CDC urges early flu vaccinations

Between regular shots, nasal sprays, egg-free shots and high-dose shots, Americans have an unprecedented number of vaccine options to choose from.

Missouri groups promote Affordable Care Act's insurance exchange

In late August, the Missouri Foundation for Health granted $4.9 million to 16 Cover Missouri-affiliated organizations, who will promote awareness about the exchanges through a combination of community outreach and one-on-one certified application counselors.

Shortage causes suspension of TB skin tests at Boone County clinic

An alternative TB test, the T-spot test, costs more and is less accurate than the skin test.

Missourians may have fewer health plan options than other Americans

Missouri's projected statewide average of qualified health plans in the marketplace was roughly equivalent to the average of plan options in Wyoming, whose population is substantially smaller.

Missouri Medicaid contractor mistakenly released patients' information

A contractor for Missouri's Medicaid program, Infocrossing Inc., sent personal information to incorrect recipients from December 2009 through June of this year.

Colorado flooding hits home for MU student Jaimee Zupan

Jaimee Zupan  reflects on the effects the Colorado floodings have had on her hometown of Aurora. She compared the rainfall to the snowstorm Missouri saw earlier this year.

First lecture in diversity series discusses women's health care

Assistant Teaching Professor Kristin Metcalf-Wilson's presentation kicked off MU's "Diversity in Action: Bridging Research and Practice" series. She spoke about her extensive research on women's health issues in the state of Missouri and their economic impact.

U.S. birth rate could be leveling off

The economy and other factors could have scared some couples away from having children, some experts say.

FROM READERS: MU students want to help women with breast cancer feel beautiful

We want to raise money for Look Good ... Feel Better by putting on a charity fashion show in April 2014. The goal is to have women from central Missouri who have undergone cancer treatment strut their stuff and stomp out self-doubt with their fierce catwalk.

In health care market, lower-premium plans are less generous

Two independent studies provided the first look at rates filed by insurers around the country, ahead of the Oct. 1 opening of new state insurance markets.

Study: The right bacteria might help fight obesity

Thursday's report raises the possibility of one day turning gut bacteria into personalized fat-fighting therapies, and it may help explain why some people have a harder time losing weight than others do.

Some flu vaccines promise more protection

Certain vaccines offered this fall will guard against four strains of flu instead of three.


Scientists find clue to age-related memory loss

All memory loss may not be attributed to Alzheimer's. It may in fact be the result of old age and the lack of a specific protein.


UMKC receives $722K grant for health education

The money will be used for a collaborative clinical effort between the university's nursing, pharmacy, dentistry and social work schools.

Sun shade structure opens at Oakland Middle School thanks to grant

School nurse Courtney Stout led a sun safety awareness program at Oakland Middle School. Oakland's efforts were rewarded by an American Academy of Dermatology grant for a new sun shade structure outside of the school.  

Drug safely cuts prostate cancer risk, study finds

The drug cut prostate cancer risk by 30 percent without raising the risk of dying of an aggressive form of the disease as earlier results hinted it might.

Study: Half who now buy own health plan to get aid

Tax credits, available on a sliding scale based on family income, will be offered to people who don't have access to affordable coverage through their jobs and buy policies in the new state markets.

New state law paves way for physician assistants to practice more widely

A new law will lift strict supervision requirements over physician assistants. The law, which will go into effect Aug. 28, will make patient care more available and expand the job market in rural areas.

American Cancer Society seeks participants from mid-Missouri for study

The study is looking for a diverse group of men and women ages 30 to 65 with no personal history of cancer. Locally, Ellis Fischel and the American Cancer Society are looking for 150 people.

Study ties higher blood sugar to dementia risk

Alzheimer's is by far the most common form of dementia, and it's long been known that diabetes makes it more likely. The new study tracked blood sugar over time in all sorts of people — with and without diabetes — to see how it affects risk for the mind-robbing disease.