Romney begins to open up about his religion

Mitt Romney has often been reluctant to discuss his Mormon beliefs. They may help or hurt him with an American public largely unfamiliar with the faith as his campaign starts to focus on religion.

Mid-Missouri Pride Fest holds interfaith worship service

The Mid-Missouri Pride Fest held its third annual interfaith worship service Sunday afternoon. Leaders from more than six different faiths took part in the service. The festival ran all day Sunday in downtown Columbia.

Islamic college students in Columbia rely on tight-knit community

Two MU students said religion remains a top priority for them, but relying on Columbia's tight-knit Islamic community helps them balance religious values with college life.

Missouri voters approve prayer amendment

Missouri voters approved a state constitutional amendment that specifically allows public prayer and permits students to avoid assignments that violate their religious beliefs.

Scientists, seminarians debate evolution online

Southern Baptist seminary professors and evangelical scientists have pleasant discussion about evolution on the BioLogos website.

Missouri House lawmakers discuss right-to-pray initiative

State lawmakers debated a "right-to-pray" measure that will appear on the Aug. 7 ballot. Columbia lawmaker Chris Kelly opposes the amendment and said it could lead to unintended consequences.

UPDATE: Southern Baptists approve resolution saying gay rights aren't civil rights

Thousands of delegates at the denomination's annual meeting in New Orleans were nearly unanimous in their support for the resolution that affirms their belief that marriage is "the exclusive union of one man and one woman."

Southern Baptists debate gay rights, civil rights

A day after electing their first African-American president, Southern Baptists were considering a resolution Wednesday opposing the idea that gay rights are the same as civil rights.

Southern Baptists set to elect first black president

The election is a big step for a denomination that was formed out of a pre-Civil War split with northern Baptists over slavery and for much of the last century had a reputation for supporting segregation.

Appeals court upholds Missouri prayer ballot measure

The proposed amendment will appear on the Aug. 7 statewide ballot.

Kansas City-St. Joseph Catholic Diocese ordered into arbitration

Forty-two of the 47 plaintiffs who settled claims against the diocese say that the diocese hasn't lived up to the requirements of the settlement.


Son Riders Motorcycle Church caters to Christian bikers

Bikers can come to church in their leather and do-rags at the Son Riders Motorcycle Church. Son Riders provides a nontraditional Christian community of worship aimed at making bikers feel welcome.

Maries County pastor sees run for sheriff as an act of faith

Pastor. Chaplain. Sheriff? Meet Mike Bonham, the pastor of a Maries County church and the county chaplain. He's running for Osage County Sheriff, with faith and law enforcement in the balance. 

Church service finds niche between traditional and contemporary worship

Through popular music, worship activities and conversation, The Altar at Olivet Christian Church looks to engage worshippers in new ways.

Chabad house hopes to provide a new outlet for the Jewish community in Columbia

The Lapines, who are the co-directors of Columbia's first and only Chabad house, hope to expand their outreach, as well as their services by next year.

Upward basketball emphasizes fun over competition

For the children who are part of the league, the game isn't about winning or losing — it's about kindness, compassion and learning to play. There's also a strong faith component.

PHOTO GALLERY: Broadway Christian Church hosts Daybreak Easter service

Broadway Christian Church held an early Easter service behind the church on Sunday morning.

Music plays important role in Easter services

Churchgoers in Columbia attended Easter services complete with choirs, organs and a brass ensemble.

Good Friday service unites Columbia-area Christians, churches

More than 15 local churches and about 80 attendees participated in an ecumenical Good Friday service at First Presbyterian Church.

Lavish temple marks milestone for Mormons in Missouri

The temple located near Kansas City will be open to the public for two weeks before it is dedicated. After the dedication, only Latter-day Saints may enter.