Newspapers collaborate with e-reader manufacturers to adapt content

Newspapers, software companies and technology manufacturers met in Columbia on Monday and Tuesday to discuss developments in e-reader devices and challenges facing newspapers in adapting their content.

Downtown recruits advisory board

The move is a step toward officially forming the CID, which could charge a half-percent sales tax within the district to pay for marketing, events and promotions.

New police building will bear Bob LeMone's name

The new police training building, approved by voters in November 2005, cost about $1.5 million and should be dedicated in October.

City to seek vendors to manage bus ads

The City Council voted Monday to proceed with a request for proposals to manage advertising on city buses.

Propane often overlooked as an alternative fuel

Although ethanol, biodiesel and hydrogen get more buzz, propane is the most commonly used alternative fuel in the U.S. — and its reach is expanding.

QuikTrip to pay nearly $750,000 in OT after probe

The U.S. Department of Labor found that QuikTrip Corp. failed to pay more than 3,500 current and former employees the overtime compensation they were supposed to receive.

Spate of new businesses open despite challenging economic times

The economic downturn hasn't stopped new businesses from opening in Columbia. Business licenses are up from last year, and business owners open their doors with the confidence that they can serve consumers even in a challenging economic climate.

MU study states Columbia's economy is middle-of-road

The economic model used to generate the study are expected to be used by the city to test what effect different scenarios could have on the area.

MFA Oil might cut transport division

The transport division, which employs 35 people and has been profitable for the past few years, will reach the end of its contract on August 31 and MFA Oil might not renew the contract.

New U.S. jobless claims fall to lowest level since January

While the unemployement rate continues to rise, the number of newly laid-off workers filing initial claims for unemployment insurance fell last week by 52,000.

Boone Hospital Center jobs event draws 181 people

A jobrecruitment event Tuesday brought people to the Hampton Inn and Suites Columbia. They were seeking to land one of 20 patient care associate positions.

MU Extension workshop to tackle issue of pasturing cows

The practice, which is often used as a cheaper alternative to feeding cows in centralized facilities, now includes nearly 20,000 cows on Missouri-based pasture dairies.

Pickens' energy campaign marches on despite obstacles

T. Boone Pickens, who visited MU in the spring, is still touting his clean energy initiative across the country, but slumping energy prices are proving less of an incentive for Americans to buy into it.

Family fireworks stand in Columbia closes for first time in 33 years

 Despite the stand's closure this year, the family plans to reopen and expand next year.

U.S. jobless rate rises to 9.5 percent

The U.S. unemployment rate continued to climb in the month of June, reaching a 26-year high of 9.5 percent.  Economists are conflicted about how long it will be before that number starts to go down.

CenturyTel completes purchase of Embarq

The chief executive officer of the combined company, which is to be renamed CenturyLink, said the focus of its approach is to provide broadband service in their markets.

Richland Road project prompts questions of staff advocacy, transparency

Planning and Zoning commissioners and the city planning department spent Thursday night discussing staff's role in development review.

Benefits tax advances in health care negotiations

As negotiations over the health care overhaul continue, debates revolve around specific aspects of the plan: a benefits tax, the overall cost, requiring employers to contribute and whether to set up a government insurance plan to compete with private companies.

Walmart aims to keep a new batch of customers

Walmart looks for ways to keep customers shopping there when the economy recovers. During the economic downturn, the world's largest retailer attracted customers looking for lower prices, and now, by way of remodeling and merchandising, it aims to keep them coming back.

Columbia receives national recognition for entrepreneurial climate

BusinessWeek recently named Columbia the best small city in Missouri for business start-ups. The success is attributed partly to the large college-aged population.