From Readers

FROM READERS: Where have all the folk singers gone?

1984's Band Aid and other musical projects for charity have had short lifespans and only momentary influence. Artists like U2's Bono haven't seemed to inspire wider support.

FROM READERS: 5 things millennials consider when planning a trip

This spring break, many college millennials are gearing up to travel all around the states in hopes of having the ultimate experience. YAYA Connection compiled a list of the top 5 things millennials consider when planning a trip.

FROM READERS: What is that on his back?

Missouri athletes honor their multicultural backgrounds on their backs — some only on the field of play and others permanently.

What If...? Conference sparks social media contemplation

Entrepreneurs, innovators and creative minds took to Twitter on Saturday to give the social sphere a taste of the curiosity that "What If" had to offer.

ArtTalk: Local photographer uses light to complement her subjects

Artist Elena Plackis specializes in painting photography and sculpture. In this column she discusses her inspiration and process.

FROM READERS: House mom reflects on changes in Greek Town, role in sorority

Sorority house moms are not only present to oversee the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the house, but also to lend support, give advice and cheer accomplishments.

Any Questions: Are there still pay phones in Columbia?

A reader asked, and we answered. Pay phones do still exist in Columbia, if you know where to look.

ArtTalk: MU student uses theater to discover strengths, weaknesses

Lynett Vallejo will be playing the role of "Kathy" in "Moonchildren" at the Rhynsburger Theatre on April 24-26 and May 1-4.

FROM READERS: African-American women are beautiful, have value

Despite their portrayal — or lack thereof — in media and society at large, black women are indeed beautiful and indeed have value.

ANY QUESTIONS: What happened to the traffic light at Nifong and Rock Quarry?

In 2009, a traffic study indicated the volume of traffic on Nifong and Rock Quarry didn’t require a signalized intersection.

FROM READERS: The danger of technology and how to talk to your kids about it

It is so important to talk to our kids and remind them all the time about the rules of engagement online, and it seems like many parents feel intimidated and don’t have the information they need to teach their kids what they need to know.

ArtTalk: Watercolor artist inspired by Ozarks, nature

Shannah Arner describes what inspires her to create watercolor art.

ANY QUESTIONS: What do robins eat during the winter?

Reader Joe Dillard has seen quite a few robins returning to Columbia lately and wonders what they eat when the ground is frozen making it hard to find delectable earthworms.

FROM READERS: International athletes deal with distance off the track

International track and field athletes cope with being away from home by forming a new family at MU.


FROM READERS: Safe and Sober sensitizes teenagers to dangers of alcohol

MU student Garrett Adams has been a contract speaker for the statewide program Safe and Sober since 2013. He talks to teenagers about the dangers and risks associated with underage drinking.

MEET COLUMBIA'S PETS: Introduce your animal friend to Columbia

Do you have the cutest, coolest or weirdest pet in Columbia? We want to meet it.

ANY QUESTIONS: How many biscuits high is The Tiger Hotel?

Just in case there is a lull in a conversation, here's a starter to help it move along.

FROM READERS: Encountering genocide memories and new progress in Rwanda

MU junior Kaycee Nail shares her experiences studying abroad in Rwanda. She calls for acknowledgement of the genocide that took place in Rwanda and of the progress the country has made since then.

TELL US: What has changed in Columbia (and what do you hope doesn't change)?

Take a walk down memory lane and tell us how Columbia has evolved.

FROM READERS: Eating vegan in Columbia

Ann Wade, an MU junior, faces challenges eating a vegan diet in Columbia, such as finding vegan dishes and the more expensive prices. She suggests that restaurants create vegan options, label menu items as vegan and offer vegan varieties with simple substitution.