Glenn's Cafe to open for dinner hours Saturday in Tiger Hotel

Glenn's Cafe will reopen at 5:30 p.m. Saturday. Until the first week of December, the restaurant will only be open during evening hours.

Some stores to keep doors shut on Thanksgiving Day

About 33 million people will get a head start on their holiday shopping on Thanksgiving Day, but many chains will remain closed.


60-year-old Glenn's sign returning to downtown Columbia

The same sign that has stood outside Glenn's Cafe since its original location on Business Loop 70 West will hang outside the restaurant's new location on Eighth Street.

Season of uncertainty for retail stores

Gridlock in Congress might affect shoppers' wallets when holiday shopping.


Petro America founder Isreal Owen Hawkins sentenced to 30 years

Isreal Owen Hawkins was given a 30-year prison sentence after his May conviction of fraudulent charges regarding his company Petro America Corp.


Columbia entrepreneurs kick start projects thanks to crowd funding website

A number of Columbia projects have become successful through Kickstarter, a popular online crowd funding platform.

Women outrun men in regaining jobs since recession

Women have regained many of the jobs they lost to the Great Recession. Men are still 2.1 million jobs short.

September could be a wild month for markets

Upcoming events such as the release of the U.S. Jobs report, a possible military strike against Syria, elections in Germany, The Federal Reserve's September meeting and the borrowing limit expiring at the end of the fiscal year could have large impact on the financial industry this month.


G-20 summit leaders face a divided global economy

G-20 summit leaders will likely discuss developing countries' concerns that emerging economies will restrain the global economy because of economic slowdowns.

FROM READERS: 1 Million Cups caffeinates and educates Columbia entrepreneurs

Matt Fischer invites fellow entrepreneurs to weekly startup gatherings.

Wal-Mart pushes American-made goods at manufacturing summit

Wal-Mart Stores pledge to bring more manufacturing jobs to the United States by selling domestically produced goods in the "made in America" campaign.

The Tiger Hotel to bring back iconic Glenn's Cafe

The cafe closed its Boonville location inside the Hotel Frederick earlier this month to prepare for a new location in downtown Columbia.

Downtown Break Time store closes suddenly

A worker inside the store reached shortly before 9 a.m. Thursday said he did not know why the store had closed.

Aspen Heights move-in delayed for hundreds of tenants

As many as 600 tenants cannot move into their Aspen Heights houses until at least Aug. 17, according to a spokesman. About 80 tenants won't be able to move into their houses until about mid-September.

Airlines in endless quest for better boarding

Researchers speculate that every minute waiting at the gate could cost airlines as much as $30.

Ice pop vendor seeks inspiration south of the border

Maroua Jawadi will be traveling to Mexico to learn from experts on Latin American ice pops called paletas.

Downtown Leadership Council weighs in on proposed CVS drugstore

Some members of the Downtown Columbia Leadership Council have raised concerns about CVS's plan to build a drive-thru pharmacy at Providence Road and Broadway.

Food safety, farm groups oppose Smithfield sale

Coalition members say the deal could weaken domestic food safety, cause economic damage in rural communities and harm national security.

CVS presents plan for new downtown Columbia store

At a public information meeting Tuesday evening, CVS proposed a zoning change to allow a new store at the intersection of Providence Road and Broadway in downtown Columbia. 

After hiatus, Twinkies return to Columbia stores

Twinkies and other Hostess snacks have returned after a hiatus caused by bankruptcy.