Leap Day babies celebrate their unique birth date

Jan Harrell of Ashland, Ore., handles off years by staying up until midnight with friends who shout "Happy birthday!" in "that magical nanosecond" between Feb. 28 and March 1.

Jina Yoo's Asian Bistro owner chosen for South Korean 'MasterChef'

Jina Yoo doesn't need anyone's opinion on her cooking; if she thinks it's good, it's good. The Columbia restaurant owner has been chosen to compete in South Korea's "MasterChef" cooking competition. 

Annual Polar Bear Plunge held in unseasonably warm weather

The Polar Bear Plunge was held Saturday at Stephens Lake Park.  The event raised more than $97,800 for Special Olympics Missouri.


MULTIMEDIA: Columbia Quilts of Valor members make quilts for veterans

A group of Columbia women meet weekly to make quilts to donate to service members.  Five quilts will be presented to veterans Monday.

Lessons on love: Columbia residents share lifetimes of wisdom

When it comes to love and relationships, can you really trust the experts, counselors and magazines? Why not take it from these 10 residents with more than 400 combined years of marriage among them?

Lessons on love: Take a canoe trip together

Mike Farrall says attempting a canoe trip can be very insightful about another person's nature.

Lessons on love: Divide the labor

Take it from Mike and Priscilla Farrall: Doing the dishes can be kind of fun when the labor is divided.

Lessons on love: Leave work at work

Ed and Judith Chmielewski say that not talking about work can help relationships.

Lessons on love: Balance each other out

Ed and Judith Chmielewski say their balance between introvert and extrovert works well.

Lessons on love: Encourage each other's talents

When Mary Ginsburg's husband, Larry, retired, she made sure to encourage his passion for painting. Now that Larry is gone, his art is still something she fondly remembers about him.

Lessons on love: Don't rush into a relationship

Retired teacher Jean Baldwin says getting into a relationship at your own pace is important.

Lessons love: Show kindness to everyone

Marilyn Arrington, who was married for 47 years, says it is most important to be kind.

Lessons on love: Be prepared to work hard

Yvette Elmore has worked hard her entire life.

Lessons on love: Demonstrate compassion

Kusum Chandrapal says volunteering at an orphanage in India taught her that everyone needs love.

Lessons on love: Love like crazy

Otie Kinnear has always counted on his wife, Imogene, to be by his side. Even after more than 67 years of marriage, Otie still drops everything he's doing to talk to her every morning.

10 Lessons on love: Columbia seniors share lifetimes of wisdom

Ten senior citizens with more than 400 years of combined marriage experience weigh in on what lessons they have learned about love over the years.

Kansas City groups work to preserve the city's 'urban forest'

As Kansas City removes thousands of old, damaged trees every year, the Department of Parks and Recreation is working with various groups to plant new ones.

Organist with autism speaks through his music

Organist David Kuhns, 38, has autism, and music is how he best expresses himself.

Cape Girardeau police officers say they're more efficient with laptops

With laptops, officers no longer have to make trips back to the police station to file reports, saving a lot of time. The Cape Girardeau Police Department was the largest Missouri police force to not have laptops in its vehicles.

Dawn Heese finds success as professional quilter

Heese has been quilting for 13 years but has only just recently started her own business. She has created a fabric line and published three books in her first three years as a professional quilter.