West Nile Virus found in mosquitoes in St. Louis County

No human cases have been reported, though mosquitoes with West Nile have been found in communities ranging from Lemay in the southern part of the county to Florissant in the north. 

Boone Hospital Center patient tower with private rooms opens Monday

Having all private rooms in a hospital prevents infection, provides safety for patients and curbs medical errors.

Graphic cigarette labels meet with mixed reviews

The Food and Drug Administration has rolled out nine new warning labels with graphic images of the effects of smoking. The labels will be placed on the top half of the front and back of each carton of cigarettes.

University Hospital treats two Joplin tornado survivors for fungal infection

University Hospital providedservices to two Joplin tornado survivors afflicted with mucormycosis.


Ozark Center for Autism aims to rebuild after Joplin tornado

The prominent autism treatment center, which was destroyed in the Joplin tornado and temporarily relocated to an indoor skate park, is attempting to provide the same amount of services.

Tetanus shots common after Joplin tornado

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services is administering thousands of tetanus shots, toothbrushes, repellant wipes and various other supplies.

Study affirms concussion dangers to young athletes

The study, based on data from the National Registry of Sudden Death in Young Athletes, broke away from previous studies focused around deaths from cardiovascular problems.

MU study shows tai chi might improve cognitive function after chemotherapy

An MU pilot study found that tai chi can counteract the decline of cognitive skills in breast cancer patients.

Missouri to open children's trauma center after Joplin tornado

Children can suffer from anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Missouri is committed to funding a center to aid youth.

LA schools eliminate flavored milk

After British TV chef Jamie Oliver investigated the issue on his show, the Los Angeles Unified School District has eliminated both chocolate and strawberry milk from its cafeterias.

New suncreen label rules to cut consumer confusion

New guidelines by the FDA are coming out next summer to enhance the effectiveness of sunscreens and make them easier to use.

MU researchers find more evidence against bisphenol A

An MU study finds that BPA — a chemical commonly found in plastics and other food packaging — is absorbed through diet at a greater rate than previously understood.

Fungus strikes Joplin tornado victims

At least nine survivors might have contracted a blood-vessel invading infection.

Teen stops in Columbia on cross-continent journey for American Heart Association

Allison Koch has raised $3,000 on her journey south and hopes to raise $7,000 more by the time she is expected to arrive at the Mexican border June 25.

Cellphones might be carcinogenic, experts say

The International Agency for Research on Cancer classified cellphones as a category 2B risk, meaning cellphones could be carcinogenic to humans, but making solid connections between cellphones and health risks remains difficult.

Hospital near Joplin adds extra labor rooms

Fifteen miles from Joplin, a Carthage hospital has increased its labor and delivery capacity to handle patients who would have been treated at the now-evacuated St. John's Regional Medical Center.

VA infection issues lead to 13,000 veterans' tests

In the last two years, 13,000 veterans have been warned to receive blood testing after improper hygiene practices at five VA hospitals, including one in St. Louis, were discovered.

Professors say cicadas pose little threat

Professors from the MU College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources advise Columbia residents to take this spring's cicada emergence in stride.

Physicians look to tribal medicine for treatments, diagnoses

A two-day symposium on tribal medicine covers the future of tribal and herbal healing in modern-day health care.

Department of Mental Health faces overtime issues from understaffing

A report by the state auditor in December noted that the department paid about $48 million in overtime over a period of three years.