Boone Life

BOONE LIFE: Couple works to raise children in a bilingual home

Immigrants from Mexico find reluctant acceptance from non-Spanish speakers to be a confusing aspect of life in America

BOONE LIFE: Family gives foster children a place to call home

Paul and Karen Heywood have had a licensed foster home since 1999, caring for more than 25 different children. .

BOONE LIFE: Les Bourgeois wine preparations begin in the cold

This year's vineyard harvest preparation begins in February's 30-degree weather. Bottling of Norton wine begins this week.

BOONE LIFE: Down at the barbershop

JT's Cutz in Columbia is owned by James Carter, a black man. His business is a rarity in Boone County according to a 2002 U.S. Census Bureau survey that said the number of businesses owned by black people in the county is too low to be statistically reported.

BOONE LIFE: Child's World Play School employee challenges gender stereotypes

Quintin Imler fights gender stereotypes in child care as the only male employee of Child's World Play School.

Beginnings: Humane Society lays pathway to better lives for pets

The Central Missouri Humane Society's status as an open shelter allows it to take in animals of all breeds, ages and backgrounds.

Beginnings: Farm produces Christmas trees, memories

Timber View Tree Farm provides customers with family memories and traditions as well as Christmas trees.

Beginnings: Taxidermist's work preserves animals

Curt Shahan, owner of Woodland Wonders Taxidermy, turned his love for hunting and his artistic side into a hobby and his hobby into a full-time job.

Beginnings: A stronger bond with God

Wale Aliyu's Christian baptism on Nov. 11 was the end and the beginning of a spiritual journey for the 23-year-old Columbia resident.

Beginnings: Hunting buddy system

The Boone County Special Sportsmen's Association helps people with disabilities go hunting. The program results in friendships that can last for years.

Beginnings: Bike polo newcomers, veterans meet in Columbia

COMOPOLO, a Columbia-based bicycle polo organization, held its championships at Cosmopolitan Park last weekend. The event attracted teams from across the country, including newcomers from Lawrence, Kan.

Beginnings: Billboard installing — a high-rise occupation

A 14-year veteran billboard installer describes his work above Missouri highways and interstates.

Beginnings: Japanese couple searches for Fire-King glassware

Kiwamu Tanaka and his wife, Yuki, spend their time in antique shops hunting for Fire-King glassware to add to their collection.

Beginnings: Bending, shaping iron to fit the horse's hoof

Travis Smith of Columbia is a farrier. Farriers help ensure that a horse has a strong foundation. It's physical, demanding work that requires a deep understanding of both iron and horses.

Beginnings: Touch, music and color connect mothers, babies at Kindermusik

Kindermusik offers classes for infants to improve their language, motor and emotional skills through interacting with music.

BEGINNINGS: Kasey Ryan launches catering business to support her children

A mother of four, Ryan, with the help of her church, plans to unveil Chef Connection in downtown Columbia this week. Ryan has catering experience and is eager for the grand opening.

League of Women Voters discuss early and no-excuse absentee voting

The League of Women Voters of Missouri will be conducting a study on early voting and no-excuse absentee voting. Boone County Clerk Wendy Noren said the practices could save money and cut down the amount of polling places needed on Election Day.

Engaging people: Michael McDonald

Since being interested in paranormal activity as a child, Michael McDonald and his team from Kindred Moon Paranormal Society now do research on paranormal activity all over the country.

Artists and performers show off local culture at heritage festival

Artists and performers shared their histories with visitors of the 32nd Annual Heritage Festival. The festival includes period crafts and Native American dances.

Engaging People: Mandy Schick

Trainer maximizes convenience, minimizes excuses by delivering personal workouts in clients' homes.