WWII archives released

BAD AROLSEN, Germany — Looking back at the first weeks after World War II, a French lieutenant named Henri Francois-Poncet despaired at ever fulfilling his mission of establishing the fate of French inmates of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

Let damaged plants recover first before pruning away

Luckily I had gone outside and taken pictures of my early flowering plants and shrubs before the 20 degrees and below temperatures turned them all into brown and green mush.

Orphans of war

POZNAN, Poland — On a sunny April morning in 1944, 6-year-old Alodia Witaszek was combed and scrubbed, sitting in the children’s home that had primed her for membership in Hitler’s master race.

Good soil with proper minerals necessary for healthy plants

The big three mineral elements of plant nutrition are nitrogen, phosphate and potassium, somewhat closely followed by calcium, and then far after these are the trace minerals: magnesium, boron, manganese, sulfur, iron, zinc. Even more minimally are copper, cobalt, molybdenum, chlorine and others.

In hot pursuit

Reji White remembers his first habañero pepper. When he was about 22, stationed with the Marines in Iwa Kuni, Japan, he had a friend from Mexico who often ate the hot peppers whole.

Ancient history

As Columbia’s boundary inches closer to the Missouri River, development threatens what remains of Missouri’s past.


Jerry D. Thompson's Oklahoma State University training stressed the international style of architecture. “We were the school of ‘form follows function.’ If the ornament had no meaning to the structure of function of the building, eliminate it.”

‘Caged bird’ speaks

Hundreds of men and women of all ages filled MU’s Jesse Auditorium to capacity on Saturday to see famous poet, author and actor Maya Angelou.

Bursting at the seams

Maxine Nelson has taught in the Columbia Public School District for 29 years, 19 of those at West Junior High School. Two of those years at West have been spent in a trailer just outside of the school’s main building.

Preparation for presentation

Terry Reese has toured the country with her best friend Missy, participating in contests and making new friends.

Group calls to reopen Gaines case

Lloyd Gaines went missing in 1939, not long after the U.S. Supreme Court ordered MU to admit him to the university’s law school.

Women's basketball coach Cindy Stein is always full of charisma

They came to see her and to talk about basketball.

True/False Film Festival marches into Columbia

Elanor Leskew of the Mucca Pazza marching band plays the trombone during the March March parade in Columbia yesterday.

Charity fashion show offers up key trends for upcoming season

The feel was New York, but the setting was Columbia -- and from the appearance of Saturday night’s Model Citizen Fashion Show in the Executive Center of the Holiday Inn Select, young women are going to have many chic options for the spring season. The event raised $150,000 for the MU Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders and was hosted by School of Journalism alumna Jann Carl of "Entertainment Tonight."

City Council OKs interchange project

Several prominent Columbia businessmen were all smiles Monday night after the City Council moved to go ahead with the Gans Road interchange project.

Early guidance

Jeff and Rebecca Reno often spend evenings on the floor with their children, Bennett, 4, and Cooper, 18 months. It’s the time after dinner and before Jeff reports to his night shift at FedEx, the time when the family can unwind a bit.

Advocating awareness

In the late 1990s, the Rev. Raymond Hayes invited a young MU student named Violet to speak to his congregation at St. Luke United Methodist Church.

Boone County’s quintet

Boone County commissioners come and go, ushered in and out of office by public or private decisions. But in the halls of Boone County government, there are five mainstays: five women — all Democrats — who have been in office for at least 11 years and for as long as 30. Time and again, voters return them to office for four years at a time, often with no opposition.

A chief under fire

Fire Chief Steve Paulsell takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes, the lines on his brow furrowing in frustration.