Women of Faith tour begins in Kansas City

Kansas City is the first stop of 28 for the Women of Faith tour. Since it began in 1996, 4 million women have attended. Women of Faith is scheduled to be in St. Louis June 26-27.

Twitter Jitters: Catholics asked to give up texting, Facebook for Lent

Living without Facebook, Twitter and texting during Lent is a test of discipline for some Catholics. But, it offers some advantages for the faithful, too.

What is Purim?

Parents and children gathered Sunday to celebrate this year's Purim carnival at Congregation Beth Shalom.

Parking causes problems for downtown churches

Parking downtown is a struggle for churchgoers, especially during festival and football game weekends.

FBI raid, lawsuit threaten Angel Food Ministries reputation

Questions have been raised about Angel Food Ministries, a non-denominational Christian charity that sells low-cost food boxes, after an FBI raid on the group's headquarters. The charity is also facing a lawsuit filed by two of its board members.

Columbia's churches give financial advice

These are bad times for the economy, so Columbians are turning to churches to get help managing their money.

KaShaye Mathews exceeds expectations in overcoming autism

KaShaye Mathews, 15, of Columbia has learned to excel in ways doctors who diagnosed her with autism never thought possible.

Finding a faith that fits

There are no definite figures on conversions to Islam, but scholars say the shift is more about an approach to individual salvation. One Columbia woman started her college education as a Christian and ended it as a Muslim.

Columbians observe Ash Wednesday, Lent

Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the 40-day period of repentance known as Lent.  Those who observe Lent usually give up or take on something as a way of sacrifice and devotion.

Columbians discuss sexual assault, domestic violence

The groups cite recent studies that nearly 60 percent of rape victims are under the age of 18.

Columbia religious leaders offer advice on experiencing different customs

Entering a new place of worship has the potential to be an intimidating thing, whether it be a mosque, church or synagogue. Columbia religious leaders provide tips to become more comfortable in a different worship environment.

Columbia church uses Valentine's Day for volunteering

Karis Community Church used Valentine's Day to serve the Columbia community by volunteering.

Religion with rhythm: LBC Gospel Choir

The Legion of Black Collegians Gospel Choir has been around for more than 30 years. The group is more than just a choir and members try to use music and song to praise God and share the Christian message.

Columbia churches offer divorce counseling program

Those who use the DivorceCare program at area churches said it's the feeling of understanding and caring that makes the program successful.

Abortion-rights opponents file lawsuit for initiative petition

Missouri Roundtable for Life hopes to change the constitutional amendment regarding stem cell research and abortion.

What is Baha’í?

Baha’ís believe all religions are in reality one religion that is continuously evolving. The Baha’í religion promotes lifestyles to help the formation of a global society.

Columbian remembers religious persecution in Iran

Sahba Jalali and his family fled Iran for Columbia in 1978 to escape religious persecution for their Baha'i faith.

Columbia woman helps build Romanian church in honor of son

Sherryl Laws and her son, Scott, forged a bond with the people of Craiova, Romania. Even after Scott's death in 2007, his dream of building a church there is being pursued by members of Evangelical Free Church in Columbia.

Columbia celebrates Catholic Schools Week

The school wasted little time in putting the Catholic Schools Week's theme to work on Monday by having parents and eighth-grade student volunteers deliver meals to elderly residents in Columbia through the Meals on Wheels program.

Columbia faithful talk about Obama

President Barack Obama spoke of many faiths in his inauguration speech. He also began his first full day in office with an interfaith prayer service. Both gestures were appreciated by many in Columbia's religious community.