Reconstructing Confucius

At first, the Web site director and his schoolteacher wife sent their 5-year-old son to a Confucian school in this central Chinese city simply because it was two minutes from home. But the more they learned about the school, the more they liked what they saw.

Eating disorders have no age limit

Kelli Smith was nervous as she walked into the Philadelphia treatment center, seeking help at last for her anorexia. Looking around at the other patients, she was struck by how young they seemed.

From one volunteer to another

Dorsey, a former MU student, recently published his first book, “Mistakes and Glories: The Journal of Daniel Dorsey,” an unedited look at his stint this summer as a volunteer teacher in Nairobi, Kenya.

Excessive ‘girl talk’ can lead to depression in adolescents, study finds

Results revealed that adolescent girls who talk about their problems at length are more likely to show signs of depression and anxiety, although this was not the case for boys, according to a new study by MU researchers.

Oduduwa Day is a celebration of the Yoruba culture from Nigeria

Members of the Egbe Omo Oduduwa of Mid-Missouri gathered at the American Legion Hall Saturday night to celebrate the Yoruba culture from Nigeria.


The growing Mormon church

When the LDS — also known as the Mormon church — first came to Fulton in 1979, there were 43 members, representing 12 families. Today, the Fulton ward numbers nearly 400.

A taste of flamenco

Full of tradition and passion, flamenco has gained worldwide popularity in the past couple of decades. But understanding its origin is only the beginning when learning flamenco. It is a combination of rhythm, movement and song that make flamenco more than a regional Spanish dance; it is a way of life.

A perfect cast

Performing Arts in Children and Education, or PACE, is a youth theater program that allows children as young as 4 to take theater classes and act in plays and musicals.

BOONE LIFE: Hallsville square dancers cross the generation gap

The festivities begin at 4 p.m. with an instrumental jam session, followed by square dance instruction. After a potluck dinner, kids, teenagers and adults begin to line up for the square dancing.

Ready for the county fair


As technology becomes a bigger part of conducting everyday business, from online bill paying to camera phones, some in Missouri are working to make it a common aspect of medical exams as well.

A Catholic nun in Italy, A Hebrew teacher in Israel, and a Hindu stonemason in India:

Proposed regulations have kindled fears among religious organizations nationwide.

BOONE LIFE: A brand new tradition

Ashland residents flock to Hooligans, a 6-month-old bar, speaking about Hooligans as if it has been in operation their entire lives.

Art and Transition

Lavender worked for almost 16 hours straight to finish “Meta-Genesis,” her collection of photos of transgender people and their writings.

Enjoy your night with Columbia band The Hatrick

The Hatrick members make it a point to include songs from other groups they admire in their sets and even view their band as a “kind of promotional tool for a lot of good talent that’s around,” said Kay, whose favorite song to play is “12-inch Three-Speed Oscillating Fan” by Big Smith of Springfield. In many instances, the group invites members of other bands to sit in and play for a night.

Sock monkeying around

For Melanie Johnson-Moxley, “playing monkey” is an everyday thing. A doctoral student in philosophy at MU, Johnson-Moxley makes sock monkeys for fun. Her passion began when friends introduced her to the Red Heel Message Board, devoted to sock monkeys.

Divine Driving

When the Vatican released “Guidelines for the Pastoral Care of the Road” — a kind of Ten Commandments of driving that instructs Catholics to incorporate religious morals into their daily commutes.

Assemblies of God leader to leave 2 years early

The head of the Assemblies of God church will step down two years early, ending 14 years at the helm of one the nation’s largest Pentecostal groups.

It's Potter-mania as fans at last get to see the latest movie

Professor Trelawney predicted the crowd of expectant Muggles that flooded Hollywood 14 theater’s lobby for the midnight premiere of “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.” She saw it in her crystal ball.

BOONE LIFE: Two parties in one

The Van Sickles’ birthday party is more than just a community social. It’s an opportunity for friends and neighbors to gather in an informal setting, celebrating to the talents of artists from around the state.