Young Christians grappling with broadened political views

For some young Christian voters, the best option for the presidential election may be to write in their own candidate.  At the very least, they’re thinking outside the box — the one the label “evangelical” has put them in.

Voters guides help faith groups make decisions

While houses of worship don't endorse political candidates in election cycles, they often publish guides for congregants to use before heading to the voting booth.

First Baptist Church to celebrate 185th anniversary

On Saturday, First Baptist Church is celebrating its 185th anniversary with a day of service and dedication of the Annie Fisher Food Pantry in the area of Blind Boone Community Center.

Columbians tread murky waters between politics and religion

In the midst of controversy and contempt, the people of Columbia became proactive in their search for commonality, understanding, and conversation that would build the bridge between divergent views of religion and politics.

Author says anti-rationalism, anti-intellectualism to blame for American ignorance

Susan Jacoby, author of the New York Times bestseller "The Age of American Unreason," gave a lecture at Columbia College on Tuesday.  She citied the three most destructive influences on Americans being the irrationalism of the religious right, the dominance of infotainment, and Americans' intellectual laziness.

Best-selling author speaks on the intersection of religion and politics

Susan Jacoby, author of New York Times bestseller "The Age of American Unreason," will lecture on her work investigating religious fundamentalism and political power at 11 a.m. Tuesday at Columbia College.

Leader of national Episcopal Church visits Kansas City

Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori visited the Kansas City area this past weekend and said a crucial part of preaching the gospel includes having church members ensure that the U.S. government make good its promises to provide financial help to Third World countries.

MU professor discusses prayer, health on CBS Early Show

MU professor Brick Johnstone's research suggests that the relationship between religion and health should impact thinking about health recovery. Specifically, he's interested in the role prayer and faith play after injuries to the right half of the brain.

'If you eat, you qualify': Food ministry eases economic pinch, stimulates volunteerism

William E. Connolly speaks about spirituality and politics

The political science professor from Johns Hopkins University spoke about coexistence among religious minorities and their importance in politics.

Calvary Episcopal's first female senior rector brings a fresh perspective

Since she arrived in March, the Rev. Paula Robinson has energized the Calvary Episcopal Church with her presence and vision. She is the church's first female senior rector.

William E. Connolly to speak on spirituality, belief and time

The author, known for his analysis of social science and work ith postmodern philosophy in political theory, will speak on issues raised in his latest book, "Capitalism and Christianity, American Style."

Columbia, state churches to pool supplies for needy

Members of Columbia churches will join thousands of people from around the state to gather and send out resources for local and worldwide mission organizations this weekend at the annual Festival of Sharing.

Columbia First Assembly of God mentors church in Fayette

The new pastor of Fayette's Assembly of God Church seeks to revitalize the small-town church with help from its mother church in Columbia.

Synagogues to observe Yom Kippur

Congregation Beth Shalom and the Hillel Foundation will observe Yom Kippur Wednesday evening and Thursday by holding services.

Columbia churches bless pets

During the week of the anniversary of St. Francis of Assisi's death, two Columbia churches held services to bless pets and celebrate their companionship.  St. Francis was the patron saint of animals and the poor and is used as a model for pet owners to treasure and care for the animals in their lives.

A day of blessings for the animals

Pet owners brought their animals to be blessed on St. Francis of Assisi Day at Calvary Episcopal Church. The guests were dogs, a cat and a snail.

New Fair Trade store to open downtown

Mustard Seed, a Fair Trade store in downtown Columbia, will open next week but will not sell coffee.



Broadway Christian Church pastor retires

Rick Frost spent a third of his life as pastor of Broadway Christian Church. He could become anyone's best friend in five minutes. Maybe it's because his childhood was spent on an island, and he grew up with a tight community of 500 people. Maybe it's because at 66, he can correctly use the term "cranked," slang for "excited," well enough to relate to any teenager. Or maybe it's the way he can crack a joke, like when Broadway Christian Church, where he has been serving as senior pastor for more than 20 years, threw him a huge farewell party and he walked up on the stage, grinned and asked, "What are we doing next week?"

Broadway Christian marks 50th Anniversary

The church plans a celebration on Sunday morning.