MU Health Care assessing state budget cuts

MU Health Care and university officials are not yet certain how budget cuts proposed Wednesday by Gov. Jay Nixon will affect university operations.

Children receive H1N1 vaccine at Health Department clinic

The Health Department had 700 vaccines for the clinic and administered the shot to more than 500 children by the end of the day, department spokeswoman Geni Alexander said. Depending on the continued availability of the H1N1 vaccine, the Health Department will decide whether to hold future clinics.

Cuts to Medicaid top Nixon's withholdings

Gov. Jay Nixon announced a $32 million cut in Medicaid expenditures as a part of $204 million in budget cuts on Wednesday. Other decreases in funding include MU's telemedicine program and the MU School of Medicine's Institute of Mental Health.

Female physicians discuss life in historically male-dominated profession

MU is hosting a traveling exhibition titled "Changing the Face of Medicine: Celebrating America's Women Physicans," which will be at the Health Sciences Library through Nov. 14. Some female physicians in Columbia say more women are needed for leadership in medicine. 

Salvation Army provides isolation rooms for homeless with flu

The Salvation Army Harbor House on Ann Street has turned two family rooms into isolation rooms for residents with flu-like symptoms.

One in 50 million: Carpenter favors paying out-of-pocket

For a small-business owner, health insurance for his family and his subcontractors is just too expensive.

Missouri has 28 percent of its requested H1N1 vaccine

A spokesman for the Department of Health and Senior Services said he doesn't fear a shortage. He hopes enough vaccine will be made available by early December.

UPDATE: Columbia's first H1N1 walk-in clinic to vaccinate young children

The city's Health Department will be holding walk-in appointments Wednesday to vaccinate children between 6 months and 4-years-old only.

Living with juvenile arthritis: a lifetime balancing act

It's known as a disease that affects older adults, but arthritis also affects thousands of young people, including some in Columbia.

State Farm report shows increased car-deer strikes in past five years

Deer-vehicle collisions have jumped 14 percent from five years ago, according to a report by State Farm Insurance. The numbers are especially high in the months of October, November and December.

Health Department expects more H1N1 vaccinations

The Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health has received fewer H1N1 vaccinations than expected but expect to receive more eventually. The state Health Department expected 800,000 vaccines but has received only 170,000 so far.

Pregnant women, young children can now receive H1N1 vaccine

The state health department has waived a requirement that women who are pregnant and children under three can only receive the preservative-free vaccine.

Sluggish H1N1 vaccine production aggrevates public

Faced with the challenges of a difficult production method and the need to create two kinds of flu vaccine, vaccines for the H1N1 flu vaccine are significantly behind. So far,  13 million doses of the promised 120 million have been disbursed.

Columbia hospitals taking steps to stop spread of H1N1 virus

Columbia hospitals are encouraging health care workers to get the H1N1 vaccine. Other states are turning away visitors in hopes it will help limit the spread of the virus. No changes in visitation policies are being considered at Columbia hospitals.

Missouri's pregnant women may have to wait for H1N1 vaccine

Under Missouri law, pregnant women and children under 3 aren't supposed to receive vaccines with the mercury-based preservative thimerosal.

Device companies push back in health care debate

Medical-device firms are resisting a $40 billion fee to be assessed as part of the Senate Finance Comittee's health care proposal. Resistance is supported by a bipartisan coalition of representatives receiving campaign contributions and protecting home-state industries.

House, Senate Democats at odds on health care overhaul

The Democrats' disputes might prove the most grueling test as Congress tries to write a bill fulfilling President Obama's goals.

Columbia College hosts sustainable living fair

At the Sustainable Living Fair on Saturday at Columbia College, environmentalists of all ages gathered to learn more about sustainable living practices.

Snowe: 'I'm still struggling with affordability'

Sen. Snowe says she still has concerns about the health care bill, but that she would support it if it doesn't contribute to the national deficit.

Influenza contributes to student absences

An estimated 70 students were absent from Columbia Public Schools this week due to influenza, though it isn't certain how much the H1N1 strain is affecting the schools.