Boone Life

Alpaca farming is a way of life for some in Boone County

Rob Long raises 75 alpacas on a 20-acre ranch in Boone County. He says alpacas are a business and a way of life.

BOONE LIFE: Dancing with 'Wild Older Women'

Retiree Fred West spends his free time line dancing at various locales in mid-Missouri. He is the lone male in a group of female senior citizen line dancers who call themselves "Wild Older Women."

BOONE LIFE: There's no place like this home

The Worleys live in a small house filled with memories and collectibles.

BOONE LIFE: Tough loss brings team closer

The Hallsville junior varsity boys basketball team lost badly to its rival Southern Boone High of Ashland. Although the team was beaten by 33 points, the loss strengthened the team's morale.

BOONE LIFE: Midway Travel Plaza highlights the honky-tonk

Midway Travel Plaza embodies the spirit of the sublime American travel experience and the Back Door Lounge promises honky-tonk nights just west of town.

BOONE LIFE: A place to be a child

Coyote Hill is a professional home for abused and neglected children established 17 years ago by Larry McDaniel and his wife, who had a lifelong desire to help children. One way McDaniel and the other professionals at Coyote Hill work at relationship building is through a technique known as horse therapy where children learn to work and handle horses on their own with the guidance of a therapy professional.

BOONE LIFE: Hair salon provides styling and atmosphere

A small Hallsville hair salon has provided a fun place for residents to change their look for around four years.

BOONE LIFE: Southern Boone teacher helps students add motion to music

Justin Nabors, a music instructor for the Southern Boone School District, teaches his fifth-grade students through a combination of singing and dancing.

BOONE LIFE: Building a work ethic

Two young men from Harrisburg aren't strangers to cold weather and a little hard work. The two do odd jobs such shoveling snowy driveways and mowing lawns in order to raise cash.

BOONE LIFE: 1353 mailboxes postal worker experiences Hallsville's growth firsthand

Alan Austene, a 32-year veteran postal worker in Hallsville, makes more stops on his route than he used to. Over the years, new subdivisions have grown where development was once sparser, punctuating his route with more and more mailboxes.

BOONE LIFE: Rocheport family home schools year-round

Elise Wilson, a mother of five in Rocheport, home schools her four oldest children year-round.

BOONE LIFE: Puppies for sale

Mike Criner is hoping to sell 10 German shepherd puppies for $100 apiece.

BOONE LIFE: Bullseye promotes the sporting side of shooting

Kent Finlay of Centralia is the discipline head for the shooting group Bullseye, a National Rifle Association conventional pistol group within the Green Valley Rifle and Pistol Club. He schedules tournaments, coordinates getting association approval for the events and sends out awards to participating shooters.

BOONE LIFE: Salesman works alternative payment agreement with customer

After 32 years in the automotive business, Michael Gamble said this is the worst he has seen the economy trickle down to affect buyers.

BOONE LIFE: Former teacher volunteers for Meals on Wheels

A retired equestrian teacher volunteers to drive food to people at least once a week with Meals on Wheels. She sees the volunteer work as a way to pay back a community that has helped her.

BOONE LIFE: Family celebrates belated birthday while dad's at home

On Oct. 4, the Thompson family of Centralia celebrated their son Caleb's third birthday. Caleb puttered around the house, breaking in his birthday gift — a minitature red car. It's a tiny vehicle, dwarfed by his dad's semi-truck parked in the driveway.

BOONE LIFE: Riggs Union Church barbecue helps sustain small group

During the barbecue, church members sell fudge and mutton to raise money to sustain the congregation.

BOONE LIFE: Annual pumpkin festival starts early for Hartsburg workers

The 17th annual Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival starts Saturday with a 9 a.m. parade.

BOONE LIFE: Sturgeon Middle School students cheer for a spot

The echoing voices and clapping of Sturgeon Middle School students fill the gymnasium as they chant cheers while practicing for upcoming cheerleading auditions.

BOONE LIFE: Centralia dog groomer balances riding, business

Kim Sorensen of Centralia, owner of The Hair Wrangler, balances her life between riding her horses and keeping up with her dog grooming business.