Observing Ramadan? There's an app for that

Cell phone applications such as Find Mecca and iPray are making it easier for American Muslims to practice religious observances such as Ramadan.

Parents find ways to include children in Ramadan

Muslim families find ways to encourage civic responsibility among their children who are too young to participate in the fast during Ramadan, which begins Wednesday.

Annual gathering of Vietnamese Catholics brings 60,000 to Carthage

Participants came from across the country to Missouri to attend the weeklong festival Marian Days, which has been held for more than 30 years.

Churches cautiously minister to sex offenders

Some churches try to welcome sex offenders as parishioners while draping a protective cloak over the children and others in the next pew.


Sex offenders across the country face laws and regulations that keep them from living near schools, parks, bus stops and pools. Some neighborhoods created association rules banning offenders from residing there.

COLUMN: Vacate and spend time with God

A vacation doesn't require a trip to a new place, but rather a break from the stresses of your daily life.

Vietnamese Catholics to convene in Carthage

The Marian Days festival is held each summer at the Congregation of the Mother Co-Redemptrix in Carthage, which is a Catholic order founded in Vietnam.


Study says Amish expanding westward

Missouri saw an 8 percent growth rate in the state's Amish population, who move because of suburban sprawl, land costs and tourism, among other reasons.

Chinese radio station hopes to become community station

Yes, that is Chinese you're hearing on your radio — if you're within a couple of miles of KLJE's antenna on College Avenue.

Vatican to consider St. Louis woman's recovery as miracle

Rachel Lozano has survived several bouts with cancer and underwent a stem cell transplant. She says her recovery is attributed to the intercession of the French priest Blessed William Joseph Chaminade.

COLUMN: God's the eternal trash remover

Garbage bags might be great for around-the-house garbage, but with spiritual garbage we need a higher power.

Couple takes on responsibility of local Salvation Army church programs

Marquis and Twyla Brookins from Arnold were appointed to lead Salvation Army Church programs in Columbia. They started their duties Wednesday.

Foundation rates films on Christian values and themes

The Dove Foundation, which places a seal on movies employees consider family-friendly, is expanding its rating system to indicate movies the group deems "Faith-Based" and "Faith-Friendly."

53rd annual Olivet Christian Church barbecue benefits local organizations

The 53rd annual chicken and mutton barbecue at Olivet Christian Church raised money for local agencies and was expected to feed more than 2,000 people.

COLUMN: Partnering helps us meet the needs of the community

When organizations work together to serve others, it keeps costs down and the community together.

Worship service unites faiths to celebrate PrideFest

Several religious communities are collaborating to hold an outdoor worship service Sunday as part of the Mid-Missouri PrideFest.

The Rev. Bill Haney retires from Columbia's Unitarian Universalist Church after 21 years

A farewell celebration was held Sunday afternoon for the Rev. Bill Haney. He has served Columbia's Unitarian Universalist Church for 21 years.

Atheist threatens to sue about Illinois cross monument funding

A Chicago-area retired radio talk show host has threatened to sue an Illinois religious group after collecting state money to restore an 11-story cross monument.

Another Columbia church is the victim of a scam

Local churches are urged to be cautious with a scam after the Columbia Police Department received a second report. 

About 100 attend groundbreaking for new regional Catholic high school

Ninth-grade and 10th-grade students are scheduled to begin classes at Father Augustine Tolton Regional Catholic High School in the fall of 2011.

Ellis Fischel hosts cancer memorial service for friends and family

The service was for those who had lost their loved ones to cancer. It aimed to provide hope and comfort to family and friends, and allowed a way for employees of the center to give back to their patients.