Study finds diet type not key to weight loss success

According to research by the Harvard School of Public Health and Pennington Biomedical Research Center, slashing calorie intake was the most beneficial part of the diets tested on overweight adults participating in the two-year study.

Economy 101: Practical solutions

The Missourian begins a series of videos with experts who give practical advice on tackling today's troubling economy.

'Flyin' West' follows characters in midst of 'black exodus'

"Flyin' West," the latest offering at the Rhynsburger Theatre at MU, tells a historically powerful story about four women seeking a new life in an African-American town in Kansas.

Columbians observe Ash Wednesday, Lent

Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the 40-day period of repentance known as Lent.  Those who observe Lent usually give up or take on something as a way of sacrifice and devotion.

Stephens student theater to perform 'Moonlight and Valentino'

Stephens College student director Rachel Ellersieck enjoys working with the actors of "Moonlight and Valentino," a sentiment with which they seem to agree. The production opens this week.

Students provoke discussion with AIDS projects

Rock Bridge High School students use projects as a starting point for a community conversation about AIDS.

True/False Film Festival poster has vague meaning

This year’s poster for the True/False Film Festival shows a tattered rowboat tied to balloons as if about to take flight — or crash into the ground.

Growing families feel the squeeze

Families that had hoped to upgrade to larger homes as their families grew are finding they need to stay put.

BOONE LIFE: Tough loss brings team closer

The Hallsville junior varsity boys basketball team lost badly to its rival Southern Boone High of Ashland. Although the team was beaten by 33 points, the loss strengthened the team's morale.

Columbians discuss sexual assault, domestic violence

The groups cite recent studies that nearly 60 percent of rape victims are under the age of 18.

High school students 'Rock Da Mic'

Students from Hickman, Rock Bridge and Douglass high schools spent their Friday night on stage singing, rapping, dancing and reading poetry.

Columbia religious leaders offer advice on experiencing different customs

Entering a new place of worship has the potential to be an intimidating thing, whether it be a mosque, church or synagogue. Columbia religious leaders provide tips to become more comfortable in a different worship environment.

Mysterious honeybee disorder jump-starts Columbia-based beekeeping group

Thirty-three percent of the human diet relies on pollination, much of which is carried out by bees. Honeybees have been vanishing at an unsettling rate, and mid-Missouri growers are stepping in to alleviate the strain on their crops.

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University Hospital uses advanced technology to treat chronic sinusitis

Balloon sinuplasty is a less invasive procedure used to treat chronic sinusitis. It has been offered in the University Hospital since 2007. This treatment reduces surgery risks and allows a much faster recovery.

MU rec complex responds to Zumba craze

The exercise phenomenon Zumba has been sweeping the nation and now the MU Student Recreation Complex is meeting the increased need for Zumba instructors by hosting a Zumba training workshop in March.

Former child soldier uses storytelling to heal from trauma

Former Sierra Leone child soldier Ishmael Beah and his mother, professional storyteller Laura Simms, kicked off their four-day community residency "Telling Stories, Changing Lives" Wednesday night with a lecture at Jesse Hall.

MU researcher discovers drug may reduce breast cancer tumors

MU researcher Salman Hyder says he has found a drug that could help inhibit the growth of breast cancer tumors that experience accelerated growth from the hormone progestin. His research shows that 40 to 50 percent of lab rat tumors were treated by the drug, PRIMA-1.

Magical twist on rehabilitation therapy

Kevin Spencer calls on his skills as a professional magician to offer an unexpected type of healing. He brought his "Healing of Magic" program to MU on Wednesday, teaching occupational therapy students and alumni magic tricks that he customized for use in physical rehabilitation.

Vanguard Jazz Orchestra swings into Columbia

The recent Grammy Award-winning group will perform at the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts on Wednesday, and two of it members are participating in a panel discussion at MU today. The orchestra has been performing since 1965.

Child soldier's visit spotlights power of storytelling

A former child soldier and his storyteller adoptive mother are coming to Columbia to share his experiences. The public can attend several related events.