Former Carter advisor gives talk at MU on Arab-Israeli relations

Former President Jimmy Carter's adviser on Middle East affairs discussed previous strategies to solve and the current state of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Longtime Columbia DJ 'Crazy Charley' Blackmore still scratching and spinning

As Hickman High School celebrates the 100th anniversary of its mascot, one die-hard alumnus of the school, Charley Blackmore, keeps cheering on his Kewpies and serving the community by sharing his time and vast music collection.

Franciscan priest speaks in Columbia on U.S.-Iran relations

Father Vitale speaks at MU of terrorism, torture and war.

Missouri House OKs amendment to let pharmacies refuse contraception pills

Republicans say the amendment, which passed the house in a 115-43 vote, gives pharmacies the freedom to choose the products they stock. Democrats call it an attempt to control womens' bodies.

Young restaurateur makes a go of it in hard times

Brian Coley began in the restaurant business at age 14, washing dishes. Now, the 23-year-old graduate of the MU hotel and restaurant management program is running his own place, Coley's American Bistro, in downtown Columbia.

Survey: Americans switch faiths early, often

A new survey by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life found the reasons for switching religions are often tied to childhood faith.

Missouri specimen samples prove negative for swine flu

The Missouri Health Department tested about two dozen people with flu-like symptoms, and none proved to have swine flu.  Health officials are further preparing as more cases surface elsewhere.

Israeli official: Swine flu name offensive

The deputy health minister of Israel calls for renaming the swine flu the "Mexican flu," saying the reference to pigs is offensive to Jews and Muslims.

Swine flu Q&A

Here are questions and answers regarding the spread, prevention and treatment of swine flu.

Columbia churches create more expressive services for members

Contemporary services and blended services, combining old and new worship styles, have been introduced in local churches to allow congregation members to choose which style best suits their spiritual side.

WHO raises pandemic alert; Mexico deaths climb

Mexico's government is still not sure how many deaths can be directly atributed to swine flu.

WHO raises alert level on swine flu

The World Health Organization raised its alert level on swine flu, categorizing it as a disease easily spread through human to human contact. Officials from countries around the world are unveiling their plans to help prevent outbreaks of the disease in their respective countries.

US responding as if swine flu will be pandemic

While urging calm, government agencies are taking steps to prevent the spread of swine flu, including discouraging travel to Mexico.

'Milk' screenwriter calls gay rights the 'civil rights fight of your generation'

Dustin Lance Black, who won an Academy Award for best original screenplay for "Milk," spoke at MU Sunday.

The Bluffs' new wing will help with care for Alzheimer's patients

The Bluffs nursing home is going to build a new wing that will utilize state of the art technology including GPS and weight-loaded floor sensors to manage and care for Alzheimer's patients.

Presbyterian reverend discusses change in the denomination

First Presbyterian Church welcomed the Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow, the U.S. Moderator of the 218th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, to discuss change in the Presbyterian denomination.

Missouri prepares for potential flu outbreak

Missouri officials have requested the state's share of anti-flu medicine and masks from the federal government.

Health experts unsure of swine flu's power

Confirmed cases of the swine flu rose to 20 by Sunday afternoon from eight on Saturday morning. An expert on global flu outbreaks, Michael Osterholm, is unsure if the swine flu is going to die out over the span of a week or the beginning of a pandemic.

Source: Labor Dept. plans new safety regulations

The Labor Department plans to propose new rules that would protect workers from diacetyl, a chemical used to flavor popcorn, which has been causing severe lung disease as well as other repiratory illnesses.

Pope Benedict XVI names 5 new saints

The pope named the new saints on Sunday in St. Peter's Square in Vatican City. The five were honored for their lives and works as a model of faith.