Local Government

MU sorority approved for new parking lot; marijuana proposal on hold

The Alpha Chi Omega sorority and the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity plan to swap land to accommodate a new parking lot and house. The Columbia City Council also tabled the proposal to decriminalize growing two marijuana plants until its Oct. 20 meeting.

Columbia City Council action, Oct. 6

A Greektown parking lot and a Grain Belt Express transmission line were among the issues discussed.

Wednesday is final day to register to vote in Nov. 4 elections

Voter registration will close Wednesday at 5 p.m. Here's what you need to know about registering and what will be on the November ballot.

Judge rules against Opus restraining order, schedules hearing for November

The judge said stopping the project would harm Opus, but allowing it to proceed wouldn't immediately harm the plaintiffs.

Village Square Park to close after years of negotiation

A lease between the Parks and Recreation Department and First Christian Church ended in 2010. After several meetings, city officials and church representatives decided to close the park, but regular visitors are unhappy about the change.

Columbia and Boone County shell out nearly $300,000 for Ryan Ferguson lawsuit defense

With six remaining defendants who are either current or former Columbia Police Department employees, the city's bill in the case will rise.

Boone County Commission talks about how to close fairgrounds

Boone County is considering 58 proposals to improve children's mental health programs. The estimated cost, funded by a quarter-cent sales tax, would cost $5.2 million.

Missouri Supreme Court will choose judge for Opus case

Boone County Presiding Judge Jodie Asel on Monday asked the high court to assign a new judge to the lawsuit filed by two Columbia residents against the city of Columbia and Opus Development Co.

TIMELINE: The latest in the Opus downtown development cases

The Missourian has tracked the progression of the Opus Development Co. student apartment project. There's a hearing scheduled for 9 a.m. Friday on a temporary restraining order, which would halt the ongoing construction.

Leader of police union backtracks on initial position on Proposition 1

Dale Roberts reversed his message against Proposition 1 and endorsed it two days later. Proposition 1 would increase property taxes by 30 cents to hire 40 more police officers and 15 firefighters

Columbia to recognize same-sex spouse in city retirement plans

The amendment conforms with the Supreme Court's 2013 ruling that repealed Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Columbia Police acquire non-tactical items from military surplus program

Although many police departments have received armored vehicles, assault rifles, and grenade launchers from the Defense Logistics Agency's 1033 program, the Columbia Police have received non-tactical items.

MU presents construction plans to Boone County Commission

Gary Ward, MU vice chancellor of operations, told county commissioners Monday afternoon about MU's master plan, which details possible construction projects across the 1,262-acre campus.

GRAPHICS: A visual look at aspects of the city of Columbia's budget for fiscal 2015

The general fund spending plan covers day-to-day operations of city government. It was approved as part of the larger $429 million budget for fiscal 2015 at the City Council's Sept. 15 meeting. The new fiscal year begins Oct. 1.

Planning commission approves gas station for Gerbes on Broadway

The Columbia City Council will get the final say on the request, which is scheduled for a final vote at the Oct. 20 meeting.

Gerbes seeks permission for gas station at Broadway store

The Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing on the plan at 7 p.m. Thursday.

Residents protest Opus project as demolition continues

Demolition work on the site, which began Monday, continued for much of the protest as a backhoe cleared debris around the two remaining buildings on Locust between Seventh and Eighth.

MU’s smoking policy could expand to city streets on campus

The city is proposing an ordinance that will permit MU to enforce its smoking policy on city streets within campus.

Fee increases, programs cemented in city budget

The trash bag voucher program and Columbia Access Television both secured funding.

Designer approved for Flat Branch sewer system

The Columbia City Council approved bids from Engineering Surveys and Services to design replacements for two of the four Flat Branch Watershed sewer projects.