New bill proposes more oversight on funeral industry

Lawmakers want to subject funeral contract sellers to regular and random state audits in response to the collapse of a St. Louis-based funeral company and its affiliates.

Unemployed celebrate with Pink Slip Parties to search for new work

Unemployed workers having difficulty finding new employment have turned to using unique ways to find employment from chatting up business executives on commuter trains to participating in Pink Slip Parties which bring together potential employers and the unemployed for networking.

Deal announced on stimulus; weekend vote likely

Three Republican  moderates broke ranks and pledged their votes for the stimulus bill, giving it the necessary 60-vote majority.

Columbia Daily Tribune makes cuts

More jobs may be on the line. "Like every other business, we are targeting some positions for potential elimination based on what's happening (with the economy)," Associate Publisher Vicki Russell said.

Hindman: Higher ed keeps Columbia resistant to economic downturns

Columbia was featured on CNBC on Tuesday in a segment about how the city has largely resisted the economic downturn facing the country.

UPDATE: Koster investigates Office Depot over school supply contracts

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster announced the investigation Tuesday following similar probes in other states.

More food products recalled

The latest list includes candies from Walgreens and cookies and cakes made by Kroger and sold by Gerbes and other stores. Trail mixes and protein bars are also on the list.

Lower interest rates spur mortgage refinancing

Lower interest rates are tempting homeowners to refinance. Some mid-Missourians are seeing the green in savings and, as a result, mortgage lenders are having to pick up the pace to process applicants.

REDI forges alliance to bring in more high-tech jobs

The alliance is between Regional Economic Development Inc. and the Kansas City Area Development Council.

McCaskill slams Wall Street's use of bailout money

Sen. McCaskill chastised Wall Street executives for handing out billions of dollars of federal bailout money for bonuses. McCaskill's compensation plan, which was referred to a Senate committee, would force companies to implement a compensation cap for their employees.

High school opens community grocery store

Seventeen students staff the store and get paid for hours they work after the school day.

UPDATE: Some Little Debbie products join snack food recall

Two kinds of peanut butter crackers will be pulled because of a potential link to a salmonella outbreak. McKee Foods joins Hy-Vee, Kellogg and others in recalling products.

Man with a vision: Physicist brings sight to poor

Joshua Silver hopes to provide eyeglasses to more than a billion people with poor eyesight. The self-adjusting glasses could be a boon for those too poor to afford good eye care.

Unemployment rates: How are they calculated?

The Labor Department contacts 60,000 households to calculate unemployment for the entire work force, which consists of about 154 million Americans.

Butterball to lay off 75 workers in Carthage

The cuts will take effect March 1 by combining two deboning shifts. The high price of corn — its incease blamed on its use for fuel — was cited.

Global economy crashing Indian weddings

In a country known for lavish weddings, some couples are making tough decisions to avoid high costs in a weakened economy.

Don't get used to cheap oil, analysts say

Cuts in exploration and output mean prices are going to climb again, experts say, to the levels the were last summer. And it could happen by 2011 or 2012.

UPDATE: Majority of KC-area nursing homes score below average

A new federal database rating facilities on health inspections, staffing levels and quality of care.

Residents powering homes face insurance problems

They can't get the insurance they're now required to have by the state.

UPDATE: Debt trouble at Lee triggers auditor's warning

The publisher of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and other papers said it will  have trouble paying its debt over the next two years because of plunging revenue. The company also said its auditor questioned Lee Enterprises' ability to remain a "going concern" if it can't refinance its loans.