Heart transplant enables longtime MU volleyball fan to give back

Nellie Dodd, 59, said the MU women's volleyball team helped pull her through some serious health issues. Now she's part of the program.

Comedor Popular making headway

Comedor Popular is a Centro Latino initiative aimed at fighting the obesity epidemic by establishing a plant-based eatery, cooking classes, wellness and obesity prevention programs and a retail shop selling fresh produce.

Horses used therapeutically for cancer survivors

The MU School of Nursing and the Mid-Missouri Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure sponsored a demonstration of horse therapy, which is the first of a five-part lecture series.

"Plate Palate and Ballot" panel discusses large-scale social issues

The Mid Missouri Animal Legislation hosted "Plate Palate and Ballot," a panel discussion about health, agricultural, political and social problems at the Columbia Public Library Saturday afternoon. 

MU Center for Health Policy hosts discussion on health care reform

More than 100 students, faculty, staff and medical professionals attended a forum at the MU School of Medicine to talk to a health policy expert about health care reform.

Fayette family physician part of Obama audience

Hope Tinker met the president at the White House during the week the Senate was expected to vote on the reform bill. She didn't shake his hand, however, because she said she didn't want to knock over the person in front of her.

Medical ethics conference takes on current health issues

The conference will avoid advocacy and focus on awareness.

H1N1 flu vaccine to be distributed through local providers

As the first H1N1 vaccine arrives in Missouri this week, the state's Health Department is leaving it up to local health agencies to decide who will and who will not receive the medicine.

Pre-med club for kids offer medical, leadership experience

Kids, fifth grade and higher, gain medical skills through a partnership of CALEB-The Science Club and MU medical students.

Grass-roots group rallies support for public option health care

The group, Grass Roots Organizing, urged community members to write to their representatives and senators and to pay attention to the health insurance industry. The group is organizing a rally against health insurance companies on Tuesday.

MU researchers block consumption in binge-eating study

The team deactivated a brain region associated with emotion in rats in an effort to address overeating disorders and related problems.

Ellis Fischel Cancer Center to auction decorated bras

Funds raised from the decorated bras will support breast cancer projects at the cancer center.

Health company representatives seek to recruit MU health students

Nearly 40 vendors gathered Thursday afternoon at the Reynolds Alumni Center on the MU campus to speak with health professions students.

Health care panel encourages students to be informed

The Associated Students of the University of Missouri hosted a discussion about health care on Thursday. A panel of experts took questions from students about some of the more controversial issues surrounding the health care debate.

Several public health care options available in Missouri

Whether through Missouri's Medicaid program, the State Children's Health Insurance Program or health care cooperatives, the state provides access to health care to about 15 percent of its population.

UPDATE: Seasonal flu vaccine delayed for some U.S. providers

Sanofi Pasteur, the country's largest supplier of the seasonal flu vaccine, is running behind on producing the vaccine because it is also producing the H1N1 vaccine.

MU and Cerner partner to create Tiger Institute for Health

MU and Cerner Corp. will collaborate in the new Tiger Institute for Health Innovation, which will expand electronic record keeping at MU Health Care's facilities.

Intense tracking for swine flu shot's side effects

The new H1N1 vaccine being a mere recipe change from the regular winter flu shot started to be issued next month. A major cause for concerns lies in younger individuals receiving more of these shots than previous flu vaccinations.

Symptoms and treatment for novel H1N1

Have questions about how to deal with novel H1N1, previously known  as “swine flu”? We asked Dr. Michael Cooperstock, the chief of pediatric infectious disease, immunology and rheumatology at Children’s Hospital, to answer some basic questions about symptoms and treatment for the pandemic flu.


H1N1 afflicts Missouri colleges, survey shows

Missouri institutions of higher education, including MU, reported 369 new flu cases last week to the American College Health Association.