Missionaries minister to international students at Christian Campus House

Retired missionaries Linda and Dennis Messimer minister to international students at the Christian Campus House. They spent 38 years abroad.

Columbia elementary school teacher takes a risk to start a family

Even as a little girl, Anna Kleinsorge knew she wanted her own children. When she hit 29, she decided she was done waiting. So she posted an ad on Craigslist and waited for her pay-as-you-go phone to ring. The response hasn't been quite what she had hoped for.

MU student publishes book documenting verbal and emotional abuse

MU student Alex Fischler published a book about verbal and emotional abuse and gives tips on how to heal.

Columbia resident adopts pay-it-forward lifestyle

Michele Spry pays it forward with random acts of kindness. She hopes to create a chain reaction of generosity through these acts.

CoMeow Kittens light up the local clubs with their go-go dancing

Go-go dancers such as the CoMeow Kittens are hired to dance on stage and hype up or entertain a crowd at clubs or raves. They engage the audience and add visuals to the music, Slavit said. She says they are performers, not eye candy.

Wooden cars, handmade by Columbia woodworkers, make children happy around the world

Most of the  woodworkers and other volunteers make the cars as part of a charitable act. The practice of making the cars started as a fulfillment of the woodworkers' association's motto of promoting quality woodworking in a safe way.

Pierpont Coffee Club keeps group of men together

The Pierpont Store Coffee Club meets every morning around 6:30 a.m., and members chat about their daily lives, sports, politics and anything else on their minds. On Wednesday, discussion revolved around repairing lawn mowers, the Cardinals' game and a friend's trip to Hannibal.

Flag procession part of MU International Day celebration

About 50 MU international students carried the flags of their home countries — which included China, Vietnam, Israel, Iran and Great Britain — Tuesday morning from Jesse Hall to Lowry Mall as part of MU International Day celebrations.

World War II airplanes visit Columbia Regional Airport

Non-profit Commemorative Air Force brought two World War II bombers for tours and rides to the Columbia Regional Airport on Saturday. 

Missouri author Daniel Woodrell changes literary directions

Daniel Woodrell, author of "Winter's Bone," said his cancer changed his outlook on writing. He said he doesn't think his new book will be as pessimistic as his previous books.

A childhood filled with horses leads to job as barn manager for equine center

Jacob Best started working with horses as a child because his mother owned several, and his daily chores included cleaning out the horses stalls, which he said was less than glamorous.

A little library in Columbia, just around the corner from another

Two book exchanges opened this week, one on Crestland Avenue and the other nearby on West Rollins Road. Run on the "trust system," the little libraries allow anyone to walk up and borrow a book.

How to prevent drownings: Columbia lifeguards, aquatics managers offer advice

Last year, 20 people drowned in Missouri — all of them in unguarded swimming areas. Even when there are witnesses, the untrained eye doesn't always spot drowning.

In Harrisburg barbecue joint, friends find success in unlikely place

When two friends threw away the recipe books and started their own barbecue tradition in Harrisburg, they had no idea what would happen. Their success has exceeded their dreams by a country mile.

Poodle owner Judy Harris enjoys training her dogs into champions

In 1978, toy poodle owner Judy Harris switched from toys to standard poodles.  Nine dogs later, Harris is now training award-winning poodles to compete in American Kennel Club events.

Hogsmeade Carnival at Hickman High School raises money for Eliminate Project

The Harry Potter-themed event included magical activities like wand decorating and a gnome toss to raise money for The Eliminate Project, which works to wipe out neonatal and maternal tetanus.

Local letter carriers stick together through Postal Service upheaval

Despite massive technological upheaval and financial chaos that threaten the future of the U.S. Postal Service, local letter carriers keep the personal connections from their routes intact.

MU graduate's music to be performed by St. Louis Symphony

"Ravish and Mayhem," a composition by MU graduate Stephanie Berg, will be performed by the St. Louis Symphony next season. 

Music teacher jumps through hoops to teach students piano and voice

Robin Anderson, a 26-year-old Columbia resident who teaches voice and piano, uses hula hoops to help her students learn techniques through movement and imagery.

Trees tapped near Ashland for maple syrup

Richard Guyette, an MU forestry professor, and Kevin Hosman, a senior research specialist at MU and manager of the Baskett Wildlife Research and Education Center, have been harvesting sap and making maple syrup together for about 15 years.