Rainbow House to educate parents on adolescent self-harming

A forum will be held 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at Columbia Public Library to provide information on healthy ways to address the issue.

MU researcher finds affection helps people build more successful relationships

With his feel-good findings, MU researcher Colin Hesse marries science and sense.

Odd work schedules pose risk to health

People who change shifts every few days are going to have problems related to memory and learning, one expert said. 

Washington University gets grant for breast cancer study

The university will use the $6.5 million grant for research to help personalize a breast cancer vaccine to each patient. The goal is to allow the patient's immune system to destroy the cancer cells on its own.

Gap in Medicare coverage slowly closing

Senior citizens who take multiple medications sometimes reach a point where Medicare no longer covers their medical costs. The hope is to close this gap, called the "donut hole," by 2020.

Adult obesity often goes undiagnosed by primary care physicians

How do you — politely — tell someone he or she needs to lose weight? Studies show that this uncomfortable conversation often doesn't take place between doctors and their obese patients, creating one of several barriers preventing them from getting the care they need.

Missouri Senate bill tackles issues in health care transparency

The Missouri Senate is considering a bill that would force insurance companies to create websites telling people what their out-of-pocket expenses would be for various medical procedures with different health care providers. The bill will receive a third hearing, and a vote will move it to the House.

Current research, issues about autism discussed at Columbia center

Discussion topics include insurance reform, job training, building support networks and trends in autism research.

MU professor finds plant oil could help to combat obesity

Recent studies in mice and rats have shown that introducing sterculic oil to their diet reduces fat.

Intense allergy season expected after wet winter

Last spring's allergy season was the worst in 37 years, and this season could be worse yet. Extra moisture in the soil is sending allergen-producing plants into overdrive.

Koster calls federal insurance mandate unconstitutional

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster filed a document Monday in federal appeals court supporting a Florida lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the new federal health care law.

Beans, rice bring nutritious comfort food to Columbia schools

Beans and rice were introduced as a healthy supplement to the school lunch menus at 14 of Columbia's 19 elementary schools to encourage nutrition and healthy eating.

Veteran Affairs health care will continue despite government shutdown

The biggest impact the government shutdown will have on the VA health care system will be benefits. Operations at all seven community-based outpatient clinics will remain open.

Missouri Senate bill would create online healthcare estimates

Online price estimates could allow people to see their out-of-pocket costs for various medical procedures and tests under the proposed legislation.

Federal grant to help rural Missouri patients connect with doctors

A $220,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture will help provide technology at 11 new sites and expand services at 19 existing sites by this summer.

'Cleanse' diets include potential benefits, risks

Cleanse diets can range from eating fruits and vegetables to consuming no solid food. Advocates of these diets say they help get rid the body of toxins, but some health experts disagree, saying cleanses are unnecessary.

Boone County is 10th healthiest county in Missouri

Boone County comes in at No. 10 of 114 in a list of the healthiest counties in Missouri. Although the county's air quality is above average, it still has a ways to go to be on par with national averages in smoking, drinking and obesity.

UMKC health sciences program duplicates MU degree

The University of Missouri-Kansas City wants to add a bachelor's degree similar to a degree offered at MU since 2008. The Coordinating Board for Higher Education has to give its approval first.

Mammogram hours extended at Ellis Fischel Cancer Center

The center will be open during early morning and evening hours throughout April and May to provide screenings for women unable to make regular appointment hours.

Missouri Psychiatric Center reveals $13 million renovation

The $13 million renovation has been in the works for seven months and were revealed Thursday. Part of the second floor will be remodeled next.