Regulators probing milk price manipulation

Federal commodity regulators are investigating whether the farmer-owned dairy cooperative that controls about a third of the nation’s milk supply engaged in a price manipulation scheme, a spokeswoman for the group said Monday.

Forecasters see weak economy even if housing, credit improve

Economic forecasters say the worst of the painful housing slump and the credit crunch might come to an end this year, but they expect the economy will weaken further and unemployment will rise.

That’s the latest outlook from forecasters in a survey to be released Monday by the National Association for Business Economics.

Ethics questions raised over lawmakers getting biofuel tax credits

The intermingling of personal and official actions involving biofuels has led to a backlash at the Missouri Capitol.

Bush in St. Louis: 'This economy is going to come on'

After months of talking about the economy's resilience, President Bush was able to pivot his latest pep talk off some encouraging signs — at least relative to the gloomy indicators of late.

Bill to reverse tax increase on nonresidents gets OK from lawmakers

The increase put Missouri at odds with Kansas, where officials threatened to retaliate by raising taxes on Missourians who commute there to work.

New lawn-cutting business goes green

Robert Johnson is the owner of Green Team Lawn Care, a new service in Columbia that uses not one drop of fossil fuels by relying on manpower instead of horsepower.

Tax Day is Tuesday

April 15 is the last day to file tax returns for 2008.

Village Wine and Cheese Restaurant closes

After seven years, the Village Wine and Cheese Restaurant closed because of “marginal operations.”

On the Job: Landscape architect

Steve Saitta’s (pronounced Say-tah) transportation to work, a muddy mountain bike, leans against a map-covered wall of his office. On the opposite wall is a photomontage of Saitta’s life: old school pictures of his two now-grown sons, postcards of Arizona and Wisconsin, pictures of his family on vacation and nature photography. For the past 34 years, Saitta has been helping Columbia residents through his work as a landscape architect and park planner for the city. With the weather warming up, people are spending more time outdoors in the playscapes he creates.­

Longtime Columbia developer dies

Robert “Bob” LeMone died Monday in his home, surrounded by family. He was 65.

Biofuels to keep the price of grains high in 2008

The consumer price index for food is expected to rise an additional 3.7 percent this year.

Columbia drivers deal with rising gas prices

The cost of gas Sunday was $2.99 all across Columbia, 78 cents above the price one year ago.

Threatening a woman into abortion illegal under proposed bill

JEFFERSON CITY — Husbands and wives can divorce in Missouri without needing a reason. But abortion opponents want to make it a crime if a man threatens divorce to pressure his wife into an abortion.

Students participate in job fair from anywhere

The job fair for business students is done completely online.

Shakespeare's Pizza — now delivering across the nation

You don't have to live in Columbia to enjoy Shakespeare's Pizza — now you can get frozen pizzas through the mail by ordering off the business' Web site. Click here to go to the multimedia presentation.

Businessman owns five companies at age 23

At his core is an entrepreneurial drive, something fostered in the Columbia native at an early age by family, lemonade and some magic.

Unlicensed T-shirts bring the MU-KU rivalry up a notch

Forget the officially licensed apparel — for this year’s Border Showdown, T-shirt makers supporting both schools are pulling out all the rhetorical ammo they can

Premier Paper and Packaging plans to move to Columbia

Premier Paper and Packaging of Moberly is renovating a facility in Columbia to be used as the company’s new headquarters.

Books that are flying off the shelf

A look at some of the best-selling books in Columbia.

Picking a peck of pumpkins

This summer's drought prevented many pumpkin growers from selling their produce to retailers. However, that won't stop them from participating in Hartsburg's annual pumpkin festival.