From Readers

FROM READERS: Getting to know MU's Olympics prospect and record holder

Kearsten Peoples of the Missouri track and field team practices four events just in case she has a downward slope with one of them.

FROM READERS: Modern-day 'Meatheads' are a different breed of athletes

MU graduate student Katy Shircliff shares her experiences as coach of the MU Meat Judging Team. The team recently placed seventh overall in a national contest.

TELL US: Who are Columbia's innovators?

We're planning coverage on the topic of innovation, and we'd like your help deciding whose work should be included.

FROM READERS: Cast member reflects on experience in Vagina Monologues

This is Mary Catherine Cooke's first year as an MU Vagina Monologues cast member.

FROM READERS: MU student sees future of equality after Michael Sam's announcement

MU student Daniel Shapiro reflects on the community's response to former Missouri defensive end Michael Sam's announcement on Sunday that he is gay.

ArtTalk: Glitter house creator makes small replicas of buildings

Tracey Pfeiffer creates glitter replicas of local homes and landmarks out of cardboard and old packing material.

TELL US: What would you like to ask Chancellor Loftin?

Tell us what questions you would ask if you could interview the new MU chancellor, R. Bowen Loftin.

FROM READERS: Transferring from community college to MU can be challenging, but it's worth it

Missourian Reader CT Souder shares his experiences as a transfer student and explains why he recommends to start education at a community college and transfer to a university after a few years.

A collection of supportive messages for Michael Sam

Michael Sam has received an outpouring of support following his announcement this weekend that he is gay.

FROM READERS: College student donates plasma for extra money

MU senior Grant Whaley said the plasma center was easy to work with and the experience was generally positive.

TELL US: How has your experience been with new student housing?

Are you a resident at an off-campus student housing complex in Columbia? The Missourian wants to know about your housing experience.

ArtTalk: Columbia artists, share your creations or creative process

Submissions can be about visual art, music, writing, jewelry, street art, dance — even school projects. Professionals and hobbyists alike are invited to contribute any work they consider to be artistic or creative.

FROM READERS: Student group encourages others to accept natural beauty

Students at Stephens College started an initiative called Random Acts of Beautiful as a response to one student's experience with a friend committing suicide.

TELL US: How was the city's response to this week's snow?

The Missourian wants to hear your perspective — complaints, compliments and concerns welcome  — about how the city has done responding to this week's snow.

Wednesday road conditions in Columbia: Contribute your observations

This is a map of road reports from journalists and readers. Help us make it more complete by sharing what you see — out your window or around town.

Snow blankets Columbia on Tuesday

Snowy roads kept Columbia residents largely homebound Tuesday as snow fell for the better part of the day.

SOCIAL SNOW: Wednesday's winter weather, as seen on social media

The Missourian is collecting weather-related posts from social media to offer a look at the world beyond your window.

FROM READERS: Mourning for a beloved friend

John Hall and members of his family had a memorial breakfast of sorts for his dog, Toby, who died Wednesday. Each person chose a dish that Toby would've enjoyed eating.

ANY QUESTIONS: What's the story behind the McAlester Annex and the escaped monkey?

The Mizzou Steam Tunnel Monkey's ghost is said to haunt campus, and some have spoken of seeing an outline of the monkey rising from the steam.

Super Bowl, Super Ads? Twitter reacts to commercials throughout game

Attention was squarely on ads Sunday night on Twitter, with Columbia viewers commenting on heartfelt or questionable spots throughout the game.