Local Government

Water and Light to host open house on power line routes

The open house will be from 6 to 9 p.m. Wednesday at Gentry Middle School.

City Council interviews three Planning and Zoning Commission candidates

The Columbia City Council interviewed Brent Brown, James Downey and Rusty Strodtman on Monday for a vacancy on the  Planning and Zoning Commission.

Four trial maps remain in ward reapportion process; to be presented at next City Council meeting

Trial D has been considered the most controversial map because it has been unpopular at public hearings and does not currently meet the requirements for redrawing wards outlined in the city's charter.

Remembering Boone County Presiding Commisioner Ed Robb

People who worked with Ed Robb, who died Saturday, remembered him as an intelligent man with a passion for numbers, economic theory and Boone County.


Candidates assert qualifications for opening on Columbia's Citizens Police Review Board

The City Council is expected to make an appointment to the review board at its Oct. 3 meeting. There are eight candidates under consideration.

City Council to interview applicants, discuss wards and Short Street garage

The meeting, where the Short Street garage and ward reapportionment will be discussed, will take place in conference rooms 1A/1B at City Hall.

Robb's death prompts special commission meeting

County Clerk Wendy Noren is charged with designating a commissioner to preside over commission business.

Boone County Presiding Commissioner Ed Robb dies after attending Saturday party

Ed Robb, who was in his first year as Boone County presiding commissioner, was a former Republican state representative.

Redrawing Columbia's wards proves puzzling for representatives, residents

City efforts to redraw ward boundaries to equalize populations become tricky when representation for various factions of the community also are at stake.

Rames Branch in Boonville contaminated with 400,000 gallons of waste

Rames Branch in Boonville was contaminated with 400,000 gallons of waste on Wednesday. Officials from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources are investigating the wastewater release and a fish kill approximately 250 yards from the Missouri River.

Delta to cut midday flights from Columbia Regional for winter

Delta will temporarily eliminate its midday flight between Columbia Regional Airport and Memphis International Airport from December through February. 

Columbia police, community members discuss reducing racial bias

Several public safety representatives and community members met Tuesday to discuss how to reduce internal racial bias in the Columbia Police Department.

Video arraignments will be made available in Boone County courts

The video arraignments will cut down on lost man hours in the Columbia Police Department, which has assumed transportation duties to municipal courts because of staff shortages in the Sheriff's Department, officials say.

MKT could play important role in Columbia ward reapportionment

Only one of the five boundary maps brought before City Council on Monday fits the city charter requirement that wards be contiguous.

Columbia city workers' pension funds have nearly $118 million shortfall

The city pension funds that support police officers, firefighters, utility workers and other Columbia employees are lacking $117.8 million that will be needed to pay out benefits.

Clark Lane reconstruction to continue into second phase

The Columbia City Council passed a motion Monday night to allow for bids on the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of St. Charles Road and Clark Lane. 

Columbia Transit fare increases approved; service cuts scaled back

After months of debate, the transit budget for fiscal 2012 was approved by the Columbia City Council in front of a large crowd of interested residents.

Ward committee chairman presents reapportionment process report to City Council

The committee's work is complete, and the task of deciding how to redistrict the ward now lies to the council.

City Council approves Red Bull chariot race

The council unanimously voted to allow the closure of a section of Ninth Street for the promotional event Oct 1. 

GUIDE: Understanding the Columbia Transit debate

Tonight's City Council meeting will address, among other topics, the 2012 transit system budget. Are you up to speed?