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FROM READERS: Fostering puppies brings out host dog's mothering

Lynn Hurd and her dog Sasha have fostered more than 25 dogs from Columbia Second Chance, mostly puppies. Hurd hopes that one will eventually become a permanent companion for Sasha.

TELL US: What's life like in your backyard?

In honor of the Fourth of July, Missourian photojournalist Matt McCormack wants to paint a picture of how Columbia folks use their backyards. Will you share yours with us?

ANY QUESTIONS: Are there driving schools in Columbia?

New drivers can take a classroom course through Columbia Public Schools or get behind-the-wheel training from a private instructor.

FROM READERS: Lazy writing is slowly ruining English language

"It is in part these subtle changes in our society that lead me to believe there is validity behind the idea of the evolution of the English language and that this evolution is not necessarily something to look forward to."

FROM READERS: Mom was 'entrusted with an angel'

Today would have been Tony Spangler's 11th birthday. His mom writes about what she learned from him — and about saying goodbye.

ANY QUESTIONS: Are there good thrift stores in Columbia that sell furniture?

Here are some answers to a question about thrift stores and used furniture stores in Columbia. Suggest others in the form below the story.

FROM READERS: Stephens aviation sign uncovered at former airport site

Columbia Municipal Airport was home to Stephens College Aviation Department from 1941 until about 1960.

ANY QUESTIONS: Are there LGBTQ-friendly churches in Columbia?

According to, a website database for LGBTQ-welcoming churches, there are multiple options in Columbia for churchgoers to find a congregation they are comfortable in regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

FROM READERS: Lessons from dad

Missourian readers learned about humor, kindness, hard work and the importance of family from their fathers. One man even inherited 'movie star good looks.'

FROM READERS: Columbia resident fostered 48 cats through Second Chance

Fostering a pet is an easy way to help shelter pets find a home. Volunteering to foster helps open space in shelters and prepares the animal for their forever home.

FROM READERS: It's been 10 years since my dad died

Cheri Cherry writes about how grief over the loss of her dad 10 years ago still plays a role in her life.

FROM READERS: Planned Parenthood honors LGBT pride month in June

Kristin Metcalf-Wilson of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri discusses how her organization works with and for the LGBTQ community.


FROM READERS: Kids' winning essays address overcoming adversity

Fourth-graders wrote about a person or a situation that best exemplifies Blind Boone's famous motto, "merit not sympathy wins."

FROM READERS: Fostering pets saves lives. Can you help?

Fostering animals from the Central Missouri Humane Society helps create space and prepare pets for adoption.

ARTTALK: Sekou Gaidi brings the spirit of Africa to his work

"All-around artist" uses acting and writing to spread positive messages and encourage others to pursue their goals.

ArtTalk: 'Crochet is a people's art,' writes Genevieve Howard

Crochet is more than an artistic endeavor to Genevieve Howard. Her craft is also a connection to her late mother, a conversation starter and a way to help others.

FROM READERS: Eighth-graders share hopes for the future

The Missourian asked a class of eighth-graders from West Middle School to answer this question: "What do you hope you can say about yourself in four years?" Here are their responses.

TELL US: What has your father passed on to you?

Share your stories about the way your father has affected your life.

ArtTalk: Lisa Bartlett writes about what inspires and excites her

Lisa Bartlett is the owner of the ARTlandish Gallery on Walnut Street and her work can be seen throughout the city.

ArtTalk: Art invites us to use our imaginations like children do

Sumire Taniai will bring out the inner child of viewers of her upcoming exhibit "IMAGINATIVE PLAY" by utilizing colorful and fun paintings and sculptures.