Nixon plan pledges millions to MU health facilities

MU's School of Medicine, Sinclair School of Nursing and School of Health Professions could receive about $9 million through the Caring For Missourians initiative if Gov. Jay Nixon's budget proposal passes.

Street artist's star rises with Obama portrait

Los Angeles street artist Shepard Fairey gained popularity in 2008 by creating the colorful image of Barack Obama that could be seen all throughout the election cycle. Fairey says his goal in creating art is to make it for the people and to be able to reach as many people with it as possible.

Columbia celebrates Catholic Schools Week

The school wasted little time in putting the Catholic Schools Week's theme to work on Monday by having parents and eighth-grade student volunteers deliver meals to elderly residents in Columbia through the Meals on Wheels program.

New MU play is 'Picnic' of lust, energy

The 1950s drama, showing at The Corner Playhouse, explores how one man can throw a small town into disarray.

Columbia faithful talk about Obama

President Barack Obama spoke of many faiths in his inauguration speech. He also began his first full day in office with an interfaith prayer service. Both gestures were appreciated by many in Columbia's religious community.

Yukari Kashihara's pottery nods to her heritage

A Rocheport artist, born and raised in Osaka, Japan, brings her ceramics to Orr Street Studios, with work that fuses Japanese and American cultures.

Second Life meets real life recruitment

The Missouri Department of Information Technology is using the virtual world, Second Life, to hold job recruitment events.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi to join Mizzou’s Greek family

Students at MU are forming a Jewish-interest sorority to add diversity into the Greek community. 

New campuswide smoking policy goes into effect

Smoking is now prohibited within 20 feet of all building entrances, exits, windows and fresh air intake systems. This is the first step in reaching the goal of becoming smoke-free by 2014.

Columbia man builds and gives away computers on Freecycle

Jordan Grant enjoys tinkering with computers, so much so that now he builds them from odds-and-ends parts and then gives them away to people who need a computer but can't afford to buy it., a Web site where individuals can post and exchange items they need or don’t want anymore, is used to communicate the need.

Correction to Columbia Art League story

Season 2009 of Artrageous Fridays begins

The city of Columbia continues its tradition of Artrageous Fridays, starting Friday.

Now's the time to get a jump-start on spring gardening

Raising your own seedlings can be a fun and rewarding hobby. Besides the personal satisfaction, raising your own flowers and vegetables from seed will give you a head start on the growing season, save you money from buying plants and give you an unparalleled selection in varieties.

UPDATE: Some Little Debbie products join snack food recall

Two kinds of peanut butter crackers will be pulled because of a potential link to a salmonella outbreak. McKee Foods joins Hy-Vee, Kellogg and others in recalling products.

Self-taught jewelry maker turns hobby into business

Whether it’s squeezing in a daily morning jog, collecting post cards or blogging online, side hobbies provide a welcome escape from the monotony of daily routines. Seven years ago, Tracy Harmon of Hallsville discovered her leisure-time distraction in making jewelry.

Missouri home-cleaner turns away from chemical cleansers

For people who do more cleaning and have more exposure to non-natural cleaning agents — such as stay-at-home moms or domestic employees — there is a 54 percent increase in the risk of being diagnosed with various cancers, in addition to the potential for allergic reactions to the chemicals in certain cleansers.

Hip-hop struggles to gain respectability — and venues — in Columbia

Hip-hop has an image problem. But the people in Columbia who believe in it as an art form won't let the bad publicity get in the way of the music, which they say has an important place in the community.

IndyGround puts Columbia's hip-hop artists on the map

It's not just a record label: IndyGround is the center of Columbia's hip-hop universe and an incubator for new artists.

What is hip-hop?

It has always given voice to strong emotions. Turned to positive goals, it can be a tool for change in a community, one scholar-activist says.

Religious groups join the green movement

Columbia's faith community has been working to learn more about how to become better stewards of the Earth. A Care for Creation meeting on Jan. 25 will focus on weatherization.