Boone Life

Boone Life: What It Feels Like To Go Pro

MU student Hannah Riddle lives her dream of becoming a professional barrel racer.

BOONE LIFE: Community, inspiration motivate artist and nude model

Susannah Barry has a number of jobs, but perhaps none is as unique as her work as a nude model for an art class.

BOONE LIFE: Uprise Bakery employee enjoys the night shift

Gary Stewart's atypical sleep schedule doesn't really bother him — anymore. The overnight employee at Uprise Bakery typically works from midnight to 8 a.m.

Fun City Youth Academy unveils Saturday program

Fun City Youth Academy unveiled its Saturday Youth Academy, which is designed to help children ages 5 to 18 with schoolwork and with developing important life skills.

Bridge project to close Route WW just east of Columbia

The bridge just east of U.S. 63 on Route WW will be under construction for about 54 days beginning Feb. 21.

Volunteers at shelter benefit as much as homeless

Volunteers and homeless people form bonds and blur lines of difference as the clock ticks through one night at Room at the Inn temporary homeless shelter in downtown Columbia.

BOONE LIFE: Finding the balance for life through meditation

Jan Wheeler feels that without meditating throughout the day, she would be a little more off-center juggling her many activities.

BOONE LIFE: C&S Grocery in Harrisburg — part of the family

Jackie Colley and Jan Sublett grew up working and hanging out in Price’s Grocery in Harrisburg, a store owned by their parents, Jean and Jack. Then 15 years ago, the two women purchased the store and have been operating it ever since as C&S Grocery.

BOONE LIFE: Hairdresser fulfills last request by styling deceased's hair

Carolyn Selby finds that after more than 25 years as a hair stylist, she now gets requests from clients to be ready to prepare their hairdos for their funerals.

Boone Life: Not an adult floor

The MU Children's Hospital underwent renovations in September and now has a jungle theme.

Chamber of Commerce committee aims to raise interest in council candidacy

The chamber's 11-member Recruitment Task Force is looking to encourage citizens to run for open City Council seats.


Utility companies receive complaints about scams

Boone Electric Cooperative and the City of Columbia Utilities Department are receiving complaints from customers who are getting suspicious calls asking for credit card information.

BOONE LIFE: Woman vs. Wild

Mary Kate Puscian is a member of the archery club and is learning to perfect her hunting. The archery club is dominated by male members, but Puscian said the women still have their say.

BOONE LIFE: Retirement home provides freedom, entertainment

Boone Landing residents said they enjoy being free of the stress and responsibilities of keeping up a house.

BOONE LIFE: 'The beginning of everything I love'

LaNee Bridewell is a young black, single mother who refuses to perpetuate societal stereotypes. She is also a full-time student, employed and a Delta Sigma Theta sister.

BOONE LIFE: Mystery Science Radio 3000 entertains early-morning listeners

Kyle Cook and Tony Layson have been providing music, jokes and conversation on the radio Sunday mornings for more than five years.

Boone Landing retirement community feels like home for residents

The independent living retirement community provides a home for 111 residents.

Motocross rider rehabs on the track

T.J. Sapp, 19, continues to ride his bike, despite a crushed disk in the lower vertebrae of his back.

Weather conditions should cooperate for start of firearms deer hunting

The predicted cool weather should prompt deer to reveal themselves in the woods for Saturday's start to the firearms portion of deer hunting.

Missouri set to process a record amount of donated deer this hunting season

Funding provided by the Department of Economic Development and the Missouri Association of Food Banks expanded the Share the Harvest program's capacity.