Local Government

City hopes to take CoMO Connect toward sustainability

As passenger numbers remain stagnant, the city looks for ways to continue tweaking its transit system.


City Council candidates talk about challenges facing CoMO Connect bus system

Twelve candidates for three Columbia City Council seats responded to a Missourian inquiry about the challenges for CoMO Connect and public transit in Columbia.

City Council candidates offer their views on tax for new airport terminal

Candidates from the First, Second and Sixth wards shared their views on a hotel and motel tax that would help pay for a new terminal at Columbia Regional Airport.

Columbia police staffing remains a problem, officers and officials say

Officials say the failure of a November ballot issue and eroding sales tax revenue leave city with little means to beef up the force, which now stands at 163 sworn officers. A 2015 budget projection for Columbia's population puts the ratio of sworn officers to residents at 1.36 per 1,000.

City Council candidates share thoughts on Police Department staffing

Candidates from the First, Second and Sixth wards shared their views on staffing at the Columbia Police Department.

Second wave of First Ward candidates answer Pachyderms' questions

Clyde Ruffin, John Clark and Rob Stewart were present at Jack's Gourmet Restaurant for the Columbia Pachyderm Club's second forum for First Ward candidates.

Roll carts prove a tough sell for Columbia

City staff has been trying to make the case for automated trash collection, arguing it would be safer for workers and would boost recycling. Opponents, however, say it would be too expensive and will result in trash worker layoffs.

Legislators aim to curb abuse of pharmaceuticals in Missouri with monitoring program

Missouri is the only state in the U.S. that has not established a prescription drug monitoring program, which would create an electronic database to track prescribed controlled substances.

Columbia City Council candidates offer perspectives on roll carts

Candidates from the first, second and sixth wards shared their views on the proposed switch to roll carts.

Columbia Planning and Zoning Commission approves rezoning for 849-bed apartment complex

The Columbia City Council will vote on plans for a 321-unit, 849-bed student housing complex on April 20. Columbia Planning and Zoning commissioners approved the rezoning of 32.5 acres of land for The Avenue at Columbia, a new student housing development in south Columbia.

New 911 call center faces construction freeze

Boone County's new 911 call center and emergency management facility was scheduled to start construction in late February and be completed April 26, 2016. Delays because of weather and soggy terrain have pushed the project's end date into May 2016.

Columbia City Council candidates field questions about environmental issues

Six candidates attended the Columbia City Council Candidate Forum on Clean Energy, Climate and the Environment, where they answered questions about city government's role in managing issues of climate and energy efficiency.

VIDEO: Columbia residents take a spin with roll carts

As the debate over whether to switch to an automated system of trash collection continues, the Missourian as part of its reporting on the issue asked three Columbians to try the carts and see how they work.

City Council candidates and School Board incumbents address issues

Second and Sixth Ward Columbia City Council candidates and Columbia School Board incumbents running for re-election in April addressed a variety of concerns at the League of Women Voters forum Tuesday night.

Columbia Housing Authority bans smoking in public housing

The Columbia Housing Authority Board of Commissioners unanimously passed the ban despite criticism from several residents who called the measure unfair.

City Council discusses COMO Connect consultant, Battle High School annexation

The Columbia City Council voted for the Public Works Department to hire a consultant to analyze and suggest improvements to the COMO Connect bus system that launched in August.

City Council approves plan for connection in Columbia trail system

Columbia's City Council voted to approve the construction of a trail that will connect a larger network of trails all over Columbia.


SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Columbia Housing Authority board meeting agenda packet

CHA meeting agendas and reports to be discussed are available to the public.


Rising demand for power, concerns about reliability drive electric bond issue

Proposition 1 seeks $63.1 million to pay for power projects. In April, Columbia voters will have the opportunity to vote on the bond issue, which Water and Light officials say would prevent possible blackouts, update the city's utility infrastructure and prevent a steep hike in utility bills.

Key Columbia trail project goes to city council Monday for hearing, vote

Two city commissions, the PedNet Coalition and dozens of residents have weighed in with their preferences in advance of a decision on trail that would connect Rollins Street to Shepard Boulevard.