Poodle owner Judy Harris enjoys training her dogs into champions

In 1978, toy poodle owner Judy Harris switched from toys to standard poodles.  Nine dogs later, Harris is now training award-winning poodles to compete in American Kennel Club events.

Hogsmeade Carnival at Hickman High School raises money for Eliminate Project

The Harry Potter-themed event included magical activities like wand decorating and a gnome toss to raise money for The Eliminate Project, which works to wipe out neonatal and maternal tetanus.

Local letter carriers stick together through Postal Service upheaval

Despite massive technological upheaval and financial chaos that threaten the future of the U.S. Postal Service, local letter carriers keep the personal connections from their routes intact.

MU graduate's music to be performed by St. Louis Symphony

"Ravish and Mayhem," a composition by MU graduate Stephanie Berg, will be performed by the St. Louis Symphony next season. 

Music teacher jumps through hoops to teach students piano and voice

Robin Anderson, a 26-year-old Columbia resident who teaches voice and piano, uses hula hoops to help her students learn techniques through movement and imagery.

Trees tapped near Ashland for maple syrup

Richard Guyette, an MU forestry professor, and Kevin Hosman, a senior research specialist at MU and manager of the Baskett Wildlife Research and Education Center, have been harvesting sap and making maple syrup together for about 15 years.

Dana Miller, 60, loved singing, painting, and dogs

Services will be held at 11 a.m. Friday at Parker Funeral Service, 22 N. Tenth St.

Recent snow leaves car wash employees washing hundreds of cars

Washing 100 or more cars, by hand, every week at the Joe Machens Automotive Group is all in a day's work for the dealership's car preppers and detailers.

Hallsville cheerleader learns to face racial issues from an early age

One of 13 black people who live in Hallsville, Alaysha Jefferson has found cheerleading provides structure for her life. "No matter how rough things get, I know that those girls will be there," she said.

Columbia couple offers sternwheeler rides on the Missouri River

Roger and Barbara Giles give friends and Boone County residents free rides in their 1930s sternwheeler boat.

Digital dreams? 12 low-tech gift ideas might be better for children

With Christmas 12 days away, add one of these gifts to your shopping list to get your child unplugged from TV or digital devices and increase his or her activity level. 

Missouri businesses offer holiday gifts

AgriMissouri provides options for festive and simple gift ideas — all made in Missouri. 

For MU horticulturist, poinsettias are more than decor

Horticulturalist David Trinklein has worked with poinsettias for 30 years, but you won't find any of the festive holiday plants in his home.

As holidays begin, new Salvation Army regional coordinators focus on Columbia community

Beth and Richard Trimmell gear up for annual assistance programs, assess possible changes for the agency in Columbia.


Photographer uses bromoils process to achieve painting effects

Kevin Dingman uses the process of bromoils inking, which produces a textured, painting-like image, to create his photographs.

Edith Hall uses sugar and frosting to create artful cakes

Columbia's own sugar artist, Edith Hall, has placed in cake-decorating competitions around the country and appeared on TLC's "Ultimate Cake Off."

MU student starts horse exercising business

Erin Miller started taking riding lessons at age 12. Now, she runs a business taking care of other peoples horses when they do not have time to do so themselves.

Pumpkin beers become a fall favorite for Columbia breweries, drinkers

Columbia's Flat Branch Pub and Brewing Co. and Broadway Brewery are just two breweries creating fall-inspired pumpkin beers.

Kristin Veteto uses music to motivate students with disabilities

Kristin Veteto works as a music therapist to help students at Delmar A. Cobble to improve speech development and skills such as finger dexterity, reaching and grasping.

Columbia Entertainment Company actor to perform in Rocky Horror Show

Jay Oetman, a Columbia Entertainment Company actor, will play a role as Frank-N-Furter in the company's new production, the Rocky Horror Show.