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Joe Dillard, 'Room 47 Archivist,' shares why he volunteers

Why do you volunteer? One committed reader talked to us about why he shares his time and expertise. Will you share your story?

FROM READERS: Honor Flight proves special for Macon veteran and his wife

Linda Truitt, in a letter to her husband, Jack Truitt, reflects on his participation in Wednesday's Central Missouri Honor Flight and his time serving in the Army during the late 1950s.

TELL US: How accessible are Columbia's parks?

Have you benefited from accessibility changes to city parks? Do you have any suggestions for future changes? Missourian reporters Jiayue Huang and Guimel Sibingo would like to hear from you.

FROM READERS: MizzoUnicorn publicly introduces himself to campus

After rumored sightings at football games, the mythical MizzoUnicorn comes out of hiding to profess his love for MU athletics.

FROM READERS: MU student finds tweeting a lucrative business

MU student and entrepreneur Elijah Solidum has benefited from the soaring revenues of online advertising.

TELL US: How do you interact with the news?

Are you a reader? A sharer? A commenter? A contributor? Win free movie tickets by telling us about your habits.

FROM READERS: 'Trembling before our mighty Kewpie'

A graduate from the Hickman class of 1969 says he loves when the topic of high school mascots comes up.

FROM READERS: Unhook outside hoses to prevent fall freeze

To save yourself a possibly expensive plumber's bill, not to mention a mess in your basement or garage, disconnect your outside water hose before the temperatures drop.

FROM READERS: A conversation with metalheads of Non Serviam

Columbia metal band Non Serviam talks about some misconceptions people have about metalhead fashion and music.

What's your #MizzouView?

The Missourian is collecting photos showing readers' view of Missouri football games at Memorial Stadium, at an alumni chapter gathering or wherever you watch.

FROM READERS: Delta Upsilon's house is gone, but my memories aren't

The nostalgia of seeing one of your old houses can be great. But when your old house is torn down, that nostalgia can be bittersweet.

FROM READERS: Kewpie pride runs deep

We asked, and Kewpie fans answered: They sure do love their unique mascot. As one wrote, "Not everyone can rock being a naked baby!"

FROM READERS: School chef says good eating habits start at home

"Would children eat this?" It's a question that Brad Faith has to ask daily as a chef for the Columbia Public Schools Nutritional Services Department.

FROM READERS: Keep your fall flavors healthful and delicious

MU graduate Emily Kummerfeld shares her tips for maintaining a clean diet and staying healthy.

FROM READERS: Rabbits can do more than hop around a cage

Katie Jackson talks about life with her especially active pet bunny, Luna.

FROM READERS: What I learned from moving to South Korea

Elana Sindelar traveled to South Korea her freshman year of college to teach English to elementary students. She explained why she decided to stay: "Letting myself be vulnerable and falling in love with this country and the beautiful people I have met here — it’s the best decision I have ever made."

FROM READERS: Can we teach our kids to stop staring?

A mother hopes other parents will teach their children to not stare at others who are different from them and ask questions instead.

ANY QUESTIONS: Is Costco coming to Columbia?

According to a map on Costco’s official website, the warehouse closest to Columbia is located at 200 Costco Way, St. Peters, Mo.

FROM READERS: Photographer shares Columbia favorites

Nate Brown, manager of external relations at the Reynolds Journalism Institute, shares photos of his favorite places in the Columbia area. Take a look.

ANY QUESTIONS: What happened with the proposed cell tower at Battle High School?

The proposed communications tower would enhance radio, cellular and wireless internet signals, but no action has been taken on the project yet.