New animal ordinance close to completion

Up for debate still is whether to allow feral cat caretakers to receive a permit if they do not agree to test and vaccinate the cats for feline leukemia.

Columbia to participate in efforts to reduce obesity

Local efforts to fight obesity are funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Goals include ways to make produce more accessible and affordable.

Women use teamwork to advance weight-loss goals

Four Boone County friends are keeping a sense of humor while they lose weight. Each week, they get together, watch "The Biggest Loser" and eat healthy meals.

Columbia mother leads her children to healthier eating

Seeking better food to embrace a healthy lifestyle has been a family affair for the Matchells of Columbia.

Food policy council might come to Columbia

Food policy councils can take a while to get off the ground, but they have been shown to promote research, community and good health.

'Food deserts' make healthy eating difficult

Some in neighborhoods in and around Columbia's First Ward have difficulty gaining access to fresh and healthy foods. Experts have termed areas such as these "food deserts."

Campaign under way to attract riders — and walkers — to city buses

Cut calories by riding the bus? A new Columbia campaign wants you to do just that.

Youth, neighborhood advocacy seen as key to policy changes

Teaching teens and children to incorporate diet and exercise into their lives is part of a neighborhood advocacy group's plan to curb obesity.

Community initiative takes new approach to obesity

Recent reports on child obesity state that policy changes, in addition to community programs, are key to curbing health and weight problems for American youth.

Columbia sees shorter flu season this year

The number of reported influenza cases has dropped since the beginning of February, according to numbers from the MU Student Health Center.

Sheriff's Department units in process of moving to new building

After two years of planning and construction, three units from the Boone County Sheriff's Department will move to a new building as early as this month.

Washington University study will examine characteristics of obesity-related diseases

Thirty volunteers will join the four-month study conducted by Washington University. The chief researcher said the study aims to find out why some people are resistant to obesity-related diseases while others are not.

Five awarded for advocating healthly lifestyles

The people were awarded for a number of reasons, including working towards improving food in Columbia schools and educating people about diabetes.

Nobel Prize winner delivers keynote at MU science symposium

Nobel laureate Dr. Roger Tsien gave the keynote speech at the Translational Neuroscience Symposium at MU on Tuesday afternoon, where he explained the most recent developments in the research that won him the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 2008.

Nobel laureate to speak at MU science symposium

The symposium will focus on using brain research to develop new pharmaceutical, surgical and behavioral therapies to treat diseases.

New, MRI-friendly pacemaker arrives in Columbia

A heart patient received the first installation in mid-Missouri of a newly-approved pacemaker at Boone Hospital Center Friday morning. The pacemaker will allow the patient to have future MRI scans.

Shoppers wary of genetically modified foods they find everywhere

Despite consumer concerns, the U.S. Department of Agriculture continues to approve genetically modified foods, and food producers aren't always required to identify genetically modified ingredients.

UPDATE: McCaskill details 'secret shopper' program for VA centers

The Missouri senator announced plans Tuesday for the Veteran Healthcare Experience Program, which aims to better assess the quality of care at veterans centers in the state.

McCaskill to detail upgrades for VA centers

Details of the plan to improve the experience for veterans at VA health care centers will be unveiled during a 10:30 a.m. news conference in St. Louis.

Hospital officials: St. Louis VA medical center is safe

Officials say the biggest problem for John Cochran VA Medical Center is a crisis in confidence.