Edith Hall uses sugar and frosting to create artful cakes

Columbia's own sugar artist, Edith Hall, has placed in cake-decorating competitions around the country and appeared on TLC's "Ultimate Cake Off."

MU student starts horse exercising business

Erin Miller started taking riding lessons at age 12. Now, she runs a business taking care of other peoples horses when they do not have time to do so themselves.

Pumpkin beers become a fall favorite for Columbia breweries, drinkers

Columbia's Flat Branch Pub and Brewing Co. and Broadway Brewery are just two breweries creating fall-inspired pumpkin beers.

Kristin Veteto uses music to motivate students with disabilities

Kristin Veteto works as a music therapist to help students at Delmar A. Cobble to improve speech development and skills such as finger dexterity, reaching and grasping.

Columbia Entertainment Company actor to perform in Rocky Horror Show

Jay Oetman, a Columbia Entertainment Company actor, will play a role as Frank-N-Furter in the company's new production, the Rocky Horror Show.

New Columbia fitness studio offers dance-like workouts

Pure Barre — the name of the studio and trend in exercise — is the first to open in Columbia and Missouri.

Grade A! program creator builds leadership in Columbia's youth

The Rev. Janice Threat has operated an after-school program since 1999. What is now known as Grade A! functions at Second Missionary Baptist Church and is open to youth kindergarten through college level.

Two Dominican women to open bilingual day care in Columbia

Sisters Tania Johnson and Carolina Grullon will open a day care this month that will introduce children to the Spanish language.

French immersion program allows learning, teaching experience for intern

Alice Cordier is spending the year in an exchange program that allows her to teach French at La Petite Ecole and Columbia Independent School. Although she's the teacher at school, she says experiences have been learning opportunities for herself, too.

Owners of fairy-tale house open it for rent as guesthouse

The historic Creekstone Cottage at 121 West Blvd. N. is open to the public for the first time in 100 years.

Handbell director finds joy in her choir

Columbia native Cookie Hagan uses a distinctive teaching method to lead an adapted handbell choir of seniors and those with disabilities.

A journey to Tebbetts, the center of the U.S.

A new study from professors at Michigan's Grand Valley State University has marked a tiny unincorporated Missouri town as the center of population in the United States.

Jen Wheeler, City of Refuge offers helping hand to refugees

The nonprofit organization helps refugees and immigrants become active members of the community.

Local wedding photographer wants to be a fly on the wall

Johnny Andrew Eaker regards himself as a photojournalist who treats wedding coverage as a documentary, rather than a set of posed pictures.

Mid-Missouri rancher pioneers mob grazing

Mob grazing, which relies on frequent pasture rotation and strictly regulated water systems, differs from the more common grass-feeding method. The idea is that the cattle will drive grasses they do not eat into the ground and naturally fertilize the pasture while they graze.

Body Combat Chicks run with friendship and endurance

Body Combat Chicks, a martial arts fitness group turned runner's collective, provide companionship and support while staying fit and training for half marathons.

Columbia teen combines style and technology for booming business

Taylor Burghard takes keyboards and turns them into earrings; her top seller is a pair with the phrase "I-ctrl-U."

Natural hair is a growing trend among Columbia black women

Recent studies demonstrating the dangers of chemicals used in relaxer and straightener treatments have driven more women to embrace their natural hair. 

Volunteers give old racing dogs new homes

After their racing careers are over, retired greyhounds are often put down or abandoned. Vikki Brown and Rescued Racers work to find these animals permanent, loving homes.

PHOTO GALLERY: MU students wear rain boots on campus

The rain prompted MU students to put on their rain boots Friday morning.