The 'Horrors' of outdoor theater

In the days leading up to Maplewood Barn Theatre's production of "Little Shop of Horrors," the biggest challenge for the outdoor theater is the weather.  The show opens at 8 p.m. Friday at the Maplewood Barn Theatre in Nifong Park. 

'My Fair Lady' crew forms a family through community theater

Columbia Entertainment Company, with its 'busy' style of theater, prepares for its production of 'My Fair Lady' and acts like family.

Neal E. Boyd to tour, release album

Neal E. Boyd, who won the American competition last year, will be the special guest of Britain's winner Paul Potts on a 10-city tour that begins July 6 in Dallas.

5th Wall Productions puts on 'slapstick' Shakespeare

The group's final performances of "The Complete Works of Shakespeare, Abridged" will be at 6:30 p.m. from Thursday through Sunday at the Boone County Courthouse Amphitheater.

Carpe Diem aims to teach Columbia residents about music

Carpe Diem, a new business owned by Alex Innecco and Dianna Long, is here to serve the Columbia community by providing music classes, private lessons, gallery and recital space to its residents.

Missouri Theatre kicks off summer music festival

The Hot Summer Nights Music Festival, which provides a taste of world-class music and fun, returns Saturday for a two-month run of performances from world-renowned violinists to a Beach Boys cover band.

Stephens College’s “Jerks and Freaks” takes risks for education

Dan Schultz, director of Stephens College Summer Theatre Institute focuses on educating and preparing his students for finding a job. This Friday students will show the second piece, “Jerks and Freaks,” an edgy, avant-garde production of 26 original works created by the students over the last two weeks.

MU Horn Choir to play at international symposium

Fifteen French-horn players make up MU's choir. Because the French horn has a four-octave range, a group of just horns can cover all the parts of an ensemble piece.

Missouri Theatre names interim director in wake of recent resignation

The Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts name Kanani May, current director of public relations an marketing, as interim director on Tuesday following David White's resignation. The theater currently is facing lawsuits regarding the $10 million renovation project that White took on in his nine years as director.

Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre opens season with Broadway hit 'Hairspray'

"Hairspray," which opens at the Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre on Wednesday, offers more than laughs and catchy tunes. It also delivers a message about people "getting together and being one," according to one actor.

MU graduate hopes to help local filmmakers, pursue individual projects

Randy Sinquefield chose to leave Los Angeles behind to pursue personal projects and help Columbia and regional filmmakers along the way. He has opened Spectrum Studios, which rents film and photo equipment and studio space.

MU's Kyle Ayers doesn't sweat the small stuff; he uses it for comedy

Crumpled bits of paper are everywhere in Kyle Ayers' world — in his wallet, his car and his bedroom — and they hold ideas that can turn into a stand-up routine for the budding comedian.

Columbia Books moves into new, more energy-efficient home

Annette Kolling-Buckley has moved her 32-year-old Columbia Books business to what she insists will be its final location. She had the place designed with energy efficiency in mind, and Fred, the resident cat, appears happy with the wider width of the window sills.

TRYPS begins 10th season with 'Willy Wonka Junior'

TRYPS children's theater begins its 10th season with the production of "Willy Wonka Junior." Tamra Walker co-directs 65 children, including two of her own, in this musical filled with life lessons.

Fiber art exhibit opens at Columbia Art League

Columbia Art League's first fiber art show features seven artists from the MU community. It coincides in part with a conference also featuring fiber art in Kansas City next month. Included in the Columbia show is an exhibit that challenges the audience to tell the difference between items made by hand and those made by machine.

A continuing opus: John Cheetham relishes a life of composition

If you're a brass player, you've probably played John Cheetham's music. If you're a brass player around Columbia, you've probably played with Cheetham. At 70, the retired MU professor composes almost every day. “I’m not willing to give up melody,” he says. “I still think a good tune goes a long way."

The Mid-Missouri Dance Theatre to perform this weekend

The Mid-Missouri Dance Theatre will be performing this weekend at the Rhynsburger Theatre. The show will feature classic ballet dances as well as some modern inspired dances.

Theatre Institute offers free summer shows

Stephens College Summer Theatre Institute starts next week with a show for children. The institute involves theater students from the college, with the goal of teaching the students to handle all aspects of production and providing free theater for the community.

Far from waiting in the wings, award-winning MU dramaturg seizes his role

Behind good theater is a good dramaturg, a person who helps inform the production with historical insight and advice. MU has a nationally award-winning one: doctoral student Andy Pierce.

Columbia children to star in 'The Little Mermaid' on Saturday

On Monday, the Missoula Children's Theatre came to Columbia to hold auditions for young performers. They're scheduled to put on a full-scale theatrical Saturday.