Missouri's move to SEC to bring estimated $185 million to Columbia

MBA students used data about ticket sales, television revenue, donor contributions and fan spending to conduct a study on the economic impact of Missouri's move to the SEC.


Downtown Business Incubator provides nurturing place for fledgling businesses

The Downtown Business Incubator opened Wednesday afternoon and will become a space for entrepreneurs trying to build businesses.

Downtown Business Incubator opening Wednesday in Columbia

A new downtown business incubator has its opening ceremony on Wednesday. 

Union representatives call for reflection on Labor Day

Columbia's workforce says the 118-year-old holiday is a celebration of what American laborers have created.

Report finds historic preservation has profound impact on economy

Historic preservation tax credit projects in the Columbia area totaled $88.8 million over the past decade, according to a report commissioned by the city of Columbia. Every public dollar spent generated $4.40 in private investment, the study found.

City commission waives firewall requirement for North Light

The variance will allow North Light LLC to include doors in a firewall between its apartments and the city-owned Short Street garage.

Commissioner of Securities Matt Kitzi leads Missouri's investment regulation efforts

Matt Kitzi, Missouri's commissioner of securities for more than five years, has been tasked with protecting investors in the state. His recent election to a national organization of state regulators may increase his profile.

Missouri Soybean Association to build Rangeline Road facility despite objections

The Missouri Soybean Association will be allowed to construct a storage building on South Rangeline Road as long as the lights are shielded. Still, neighbors are concerned about the building's impact.

Energy officials meet to discuss funding for Ameren, Westinghouse reactors

State officials updated supporters on the status of Ameren Missouri and Westinghouse's application for a grant that is seeking funds for small modular nuclear reactors.

20 years of research lead to soy chicken strips that taste like, have texture of meat

Persistence paid off for MU professor Fu-Hung Hsieh and senior research specialist Harold Huff, who set out in the late 1980s to find a vegetable-based alternative to real chicken.

Missouri cattle farmers brace for fallout from drought

The drought's effects on forage and grain prices have forced cattle farmers to decide whether to slaughter portions of their herds so the majority can survive or gamble by scrounging up what feed they can while waiting for better, wetter days.

UPDATE: Mayor announces new flights between Columbia and Orlando

The additional service will force the city to address needs at the Columbia Regional Airport terminal, Mayor Bob McDavid says.

At Higbee's A & K Cooperage, a family tradition of wine barrel production

Passed down through generations, a Higbee company makes over 5,000 wine barrels a year.

Recession produces spike in entrepreneurship

MU researchers find that down times in the economy prompt more people to start their own businesses, particularly in rural areas.

NRC puts nuclear licensing decisions on hold

The NRC's ruling will delay at least 19 requests by utilities for new operating licenses or license renewals. Those projects include Ameren Corp.'s request for a 20-year license renewal at its Callaway County plant in Missouri.

Soy chicken company coming to Columbia

Officials announced that Beyond Meat, a chicken substitute company, will open a production facility in Columbia, creating more than 60 jobs.

For law schools, tough choices amid jobs crisis

New data released by the American Bar Association in June revealed that barely half of those who graduated in law school in 2011 found full-time jobs as lawyers within nine months of graduation.

UPDATE: Mediacom Internet outage caused by severed fiber communication line

Mediacom customers were without Internet service for several hours Tuesday after electrical contractors accidentally cut a fiber communications line.

UPDATE: Delta revises Columbia airport schedule to meet consumer demand

The airline will offer two daily flights to and from Atlanta throughout the week. Service to Memphis will be reduced to six times a week.

Independent energy group involved in Missouri Senate races

Missourians Against Higher Utility Rates is influencing the state Senate primaries with political pieces directed toward fighting legislation that would increase energy costs.