Local Government

Seventh and Walnut parking garage closing for cleaning

The Public Works Department will close the garage at 7 a.m. Monday to wash and seal the floors.

City passes new feral cat ordinance addressing caretakers

The ordinance will make feeding or harboring feral cats in Columbia more expensive.

Task force recommends options for paying for road repairs

The City Council heard a report that suggested increasing taxes and adding new fees in order to deal with the lack of funding for the building and maintaining city roads.

City Council approves proposed crosswalk construction on Providence

The pedestrian overpass in front of Douglass High School will be replaced with a landscaped median, crosswalks and pedestrian signals.

Extending bus hours won't be part of city budget recommendations

An increasing percentage of the Transportation Sales Tax, which accounts for more than a third of public transportation's revenue, is going to streets and airport subsidy each year.

Columbia feral cat caretakers eager to see how City Council will vote on ordinance

On Tuesday, Columbia City Council members could vote on a new ordinance that would increase the responsibility of those who feed and harbor feral cats.


First phase of Scott Boulevard project nearly done

Two years after construction began, phase one is nearly complete and currently under budget.

Residential produce sales not allowed in Columbia despite nationwide trend

A change in zoning laws allows produce to be sold on residential property in Kansas City is turning heads in Columbia.

City news update will be held Friday morning

The agenda for Tuesday's City Council meeting will also be reviewed.

Columbia Hospitality Association debates funding, structure of department merger

City Manager Mike Matthes said a merge between the Office of Cultural Affairs and the Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau could provide an opportunity to make Columbia "a city of the arts."

Boone County Fairgrounds half-cent tax not enough, board says

A new tax on sales at the Boone County Fairgrounds is a good step, but a representative of the fair board says county commissioners should commit more resources to the property.

Columbia Regional Airport fence intended to block wildlife

The planned project would cost no more than $104,015, and the federal government will pick up 95 percent of the cost.

Columbia's Ward Reapportionment Committee looks to expand First Ward

A plan to alter the boundaries of Columbia's wards will be presented at a July 14 public hearing. The ward realignment would even out the estimated populations in each ward.

Urban farmers one step closer to on site produce sales

The Planning and Zoning Commission approved on Thursday a text amendment request that would allow selling produce on site if the land is in office zoning.

Downtown businesses petition City Council concerning Summerfest street closure

Representatives of 21 downtown businesses signed a petition saying Summerfest activities draw customers away from competing businesses. They ask that the street closure only be allowed on certain days.

Eighth member added to ward reapportionment committee

The City Council unanimously approved the addition of an at-large member of committee, which had been criticized for lacking diversity. Wiley Miller was selected.

Parking meter rates to double July 1 downtown

Residents can expect rates for downtown parking to double starting on July 1 from 30 cents an hour to 60 cents. The decision was approved unanimously at the City Council meeting Monday.

City Council to vote on additional member to Reapportionment Committee

A Monday vote will decide if another member will be added following questions of lack of minority representation. Mayor Bob McDavid said the resolution would only apply to the current committee.

Stakeholders fail to reach compromise in final Scott's Branch Trail meeting

The third meeting, originally scheduled for June 22, has been canceled because organizer Daryl Dudley said nothing new would be discussed.

Columbia City Council discusses plans for Short Street parking garage

The council began digging into the details of the new garage at its retreat Saturday.