Local Government

City Council votes to protect gender identity under discrimination policy

An amendment to the Columbia city code will protect transgender people from discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations. 

City Council agrees to request to install posts on Alley A

The City Council passed an ordinance that will restrict car access, making the alley more friendly to pedestrians.

Wireless Internet might be on its way to Paquin Tower

Columbia is trying to narrow the "technology gap" for public housing residents, starting with Paquin Tower.

Columbia's City Council structure differs from other cities in Missouri

Some smaller cities in Missouri have more council members than Columbia because they have more wards or they choose to employ at-large members.

City's birth and death certificates could be requested online

Residents could be able to request birth and death certificates online if the City Council signs contract with LexisNexis.

Plan for new state House and Senate districts affects next election

Boone County representatives see significant boundary changes as the Missouri Appellate Apportionment Commission filed new maps for state representatives and senatorial districts.

Fourth Comprehensive Plan meeting draws small crowd

The members of the Comprehensive Plan Task Force plans to reach out to residents to draw a bigger attendance at meetings for the next phase of the plan.

Columbia Comprehensive Plan Task Force meets with residents in the Third Ward

The Columbia Comprehensive Plan Task Force continued to present the framework in each of the city's six wards by meeting with residents in the Third Ward on Wednesday night.

Boone County Commission amends budget to give fairgrounds additional money

A new budget amendment will provide the Boone County Fairgrounds with an additional $85,192 for maintenance and utility costs until the end of this year.

Boone County Commission to hold public hearings on 2012 budget

Boone County residents have the chance to comment on the county's proposed 2012 budget during the County Commission meetings from now until the budget is approved in January.

Columbia hopes to build new park near Battle High School

Parks and Recreation proposed purchasing 30.18 acres of land north of Battle High School for future park development.

Schneider to lead Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau

City Manager Mike Matthes chooses interim director Amy Schneider for the permanent position.

UPDATE: Occupy COMO's camp removed from city building plaza

City workers removed Occupy COMO's belongings Tuesday morning. The group is still allowed to protest but cannot store items, such as plastic bins and sleeping bags, in front of city hall.

Columbia Regency mobile home park rezoning passes, 5-2

The Columbia City Council voted 5-2 in favor of the proposal to rezone Columbia Regency mobile home park for student apartments.

Skateboarders, roller skaters now allowed on downtown streets

The City Council voted Monday to amend a city code to allow roller skaters, skateboarders and users of similar transportation to ride in downtown Columbia.  

Columbia council to consider including gender identity in discrimination policy

The City Council will vote Dec. 5 on an ordinance that would protect transgender people from discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations.

City annexes land for development of Creek's Edge

The city is 158 acres bigger after a Columbia City Council vote on Monday to annex land for a new development.

Occupy COMO's belongings removed without incident from city hall

The group is still allowed to protest but cannot store items in front of the Daniel Boone City Building.

Columbia must fix sewer systems over next 15 years

Columbia officials estimate it will cost $56.9 million to repair city sewer systems in order to stop leakages of raw sewage that have occurred in recent years. The city was found to be in violation of the Missouri Clean Water Law due to these sewage overflows. 

Installation of red-light cameras in Columbia to cease

Installation of red-light cameras has been halted due to a decreased number of violations, which has also led to decreased revenue for the city and Gatso USA, the private company that installed and operates them.