Private shade garden in Columbia to be showcased on tour

Flat Branch Pub and Brewing owners Tom and Anne Smith will have their 6.5 acre shade garden featured as part of the Tiger Pilot Club's sixth annual garden tour.

Despite warnings, flip-flops have become universal footwear

Podiatrists and doctors warn people not to wear flip-flops everyday because it can wear your feet down and make them dry.

5th Wall Productions puts on 'slapstick' Shakespeare

The group's final performances of "The Complete Works of Shakespeare, Abridged" will be at 6:30 p.m. from Thursday through Sunday at the Boone County Courthouse Amphitheater.

Carpe Diem aims to teach Columbia residents about music

Carpe Diem, a new business owned by Alex Innecco and Dianna Long, is here to serve the Columbia community by providing music classes, private lessons, gallery and recital space to its residents.

Sol House provides transitions for homeless Columbia youths

The live-in shelter is available for 16- to 21-year-olds who have struggled living on their own. The program tries to provide its residents with the tools they need to be successful. Residents and former residents share their stories about their lives before, during and after their time at the house.

MU Horn Choir to play at international symposium

Fifteen French-horn players make up MU's choir. Because the French horn has a four-octave range, a group of just horns can cover all the parts of an ensemble piece.

Skate escapes

After a long and tawdry history, women's roller derby is making a national comeback. The CoMo Derby Dames take to the rink for exercise, competition, entertainment and a friendship they don't find anywhere else.

Mid-Missouri veterans grateful for Honor Flight

The Honor Flight program strives to send as many World War II veterans as possible to the World War II National Memorial, recognizing that their numbers are dwindling quickly.

Veterans receive touching letters during Honor Flight

Family members of the World War II veterans surprised them with letters delivered during a "mail call" on the return flight from Washington. Bob Kennish said the letters expressed an appreciation to all veterans who served the U.S.

Trails, nature sites near Columbia offer plenty of outdoor activities

Mid-Missouri offers plenty of great spots for outdoor recreation, with its mix of nature trails, conservation areas and state parks. With just a little gas in the tank and a sense of adventure, you're sure to find some great, simple and family-friendly entertainment.

Pack your bags: All you need to hit the roads, rails and trails of Missouri

Missourian reporters scoured the state for the best trips we could find at a fair price.  We hope our readers find something worthwhile among the stories in this travel guide.

Longtime Columbia DJ 'Crazy Charley' Blackmore still scratching and spinning

As Hickman High School celebrates the 100th anniversary of its mascot, one die-hard alumnus of the school, Charley Blackmore, keeps cheering on his Kewpies and serving the community by sharing his time and vast music collection.

This man is a White House dog's best friend

Barry H. Landau has known about 25 White House dogs since the Eisenhower administration. Among the presidential-pooch memorabilia in his Manhattan apartment are matching orange inaugural dog coats worn by LBJ's twin beagles, Him and Her, and a photo of Landau kissing Clipper, JFK's German shepherd.

The economy may be in a downturn, but chick sales are thriving

This spring chicks have been so popular with consumers that hatcheries are experiencing constant demand.

Columbia's Cuban refugees share stories, reflect on resettlement

New arrivals from Cuba resettled in Columbia by the Catholic Church have fled repression and made new homes in central Missouri.

Missouri third-grader, age 71, honored with namesake literacy award

The Toys for Tots Literacy Program honored Alferd Williams' dedication to learning to read by creating an award in his honor.

TV chef Jeff Henderson promotes education to Columbia students

Celebrity chef Jeff Henderson visited Douglass and Hickman high schools to share his life story with the hope of positively influencing the lives of students.

Facebook 'friending' links generations

Facebook, formerly for college students only, is now being used by older generations to keep in touch with their families, network with employers and colleagues, and reach out to old friends.

Seminar aims to create more emotionally intelligent managers

Before someone can effectively understand others’ emotions, they must understand their own, says Karen Tate, who will speak this week at a seminar on emotional intelligence in the workplace. 


Columbia musicians to embark on three-city Austria tour

The Jane Froman Singers of Columbia College are teaming up with the Columbia Civic Orchestra for a nine-day tour of Austria. The two groups will perform a preview of their tour Sunday evening at Columbia College.