Columbia College hosts sustainable living fair

At the Sustainable Living Fair on Saturday at Columbia College, environmentalists of all ages gathered to learn more about sustainable living practices.

Snowe: 'I'm still struggling with affordability'

Sen. Snowe says she still has concerns about the health care bill, but that she would support it if it doesn't contribute to the national deficit.

Influenza contributes to student absences

An estimated 70 students were absent from Columbia Public Schools this week due to influenza, though it isn't certain how much the H1N1 strain is affecting the schools.

One in 50 million: Sullivan seeks a job with benefits

Boone County resident Michael Sullivan reflects on the car wreck that hospitalized him, the birth of his son and the vulnerability of living without health insurance.

One in 50 million: Ferguson transfers custody to get daughter health coverage

Jodie Ferguson, 26, is one of thousands of Boone County residents without health care coverage. She survived leukemia when she was 12, but the disease left her unable to afford insurance, and that meant making a difficult decision about her daughter.

One in 50 million: A look at health care in America

Who are the roughly 50 million Americans without health insurance, and why don't they have it? Starting today, the Missourian gives voice to the stories of Boone County residents who live without the safety net of insurance.

One in 50 million: Moore doesn't see need for coverage

Fergus Moore, 46, has chosen to live without health insurance for 15 years. He made the decision to go without after an insurance company agreed to pay for a surgery and then did not.

One in 50 million: Living without health care

Who are the roughly 50 million Americans without health insurance, and why don't they have it? The Missourian is giving voice to the stories of Boone County residents who live without the safety net of insurance. Check here to find all of the stories in our series.

U.S. health care reform cry is: Tax them, not us

As the Senate and House continue to work on resolving a health care bill, no one wants to pay the money needed to raise enough to finance the bill.

Columbia public school students to receive free H1N1 vaccination

Cooperation between the Columbia School District, City Council and county agencies will provide free H1N1 vaccinations to public school students.

Medicare Advantage cited as a culprit in rising health care costs

The government pays private insurers to manage benefits for Medicare Advantage beneficiaries, at a cost that is 14 percent higher than that of traditional Medicare. Enrollment has more than doubled in six years, causing program costs to skyrocket, which has also driven up prices for all Medicare recipients.

Boone County receives first shipment of H1N1 vaccines

The amount of vaccine in each shipment will increase over the next few weeks, according to a spokesman for the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services.

Heart transplant enables longtime MU volleyball fan to give back

Nellie Dodd, 59, said the MU women's volleyball team helped pull her through some serious health issues. Now she's part of the program.

Comedor Popular making headway

Comedor Popular is a Centro Latino initiative aimed at fighting the obesity epidemic by establishing a plant-based eatery, cooking classes, wellness and obesity prevention programs and a retail shop selling fresh produce.

Horses used therapeutically for cancer survivors

The MU School of Nursing and the Mid-Missouri Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure sponsored a demonstration of horse therapy, which is the first of a five-part lecture series.

"Plate Palate and Ballot" panel discusses large-scale social issues

The Mid Missouri Animal Legislation hosted "Plate Palate and Ballot," a panel discussion about health, agricultural, political and social problems at the Columbia Public Library Saturday afternoon. 

MU Center for Health Policy hosts discussion on health care reform

More than 100 students, faculty, staff and medical professionals attended a forum at the MU School of Medicine to talk to a health policy expert about health care reform.

Fayette family physician part of Obama audience

Hope Tinker met the president at the White House during the week the Senate was expected to vote on the reform bill. She didn't shake his hand, however, because she said she didn't want to knock over the person in front of her.

Medical ethics conference takes on current health issues

The conference will avoid advocacy and focus on awareness.

H1N1 flu vaccine to be distributed through local providers

As the first H1N1 vaccine arrives in Missouri this week, the state's Health Department is leaving it up to local health agencies to decide who will and who will not receive the medicine.