Lutheran Church Synod leader apologizes for Newtown pastor reprimand

Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod President Matthew Harrison reprimanded an interfaith prayer vigil, which incited outrage among bloggers and social media posters. Harrison apologized for the reprimand Monday.

Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI draws reaction from Columbia Catholics

Local Catholics respond to the announced resignation of Pope Benedict XVI on Monday.

Upward Basketball League about more than winning

One of three basketball leagues in Columbia, the program at Calvary Baptist Church has 38 teams and four cheer squads, bringing the total number of children involved to more than 400.

FROM READERS: The Altar at Olivet offers a mix between traditional, contemporary worship services

Brad Bryan, who leads worship at the Altar at Olivet at Olivet Christian Church, says his service provides the community with a service that is a balance of traditional worship with contemporary themes.

Missouri Catholic church laments theft of relics

The items were present in the church around the time of Christmas Masses, but cleaning crews noticed they were missing on Jan. 4.

Traveling pastor brings together Chinese Christian Church

Pastor Billy Ko brings experience from across the country and around the world to the Chinese Christian community.

Students celebrate Hanukkah with 9-foot tall menorah lighting

The Chabad Jewish Student Organization lit candles on a 9-foot tall menorah in the MU Student Center on Monday.

For Episcopal priest going to South Sudan, sewing is a mission

Christina Cobb, chaplain of Columbia's Episcopal Campus Ministry, will travel later this month to South Sudan to teach sewing to women without access to electricity.

In new Christian hymnal, poetry guides the page

MU professor Craig Roberts helped edit a hymnbook that is about to undergo its second printing.

FROM READERS: What being a dad has taught me

I've learned over the past 17 years that I don't have all the answers and that DVD players inside minivans are a useful part of life.

FROM READERS: Saint Andrews Lutheran Church celebrates completed renovation

Saint Andrew's Evangelical Lutheran Church will celebrate the completion of its recent renovation project in a dedication service on Sunday.

Korean Presbyterian congregation finds home, friendship with historical church

Pastors at two Columbia Presbyterian churches — one providing services in Korean, the other in English — are building a relationship together through mission work and combined programs.

Members of Joplin mosque look to build stronger future

After the Joplin mosque was burned to the ground in August, the town's sense of community was challenged. Now, the Muslim community plans to rebuild the mosque, while the people of Joplin work to build a stronger community.

Call keeps pastor at St. Paul A.M.E. Church motivated

Mary Hull-Lovett, the first female pastor of the 145-year-old St. Paul A.M.E. Church, has led the church for seven years.

Romney begins to open up about his religion

Mitt Romney has often been reluctant to discuss his Mormon beliefs. They may help or hurt him with an American public largely unfamiliar with the faith as his campaign starts to focus on religion.

Mid-Missouri Pride Fest holds interfaith worship service

The Mid-Missouri Pride Fest held its third annual interfaith worship service Sunday afternoon. Leaders from more than six different faiths took part in the service. The festival ran all day Sunday in downtown Columbia.

Islamic college students in Columbia rely on tight-knit community

Two MU students said religion remains a top priority for them, but relying on Columbia's tight-knit Islamic community helps them balance religious values with college life.

Missouri voters approve prayer amendment

Missouri voters approved a state constitutional amendment that specifically allows public prayer and permits students to avoid assignments that violate their religious beliefs.

Scientists, seminarians debate evolution online

Southern Baptist seminary professors and evangelical scientists have pleasant discussion about evolution on the BioLogos website.

Missouri House lawmakers discuss right-to-pray initiative

State lawmakers debated a "right-to-pray" measure that will appear on the Aug. 7 ballot. Columbia lawmaker Chris Kelly opposes the amendment and said it could lead to unintended consequences.