Columbia Parks and Recreation fights back against invasive Callery pear trees

Bad branch angles and heavy branches make the species susceptible to splitting, which is dangerous around roads and power lines.

'If you eat, you qualify': Food ministry eases economic pinch, stimulates volunteerism

'Women with Wings': Empowerment through expression

The driving idea behind "Women with Wings" is to empower women by incorporating their experiences into creative expression.

About 115 women, for the most part strangers, met for "Women with Wings," a nonprofit art project. For seven sessions between Oct. 10 and 13, participants shared their life experiences with one another.

"Women tend to weave their lives together, and so part of what we are doing here is weaving our stories together," said artist Lorri Acott-Fowler, co-organizer of the project. "Then, when we use clay, we will leave those marks together that tell our stories."

Palin sets eyewear fashion ablaze

Palin’s Kazuo Kawasaki 704s, which estimates to be $450 without lenses, are selling well nationwide; the demand has even created a surge of less-expensive knockoffs.

Missouri mental health advocates hail federal parity legislation

A mental health parity bill tacked onto the federal economic bailout passed on Oct. 3 requires health insurance firms to extend coverage to treat substance abuse and mental health.

Art league launches open-house weekend

The Columbia Art League celebrated its move to inside the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts on Thursday. Art league officials enjoy how the new location allows the community to see the art.

Drew Irvin returns to Columbia to perform Tchaikovsky concerto

A former Columbia resident is coming back to perform Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D Major as part of the Missouri United Methodist Church's concert series.

Solo performances tell memorable stories

The "Life and Literature Performance Series," a series made up of original and adapted works written and performed by MU students and a Grammy-nominated storyteller, will run for three evenings at MU.

Popular corn maze goes political

About 600 to 800 people a day visit the corn maze at Shryocks Callaway Farms, which is now open for its seventh year. This year’s maze is called “The Race for the White House” and celebrates the upcoming presidential election. The design includes the White House with the symbols of the Democratic and Republican parties, the donkey and the elephant, on either side.

PACE to perform adaptation of beloved, controversial book

Performance of "The Giver" offers chances for creativity in scenery, lighting, costumes and dance.

Artist to see his works at Bleu for first time

Chris Vance and other artists whose works are sold at Poppy will be at an artist reception at the store Friday.

Cult animator Don Hertzfeldt to introduce his latest film at Ragtag

Hertzfeldt hits the road with a 16-city tour to show off a collection of his animated films, including his latest film, "I Am So Proud of You." He will introduce his work in person to several art house theaters across the country, including Columbia's Ragtag Cinema on Wednesday. 

BOONE LIFE: Family celebrates belated birthday while dad's at home

On Oct. 4, the Thompson family of Centralia celebrated their son Caleb's third birthday. Caleb puttered around the house, breaking in his birthday gift — a minitature red car. It's a tiny vehicle, dwarfed by his dad's semi-truck parked in the driveway.

William E. Connolly speaks about spirituality and politics

The political science professor from Johns Hopkins University spoke about coexistence among religious minorities and their importance in politics.

MU art professor has eye for the tie

Michael Yonan estimates that he has at least 200 ties. He finds the evolution of the tie interesting, and most of his collection is of post-World War II neckties.

MU veterinarian develops 'TightRope' surgical technique

James Cook,  a surgical specialist in veterinary medicine and a faculty member at MU, developed a surgical procedure called TightRope, named after the rope-like material Cook uses to link the two bones in the knee joint. He hopes it will eradicate the extreme, though rare, problems dogs sometimes face after knee surgery.

Calvary Episcopal's first female senior rector brings a fresh perspective

Since she arrived in March, the Rev. Paula Robinson has energized the Calvary Episcopal Church with her presence and vision. She is the church's first female senior rector.

Stage makeup class sparks student enthusiasm

Theatre 1360 at MU teaches students basic techniques in applying stage makeup, the kind that is dramatic and meant to look better from a distance.

William E. Connolly to speak on spirituality, belief and time

The author, known for his analysis of social science and work ith postmodern philosophy in political theory, will speak on issues raised in his latest book, "Capitalism and Christianity, American Style."

Columbia, state churches to pool supplies for needy

Members of Columbia churches will join thousands of people from around the state to gather and send out resources for local and worldwide mission organizations this weekend at the annual Festival of Sharing.