Midwifery supporters file appeal on permanent restraining order

Several supporters of midwifery filed an appeal with the Missouri Supreme Court on Thursday in the latest blow in the fight to legalize the practice in the state.

Columbia woman contracts West Nile virus

COLUMBIA — A Southwest Columbia woman has contracted West Nile virus. This is the second human case found in Columbia this year.

A Knockout of a workout

The Nintendo Wii is a hot commodity for video gamers right now, but its appeal may be broader than you think.

$1.2 million secured for HIV/AIDS housing

The Waterbrook Place project, sponsored by the Regional AIDS Interfaith Network in Columbia, secured the $1.2 million needed for three buildings at Garth Avenue and Worley Street.

Eating disorders have no age limit

Kelli Smith was nervous as she walked into the Philadelphia treatment center, seeking help at last for her anorexia. Looking around at the other patients, she was struck by how young they seemed.

Excessive ‘girl talk’ can lead to depression in adolescents, study finds

Results revealed that adolescent girls who talk about their problems at length are more likely to show signs of depression and anxiety, although this was not the case for boys, according to a new study by MU researchers.


As technology becomes a bigger part of conducting everyday business, from online bill paying to camera phones, some in Missouri are working to make it a common aspect of medical exams as well.

Analyzing alzheimer’s

Ted Distiler, 70, of Jefferson City has been taking care of his wife, Norma, since she was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 1993.

Board of Health proposes adding two county members

In an effort to better represent the residents of Boone County, the Columbia/Boone County Board of Health proposed an increase in board positions and more lenient residency requirements to the Columbia City Council.

Sore feet

There’s a million ways we’re healthier now than our ancient ancestors, but in one way they had it better — when humans walked barefoot, they had far fewer problems with their feet.

Grant gives HPV shot to thousands for free

A grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health makes it possible for uninsured and underinsured women across Missouri to receive a free vaccine that protects against cervical cancer.

The insurance maze

Pharmacist Bill Morrissey is spending more time these days giving customers unwelcome news: Their health insurance provider refuses to cover the cost of their prescription.

Vaccine-autism debate hits court

Nearly 5,000 families will seek to convince a special “vaccine court” in Washington that the vaccines can cause healthy children to become autistic — even though a large body of evidence and expert opinion has found no link.

Crossing the life line

After nearly six months of waiting, Dave Chrystal received notice that he would be getting a heart from a 24-year-old Kansas suicide victim in what Chrystal called “the most emotional moment anyone could ever experience.”

New machines help find children’s veins

When Children’s Hospital at MU Health Care asked Pascale’s Pals for a VeinViewer machine, Sylvie Carpentier, founder of the organization, did not hesitate to write the $25,000 check.

How much is this vaccine worth to you?

Pincered by rising costs and eroding reimbursements, and resentful of what they regard as a long-standing and unfair financial burden, some doctors are refusing to buy it or restricting who receives the shots.

Three little questions can help address health care literacy

Ever leave your doctor’s office more confused about your health issues than when you walked in?

Midwifery provision challenged

JEFFERSON CITY — Abortion-rights opponent groups are raising concerns that legislation allowing certified midwives to deliver babies could inadvertently open the way for people other than doctors to perform abortions.

Improving care for rural diabetics

Michelle Howell says each of the vans in her medical transport business pile up about 350 miles a day from driving people in rural mid-Missouri to and from their medical appointments.

Mercury rising

Junior Prince sat on a white 5-gallon bucket hoping for a bite on one of his three lines in Little Dixie Lake. The catfish weren’t interested.