Grocery store dietitians help customers with lifestyle changes

Hy-Vee and Natural Grocers are among the increasing number of retailers who are finding value in having dietitians or nutritional counselors in their stores to help shoppers choose healthier foods.

Yoga to Grow follows national trend in offering yoga to children

Susan Mathis, a former early childhood educator, owns alleyCat Yoga and Yoga to Grow in Columbia, where she teaches kids from infants to teens how to feel strong and powerful and connect to their own bodies through yoga. 

US Fidelis president gets 8-year state prison term

Darain Atkinson was sentenced Monday in St. Charles on state charges of stealing and fraud.

City error leads council to table Rock Quarry rezoning request

Mayor Bob McDavid called it "a matter of fairness" for the council vote to be postponed to allow Rock Quarry residents another opportunity to present a valid petition.

Bacon shortage 'baloney,' but prices to rise

The economics of the current drought are likely to nose up prices for bacon and other pork products next year, by as much as 10 percent.

Big Lots CEO donates $500,000 to Columbia College

Bargain store CEO Steven Fishman donated $500,000 to his alma mater, Columbia College. The funds will be used to open the Steven and Barbara Fishman Center for Entrepreneurship.

Rock Quarry residents object to rezoning request for gas station

A convenience store planned for the intersection of Rock Quarry Road and Grindstone Parkway has prompted protests and a petition from nearby residents.

Columbia company hopes to fuel power plant with corn waste

A Columbia company is attempting to produce Missouri's next renewable energy resource, and its owners are hoping to start with the Columbia Municipal Power Plant.

Columbia Swim Club requests visitors bureau contribution for new swim meet

The Columbia Swim Club wants to capitalize on increased membership and interest since the Summer Olympics by hosting a swim meet in February.

Landowners worry proposed subdivision regulation changes would hamper development

Boone County officials are considering whether to restrict new subdivisions along private roads.


Small-business owners learn from money guru Dave Ramsey

Radio host, financial author and motivational speaker Dave Ramsey and his team offered tips on running small businesses through the EntreLeadership seminar on Friday.

Judge sets bond for Mamtek CEO at $500,000

Mamtek CEO Bruce Cole is accused of using bond revenues to avoid foreclosure on his Beverly Hills, Calif., home and misleading financiers about Mamtek's troubled operations.

UPDATE: Missouri Attorney General Koster announces charges against Mamtek CEO

The Securities and Exchange Commission also sued Mamtek U.S. CEO Bruce Cole and his wife, seeking financial penalties.

Walgreen Co. finishes $438M purchase of drugstore chain

Walgreen Co. has completed a deal that involves the purchase of 144 stores in the mid-South from Stephen L. LaFrance Holdings Inc.

Two local motels are charged with failing to install fire alarms

Two motels have failed to meet the international fire code and the city ordinance to install manual fire alarms despite a one-year period that they had since the initial inspection.

Taller, skinnier iPhone in U.S. stores Sept. 21

Even though it's taller than the iPhone 4S, it's lighter, thanks to a new screen technology that makes the whole phone thinner.

City Council will begin paying principal on bonds early

Principal on the bonds for improvements to the electric distribution system and parking garages will now be paid. Previously, the city of Columbia only paid the interest on the bonds.

City manager's fiscal 2013 budget would raise building permit fees

City Manager Mike Matthes' upcoming 2013 budget would raise commercial and residential building permit fees for the first time since 1996 if passed.


Columbia car dealerships deal with hail damage

After Friday's hailstorm, car dealerships in Columbia have had to adjust to the effects the weather had on their inventory.

Four organizations denied 2013 block grant funding

The Columbia City Council approved block grants, which will be used to fund various community projects. Four organizations that applied for the grant were denied.