MU researcher advancing potential HIV prevention drug

Stefan Sarafianos, an MU assistant professor,  teams with other researchers to develop a compound that has the potential to stop the spread of HIV.

Sen. Bond talks health care to Columbia Chamber of Commerce

At the Columbia Chamber of Commerce, Republican Sen. Kit Bond said he would work to kill versions of health care reform brought by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or Sen. Harry Reid. Instead, Bond said he would support changes inlcluding letting small business pool health care, investing in preventative care and stopping "junk lawsuits."

One in 50 million: Small business employee 'scared to death' without health insurance

Since she was 18, Lindsey Cathey has been without health insurance and lives with the fear that she will get sick. Her mother, Laura Cathey, is from Canada, but now lives in the U.S. She misses her "excellent" health care up north and is now in the same boat as 50 million Americans.

As state makes cuts, federal bills propose Medicaid expansion

Some Republican state legislators are balking at the mandates contained in the proposed health care reform bills in Congress.

House health care bill has nowhere to go in Senate

Passing health care legislation through the Senate could be difficult because some swing votes object to the government-run insurance component.

Alzheimer's Association of mid-Missouri hosts research forum

On Friday, the Alzheimer's Association Mid-Missouri Chapter hosted a research forum that featured keynote speaker Alison Goate, a genetics professor at the School of Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis.

Where your legislators stand on the health care debate

Look at a breakdown of some of the key issues and where Missouri senators and representatives stand on pieces of health care reform.

Where your legislators stand in the health care debate

Look at a breakdown of some of the key issues and where Missouri senators and representatives stand on pieces of health care reform.

Pulmonary embolism 'a chronic disease'

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate 100,000 or more people die every year from pulmonary embolism. Caused by blood clots, the weakened heart is forced to work against gravity, making clotting in the lower extremities such as the legs and pelvis more likely.

MU hosts compelling talk with famous musician Pat Martino

Pat Martino, regarded as one of the best jazz musicians in the world, was at MU on Wednesday afternoon to tell his story about undergoing surgery for an arteriovenous malformation, a cluster of abnormal blood vessels and the journey through this process.

Columbia elementary school students receive H1N1 vaccination

Two Columbia elementary schools began distributing the H1N1 vaccine to students who received parental consent. Columbia Public Schools will offer the vaccine to all students in the district as it becomes available.

Researcher accidentally carries radioactive material out of MU lab

An MU researcher spread radioactive material from a lab on his shoe Monday evening, which led MU to cordon off portions of a campus building. MU's environmental health and safety department is locating and removing affected material and will conduct an investigation into the accident once all radioactive material has been removed.

Attorney general contests Arrow Rock's buffer against industrial livestock feeders

Arrow Rock, a village north of Boonville with less than 100 residents, has tried to establish a 2-mile buffer around the village upon which concentrated animal feeding operations cannot encroach. At the behest of the Missouri Farm Bureau and a nearby hog farm, Attorney General Chris Koster has filed an appeal contesting that buffer zone.

MU Student Health Center cancels seasonal flu clinics this week

Next week's clinics are still on the calendar for now, but the health center will cancel clinics again if the H1N1 vaccine isn't available.

Concerns over Columbia's water quality postpone well placement

The Columbia City Council voted Monday to allow more time to study well placement because of evidence that treated wastewater is cycling back into the supply.

Expert in social disparities speaks at Missouri Health Policy Summit

Darcy Freedman, an assistant professor at the University of South Carolina, spoke about health issues as they relate to your relative location and station in life. The presentation was part of the seventh annual summit.

Doctors urging pregnant women to get H1N1 vaccine

This season's H1N1 vaccine is almost 100 percent effective in preventing the illness. H1N1 is more dangerous for pregnant women than the general population, and the H1N1 vaccine does not have negative side effects.

Blue Ridge Elementary School students get lesson in hygiene

MU student organizations visited the school and demonstrated several ways to stay healthy and safe on Halloween.

Former Sen. Tom Daschle heads health care summit

The former Senate Majority Leader spoke to a crowd of hundreds about the current landscape of health care reform in Missouri.

MU Health Care assessing state budget cuts

MU Health Care and university officials are not yet certain how budget cuts proposed Wednesday by Gov. Jay Nixon will affect university operations.