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TELL US: What do you wish the community knew more about?

Tell us what stories you think journalists are missing.

FROM READERS: Photos of fire on southbound U.S. 63

Sami Jo Freeman of the Missouri Cattlemen's Association submitted photographs of Tuesday's fire on U.S. 63, which resulted in the road's temporary closure.

FROM READERS: A foggy morning

Photographer Greg Arendall shared his photographs from a foggy morning shoot in Boonville.

FROM READERS: July heat has photographer staying close to home

Missourian reader John Hall has "not left his backyard" because of early July heat. Instead he has spent time photographing his surroundings.

FROM READERS: Show-Me Cannabis Regulation, one year later

Eapen Thampy reflects on the year after he went to Jefferson City to file the first text of the Show-Me-Cannabis Regulation ballot initiative.

FROM READERS: Photo resurrection

Photographer John Hall's camera, which he has playfully named "Miss Nikon," broke earlier this week, and he has had to make due with one of lower quality—until he quickly found a better replacement.

TELL US: What is your view of the American Next?

We want to hear want to hear your hopes, dreams, fears and desires as part of the next generation of Americans.

FROM READERS: For MU student from Ozarks, dreams not defined by perceptions

Zack Martin, a junior at MU, shares his thoughts on growing up in the Ozarks and the stereotypes surrounding it as well as what it means to him to be part of the American Next.

FROM READERS: Photos from an excursion to Diana Bend Conservation Area

Greg Arendall shares his photos of the wildlife he saw at the Diana Bend Conservation Area.

FROM READERS: The ultimate athlete

W. Arthur Mehrhoff, the academic coordinator of the MU Museum of Art and Archaeology, reflects on the cultural ideal of arete, noble goals pursued along lines of excellence, as it pertains to athletes today and of years long before.

FROM READERS: Share your shaggy dog tales

Reader Joe G. Dillard shares two humorous shaggy dog stories and has issued a challenge for the rest of us to share ours. What's the best (or worst!) shaggy dog tale you can come up with?

FROM READERS: Hot, hotter, hottest

Photographer John Hall beats the heat with photographs from around his yard.

FROM READERS: Hot, hot and hotter

Photographer John Hall shares his photos of Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal as they attempt to stay cool in the heat.

FROM READERS: Paxton Keeley 5K organizers, participants present check to Ronald McDonald House

Organizers and participants in the Paxton Keeley 5K Run/Walk presented the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Mid-Missouri with a donation on Wednesday.

FROM READERS: Smart grocery shopping key to a healthy lifestyle

Ellen Schuster and Erin Plumberg advise shoppers on how to search for nutritious meals at the grocery store.

FROM READERS: Suggestions for viewing the summer night sky

Val Germann, a member of the Central Missouri Astronomical Association, details what you can expect to find in the night sky this summer and how to find it.

FROM READERS: Former Rock Bridge pitcher giving baseball lessons this summer

Ryan Schmidt, former Daniel Boone Little League All-Star, shares his experiences in baseball and tells how they inspired him to give baseball lessons this summer.

FROM READERS: Wildfire smoking out Colorado Springs

Jake Sherlock, a former Opinion and News editor for the Columbia Missourian, reports the conditions around Colorado Springs caused by wildfires.

Students from 2012 Missouri Scholars Academy visit newsroom

A group of students from the 2012 Missouri Scholars Academy visited the newsroom Monday and shared their definitions of journalism based on their visit.

FROM READERS: Personal connections with MU Museum of Art and Archaeology exhibit

W. Arthur Mehrhoff shares his personal connections with the MU Museum of Art and Archaeology's exhibit City-scapes and ponders the question, "What do our cityscapes tell us about ourselves?"