Autism insurance mandate begins with new year in Missouri

The law requires insurers to cover $40,000 a year of "applied behavioral analysis" for children through age 18, but it only covers about one-fourth of Missouri's population.

Poll: Baby boomers fear outliving Medicare

Most respondents said they would rather raise the eligibility age for the insurance program than sacrifice benefits.

Springfield midwife case highlights lack of regulatory laws

Missouri is one of about two dozen states that allow lay midwives, who are not required to have a nursing certificate, to deliver babies. However, Missouri law does not establish oversight of these lay midwives.

FDA warns against sprouts from Urbana organic farm

An FDA investigation into an outbreak of salmonella infections suggests a link to the farm's alfalfa sprouts in sandwiches from Jimmy John's restaurants.

Risk of food poisoning increases at parties, buffets

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 48 million incidents of food poisoning occur in the U.S. annually. An MU food science professor offers tips on how to avoid common problems this holiday season.

Study maps need for children's doctors in rural areas

Growth in the number of children's doctors and family physicians has outpaced the increased in the U.S. child population, the study authors found. By moving doctors out of areas where there is already an over-supply, it would be possible for every child to have a doctor nearby.

Allen Institute's iSocial shows promise for children with autism

ISocial is a computer program designed to teach children with autism social skills through the use of avatars in a 3-D world.

CoxHealth buys large neurosurgery group

Missouri considers building a new neuroscience institute.  The doctors will treat brain, spinal and nerve disorders such as brain tumors and herniated discs.  

Group advocating for healthy eating to gather for quarterly meeting

Unite for Healthy Neighborhoods will meet at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday.

University Hospital does mass cleanup, responding to 'broad concerns'

After inspectors promised to return "for a full review," more than 100 hospital employees joined a weekend cleaning crew.

Missouri health officials urge people to get flu shots

The first confirmed case of the seasonal flu was reported in Madison County, Missouri, health officials say.

MU women's committee requests lactation rooms in renovated buildings

The Status of Women Committee would like the newly renovated Tate and Switzler halls to have rooms available for women to use breast pumps or to breast-feed their children.

Pair of new local entries join Pepsi Refresh contest

Proposals from De Minner and Central Missouri Honor Flight call for prizes to be used to train long-term caregivers and fly World War II veterans to Washington, respectively.

Thompson Center to celebrate new center, director

The new building will open with a ribbon cutting at 10 a.m. Friday. The building has 10,000 more square feet than the old center did. The center offers resources for those with autism and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Four Loko drink to return without caffeine

A newly reformulated Four Loko — previously nicknamed "blackout in a can" — will hit shelves tomorrow without its normal dose of caffiene, taurine and guarana.

Army embraces healthier foods, fitness to fight flab in recruits

The U.S. Army plans to get new recruits into better shape with a revamped approach to health, fitness and diet at basic training.

Columbia-Boone County health department buys pharmaceuticals through popular Minnesota program

Forty-six states and the cities of Chicago and Los Angeles are participating in an alliance started by the state of Minnesota that helps government entities buy vaccines and other drugs at reduced prices.

Don't go overboard with Vitamin D, report cautions

While some people truly are seriously deficient in vitamin D, the average American in fact already has enough circulating in his or her blood — because we also make vitamin D from sun exposure, and because many people already take multivitamins or other D-containing dietary supplements.

Shoppers shrug off fears about toxic reusable bags

A recent investigation by The Tampa Tribune found excessive amounts of lead in reusable bags bought at Winn-Dixie and other major retailers. The lead appears to be in a form that's not easily extracted or "leached" out. But over time in a landfill, laboratory experts told the newspaper, the bags break down and paint can flake off.

Four Loko, other alcoholic energy drinks deemed unsafe by FDA

The drink, which comes in a 23.5-ounce can and contains the equivalent of six beers and a 12-ounce cup of coffee, will be reformulated.