Combining old and new, Esterhazy Quartet marks the big 4-0

Named for a people and sensibility some 300 years old, MU's Esterhazy String Quartet is celebrating its 40th anniversary by blending tradition with a new feel. On Monday, members will perform a work Samuel Adler wrote for them.

Dr. Drew talks love, sex with an 'honest audience'

Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of the nationally syndicated radio show "Love Line" and the VH1 shows "Sober House" and "Celebrity Rehab," spoke at MU on Wednesday night about sex, love, dating and relationships.

Money shortfall closes MU Center for the Literary Arts

The center, which has helped bring in writers and artists to support MU's creative writing program, is being closed because of budget cuts. Some of that budget money is being directed into MU's Creative Writing Program. Despite the center's closure, the Missouri Playwrights Workshop still plans on welcoming visiting artists in the future.

MedZou considers expanding hours

MedZou, a free clinic run by MU medical students, is already in great demand and is considering expanding its hours. The demand is partly the result of a downturn in the economy.

Salmonella-tainted pistachios prompt widespread recall

Some California roasted pistachio products have traces of salmonella leading to a recall and actions toward tighter food testing laws.

BOONE LIFE: Friendship, hard work reap tasty rewards

People have been flocking to Centralia's Robin's Nest Café, the newly-realized dream of longtime friends Robin Potter and Linda Cunningham.

Goldilocks was smart: Best to drink tea when it's just right

An international group of scientists has linked the temperature of hot tea with the risk of esophageal cancer.

Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod mulls selling classical station

But the Synod will not sell its AM station, which broadcasts religious programming.

Contemplations of the Eckankar faith

Missourians gather in Columbia to practice the HU contemplations of the Eckankar faith.

National heart stent research project begins at MU

MU researchers plan to collaborate with others across the nation to study a new protein for use in drug-eluting heart stents that could prevent the re-narrowing of coronary arteries after balloon angioplasty procedures.

St. Louis barbershop gives customers a wake-up call

Nursing students are going to barbershops to provide screenings to those who may not get regular checkups.

Columbia church rents theater for 'Fireproof' showing

The pastor of New Life Community Church says the film shows a realistic view of marriage, not the Hollywood fairy-tale ending most people see. The church will show a free screening at 9 a.m. Sunday.

Survey part of Health Department, MU Extension effort to address health issues in Boone County

The 24-question survey seeks to gauge the perspectives, needs and interests of Boone County residents regarding healthy food choices and physical activity.

Columbia's Cuban refugees share stories, reflect on resettlement

New arrivals from Cuba resettled in Columbia by the Catholic Church have fled repression and made new homes in central Missouri.

Study: Lots of red meat increases mortality risk

The federal study — the largest of its kind — shows a modest increase in risk, the lead author says, and supports the advice of several groups to eat less red and processed meat to decrease the risk of cancer.

Gemini exhibit shows Missouri's involvement in the space race

"The St. Louis Gemini Story" exhibit traces Missouri's nvolvement in the space race. It is on display at the State Historical Society of Missouri until May 16.

Missouri housing more mentally ill in nursing homes

Nationally, Missouri has the third most rapidly growing number of mentally ill patients in nursing homes. A 2008 report found Missouri has a "serious" shortage of beds for menal health treatment.

Mentally ill patients changing makeup of nursing homes

Nursing homes have become dumping grounds for young and middle-age people with mental illness, an arrangement that sometimes leads to violence, according to an Associated Press analysis. Missouri was among the states with the steepest increases in housing mentally ill patients.

BOONE LIFE: Father, son welcome in spring with game of hoops

For all of Rocheport's charms, the best thing boils down to this simple act of love between a father and his son.

Pirouettes inspire art at downtown cafe

Open ballet rehearsals give local artists a venue for creativity. The public will be able to vote on the artwork, and the winning artist will be asked to design the troupe's fall poster.