players tweet about Saturday's win, change in seasons

Missouri football players took to Twitter to express excitement for Saturday's win against Central Florida, support NFL teams and comment on the change in seasons.

FROM READERS: Broadway Christian Church holds animal-blessing service

This Sunday, Broadway Christian Church will hold its second annual Blessing of the Beasts service, carrying out a centuries-old ritual that dates back to St.  Francis of Assisi.

INVITATION: Will you help draw attention to Columbia's prep athletes?

The Missourian wants to increase its coverage of the high school sports community in Columbia and needs your help.