MU research shows breast cancer patients still need post-treatment support

Several MU researchers found that treatment for breast cancer doesn't end after the cancer is gone. Many patients still need social support, especially in rural areas.

High exposure to bisphenol-A linked to low sperm count

Chinese factory workers exposed to high levels of the chemical, found in some plastics, had signs of poor semen quality, a study has found.

Former health secretary to speak at MU policy summit

Among the topics for discussion this year is the impact of the federal health care reform on Missouri.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Alcohol and drug abuse indicators in Boone County

Are local and state government measures aimed at attacking drug and alcohol abuse in Missouri having an impact in Boone County?

Health Department gives flu vaccine in Columbia schools

The Boone County Health Department offers the vaccine at no cost to students through a federal government grant.

American Heart Association: Chest presses should be first CPR step

The new guidelines released by the association also stated that rescuers should be pushing deeper into the chest.

Attendees go nuts for the eighth annual Missouri Chestnut Roast

The eighth annual Missouri Chestnut Roast festival came to New Franklin on Saturday and taught festivalgoers various ways to cook the "un-nut."

Special Olympics Missouri to build campus in Columbia

The new training center will be built south of Columbia and is expected to cost about $7.5 million.

Research looks at flu vaccine for babies

The study, funded by the National Institutes of Health, will focus on 150 infants and toddlers around the nation to determine the right dosage of vaccine.

Localvores discuss barriers to local food movement

Food, Fuel and Society panelists and conference members discussed cost and accessibility as barriers to local food markets.

Restaurants embrace Kobe beef, Japanese-style meat in Columbia

Restaurants in Columbia are serving the Japanese-inspired beef, and Missouri ranchers are producing it. But opinions are mixed on whether it's better and whether it truly is Kobe beef.

Panel cites empty calories as culprit in obesity epidemic

A panel of seven people gathered Sunday to discuss issues relating to food, health, agriculture and politics. The event was organized by animal welfare group The Political Animal.

EPA creates pesticide database for bedbugs

The Environmental Protection Agency says the database will help people find safe and effective pesticides to combat the pests.

Kansas City conference to focus on school bullying, depression

When the American School Health Association meets in Kansas City next week, there will be talk about how to create safe schools.

Boone Hospital expansion aids ER staff, patients

New emergency rooms and an expanded nurses station and waiting room are just a few of the improvements that came with the $1.8 million renovation.

UM employee premiums increase for third year in a row

The University of Missouri System will be raising its medical insurance premiums starting Jan. 1 in response to rising medical costs.

MU researchers believe high levels of BPA dangerous

The extremely high levels of bisphenol A discovered could lead to variety of health problems including heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer.

MU researcher studies relationship between hospice communication, patient pain

The researcher has received a $2.1 million federal grant to conduct the study. The research is looking at how communication can change caregivers' understanding of pain and pain management.

Missouri medical school hit with new sanctions

The accreditation council placed the entire residency program at the medical school on a two-year probation in April 2009, but sanctions were lifted in January.

Gallup survey shows depression up 25 percent in Gulf after oil spill

Even though the oil stopped flowing in July and the BP well was finally killed this month, some officials say the toll on mental health may get worse as the financial strains of summer persist into the fall.