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TELL US: What has your father passed on to you?

Share your stories about the way your father has affected your life.

ArtTalk: Lisa Bartlett writes about what inspires and excites her

Lisa Bartlett is the owner of the ARTlandish Gallery on Walnut Street and her work can be seen throughout the city.

ArtTalk: Art invites us to use our imaginations like children do

Sumire Taniai will bring out the inner child of viewers of her upcoming exhibit "IMAGINATIVE PLAY" by utilizing colorful and fun paintings and sculptures.

FROM READERS: MU student starts hair blog to help others

As my hair started growing back I started to get more and more questions about what I do to my hair, how I do it, and what types of products I use. So I decided to start a video channel and my first video was a product review.

FROM READERS: Lions Club welcomes Tigers

This May, the MU Campus Lions Club became the fifth Lions Club in Columbia. Sandy McCann, district officer of the Columbia 20/20 Lions Club shared a picture of the "jungle party" held to celebrate the chartering of the new organization.

FROM READERS: Rugby club volunteers at food bank

Columbia Rugby Football Club volunteered more than 40 hours at the Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri on May 17.

FROM READERS: A letter to young thieves, from the owner of ARTlandish Gallery

Many people wanted Lisa Bartlett, the owner of ARTlandish Gallery, to prosecute after art and charity money were stolen from her store. Instead, she wrote this compassionate letter in response to the theft.

FROM READERS: Hopes and dreams from high school seniors

Seniors from Hickman High School spoke about where they see themselves in the next four years. Some thought of graduate school. Others hoped for a journey abroad.

FROM READERS: Common Core debate deserves to be informed

Often the people who call Common Core into question later admit to me that they have not read a single standard for themselves.

FROM READERS: Five boys named as Eagle Scouts

Boy Scout Troop 706 of Columbia honored its five newest Eagle Scouts with a Court of Honor Ceremony.

Any Questions: How many parks are there in Columbia?

Columbia's largest park is the Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Area, also known as Cosmo Park. At 533 acres, it could contain the entire nation of Monaco in addition to several NFL stadiums.

FROM READERS: Paying tribute to a mom who was a fighter and an inspiration

Angela Barnes wrote this Mother's Day tribute to her mother, Janet Barnes, who was the longest living quadriplegic and died this past September.

FROM READERS: Skipping church brings on snapping turtle's wrath

A productive and uneventful day on the farm for Joe and Betty Dillard took on a new level of excitement when the couple witnessed a creature near their farm's pond.

Readers share lessons from their mothers

In honor of Mother's Day, we asked readers: What has your mother passed on to you? Read on to learn from some moms.

FROM READERS: It takes a village to support a baseball team

Here's to the moms behind Rock Bridge baseball.

FROM READERS: Missouri University Clay Klub to hold Annual Mother's Day pottery sale

MU has a clay club called Muck, and its members are holding an annual Mother's Day pottery sale from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.


How to share community news using a simple form

Do you know of a special organization or event around Columbia? Tell the Columbia Missourian about it, and your submission may be printed later in the From Readers section.


FROM READERS: The Center Project celebrates a decade of serving mid-Missouri

Ten years ago, The Center Project opened its doors for the first time. Mid-Missouri's LGBTQQA center invites the community to celebrate its birthday on Friday, May 9.


FROM READERS: A Tinder match made in music

Morgan Marie and Lucas James found much more than a match on the speed dating app, Tinder — they found a band.

FROM READERS: Pregnant college students deserve more support

It's possible to be both pregnant and a student at the same time, but it presents unique challenges.