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FROM READERS: Bark for Life of Boone County fundraises for American Cancer Society

The fundraiser will include a silent auction, walk, K-9 unit demonstration, contests, an obstacle course and a cake walk.

FROM READERS: Past 'taps' talk about secret society experience

Members of MU's secret societies share their experiences about how Tap Day changed their perspective of campus life.

FROM READERS: Deployments bestow Columbia veteran with lessons in resilliency

Jamie Melchert has served in the Missouri National Guard for 16 years. Melchert said he is grateful for the experience gained and the lessons learned from his career at the organization.

FROM READERS: Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture can help gardeners prepare for spring

The feeling of accomplishment after a good session in the garden overpowers the sore, out-of-shape muscles. Looking out over the patch (whether a few square feet or a few acres) after the work is done brings up feelings of hope and optimism for the year.

FROM READERS: Small towns instill a sense of belonging, a place to call home

Megan Blakemore lived in Sturgeon until she was 20 years old. In this photo essay, she describes her hometown pride and discusses the value of small communities.

ArtTalk: Folk singer/guitarist David Dearnley makes up for lost time

David Dearnley performs predominately solo, singer/songwriter original, acoustic music.

FROM READERS: Modern culture aids subconscious racial stereotypes

I don’t really understand why race is so important to the identity of someone because I always thought that people saw me as just me.

QUIZ: From Peeps to Lent, how well do you know Easter traditions?

Test your knowledge of Easter traditions by taking this quiz.

FROM READERS: Men in LGBTQ community can reduce transmission of HIV, STIs

Males in the LGBTQ community are disproportionately affected by sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. The Men’s Leadership and Activities Network wants to help change this trend.

FROM READERS: Close up of winter gives way to spring

MU alumnus Doug Hardesty enjoys taking photos of nature in his free time.

FROM READERS: Peace Studies offers look at Vietnam protests

Peace Studies Professor John Kultgen invites the public to attend a panel discussing the long term affects of anti-Vietnam War demonstrations that were held on campus in 1970.

FROM READERS: Seventh-graders turn out for first track and field meet

The short season for Columbia's seventh-grade track and field teams has begun. The teams from the area schools gathered last week at Battle High School for the season opening meet.

FROM READERS: Meet the dog who changed the way I view disabilities

Missourian reader Jonathan Bommel explains that having a dog with a hearing disability is not as tough as you might think. In fact, he says most of the time he even forgets his Dalmatian, Arey, is deaf.

FROM READERS: Art and music bring Civil War history to life at MU

Artists to bring Civil War history to life for its 150th anniversary through art and music.

FROM READERS: Mary Ann Anglen, 85, describes her life

Mary Ann Anglen details her life, which has been full of adventure, service, learning and travel.

FROM READERS: A fan's letter about Dorial Green-Beckham to Coach Pinkel

Brad Willis writes: "I can explain to my kids that Green-Beckham doesn’t play for the Tigers anymore. I’m not sure I could explain to them how I’m rooting for a coach who values winning over doing what’s right."

ArtTalk: Local artist produces textured paintings, most recently of animal eyes

Scott Kronk works largely with thickened acrylic-based media and pallete knives.

ArtTalk: MU student produces music for artists across U.S.

MU student Darron Edwards Jr. creates instrumentals for rappers and singers for mixtapes and albums. He is a producer who enjoys working with people and their creative visions.

FROM READERS: Ignorant remarks about immigrants anger and offend

Najeebah Hussain, a Rock Bridge High School student and Web comic artist, illustrates her response to a girl's remarks about an exchange student's English, stressing the beauty of America's "great Melting Pot."

Children, parents share first kite flying memories

On Saturday, the city held its annual Kite Flying Day at Douglass Park. We asked children and parents what they remember about the first time they flew a kite.