Columbia baker's cakes bring smiles to children, teens with illnesses, disabilities

Superhero and Cinderella's Castle cakes are just two edible creations Cherie Rutter, a local baker, has made for children and teens in Columbia with critical illnesses and disabilities. She bakes, decorates and delivers the cakes for free as a "sugar angel" volunteer for the nonprofit organization Icing Smiles.

Recycling Ambassadors volunteer for a greener Columbia

The program requires all ambassadors to attend a two-hour training session, complete 12 hours of community service and to promote a sustainable lifestyle. Volunteers are expected to participate at events such as the hazardous household waste collection.

Specialized mice testing gives cancer patients guidance for treatments

Private lab-bred mice that carry bits of someone's specific cancer can be used to see what drugs will work best on an individual.

Stephens senior dances toward the real world

Senior Alexus Collins started dance when she was 6 years old. Collins, who says dancing defines who she is, plans to continue performing even after graduating from Stephens College in May.

Mosey off the path to Blackwater, where a cowboy saloon brings history to life

A couple of history lovers and re-enactors created Bucksnort Trading Co. and saloon to help people step back in time to the Wild West.

Raising tobacco age, banning e-cigs indoors up for City Council vote Monday

First Ward Councilwoman Ginny Chadwick introduced the proposals in September, and the Board of Health has endorsed it. Convenience store owners are worried the measures will hurt their businesses. 

Confusion about medical payments leaves almost 43 million Americans with unpaid debts

The findings suggest that many Americans are being trapped by debt because they are confused by the notices they get from hospitals and insurance companies about the cost of treatment.

MU study shows high-protein breakfast curbs hunger

The MU 8 high protein diet study, led by assistant professor Heather Leidy, shows signs of increased satiety and better glycemic control.

Next steps uncertain for women with dense breasts

Women with dense breast tissue sometimes can't be told from a mammogram if they have cancer or not. New research shows that extra testing may not be as beneficial as expected, though.

Infants can learn basic swim skills to save themselves in the water

Parents enroll infants as young as 6 months in swim lessons to learn potentially life saving skills.

Community celebrates Kwanzaa at Saturday festivities

Around 70 people sang, recited poetry and passed around the unity cup during the festivities at Douglass High School.

Kansas City hospital researchers map children's genetics to find disorders

The genetic mapping can find rare, hard-to-detect disorders, which could reduce the number of tests needed.

MU students think of goals for final 27 days of the year

The Missourian asked six women at MU what they hoped to achieve in the final 27 days of the 2014.

MU Health Care enters joint venture in Callaway County

Nueterra will own approximately 65 percent with MU owning the other 35 percent.

UPDATE: Flu vaccine may be less effective this winter

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials said the flu vaccine will not protect well against the most common strain.

Horses trot into hospital as new therapy method

Animal-assisted therapy uses dogs and even mini-horses to possibly quicken the healing and recovery process, according to some studies.

Missouri oral health discussed in League of Women Voters panel

Missouri is one of the lowest-ranked states in access to dental care, panelists said.

Pregnant women to get better information from drug labels

Beginning next summer, the Food and Drug Administration will change the system to label drugs to better clarify which drugs are safe to take while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Mindfulness helps teens cope with stress, anxiety

The idea behind mindfulness is that focusing on the present moment helps a person deal better with stress, difficult emotions and negative thoughts.

Changes coming to kidney transplant waiting list

One change is that the fittest kidneys — based on donor age and medical history — will be offered first to patients who are expected to survive a transplant the longest.