Local Government

Ward Reapportionment Committee sets September public hearing date

The Ward Reapportionment Committee will hold a public hearing on Sept. 7 to discuss re-allocation of the First Ward with the public.  

Mayor's bus plan would target students, create task force

Mayor Bob McDavid outlined his strategy to revamp the city bus system Monday night, including a plan for a transit task force, "hot routes" and a transit board separate from the Public Works Department.

Columbia bus riders react to proposed transit changes

We asked bus riders how they would alter their transit routines if changes proposed by the city manager take effect.

Ward Reapportionment Committee to meet this afternoon

The Ward Reapportionment Committee is meeting to discuss three previous proposals as well as two new trials.

City management fellowship to provide new opportunity for master's students

City Manager Mike Matthes proposes a management fellowship to cut city expenses and provide real-world experience to master's students studying public affairs.

McDavid unveils bus system revamp, but plans will have to wait

It's too late in the budget year for the mayor's ideas to be reflected, though. The public transit budget process is moving forward with reduced services and higher rates.

UPDATE: Kahler's physician says he didn't determine that Kahler had panic attacks

An update on Monday's testimonies for the Kahler trial. Kraig Kahler's doctor, along with Don and Marina Coulter, friends of Kraig and Karen Kahler from Weatherford, Texas, testified.

Stephens Lake Park beach to become accessible to wheelchairs

The beach at Stephens Lake Park will be wheelchair accessible after a concrete ramp is installed later this winter. It is estimated that the project will cost $5,000.

Voter forum on photo ID requirement set

Missouri's November 2012 ballot will include a proposed amendment that would require voters to show a government-issued photo ID. A public forum Sept. 14 will address this issue.

Columbia city manager's coffee sessions prove popular

Matthes' coffee schedule is full until September. Topics of discussion include speeding, feral cats and Columbia hangouts.

Public schools won't offer flu vaccinations this year

Columbia Public Schools students will not be vaccinated for the flu at school this year because the federal grant that paid for the vaccinations ended in May.

DNA, bloodstain and firearms examiners' evidence places Kahler at shootings

A former DNA investigator testified that Kraig Kahler's blood was found at the murder scene.

Boone County Commission starts search for new fairground management

The county commission is contemplating two methods of management for the fairgrounds. The shift relieves the Boone County Fair Board of its day-to-day duties with the fairgrounds.

New law amends requirements for concealed-gun permits

Changes to the conceal-and-carry law that take effect Aug. 28 lower the minimum age required to apply for a permit from 23 to 21, establish new qualification requirements and expand the right to carry concealed weapons at the state Capitol.

KBI agent says Kahler showed no curiosity about why he'd been arrested

The prosecution played a videotaped deposition of Kansas Bureau of Investigation agent Bill Halverson, who interviewed James Kraig Kahler the day of his arrest.

Kahler's father, brother say he made disturbing statements in weeks before shootings

James Kraig Kahler's brother and father told the Osage County District Court on Thursday afternoon that Kraig Kahler said he "might go out in a blaze of glory" and that he had "terrible thoughts."

Sunny Reese testifies her relationship with Kahler's wife never a secret

Sunny Reese talked about how Kraig Kahler became increasingly agitated about the romantic relationship between Reese and Karen Kahler, especially when they made it clear he couldn't become part of it.

Defense attorney shows Kahler did not take prescribed medication

Defense attorney Tom Haney showed that Kraig Kahler never took the clonazepam pills he'd been prescribed for seizures and panic attacks, laying the groundwork for the argument that his client was mentally unstable at the time of the crime.

Union leaders respond to proposed city pay raises

The fiscal 2012 budget proposed by City Manager Mike Matthes calls for giving most employees a raise of 25 cents per hour. Union representatives say it's a step in the right direction.

Attorney testifies Kahler proposed 'threesome' with Sunny Reese

Karen Kahler's divorce attorney, Dan Pingelton, said his client's husband had "introduced Sunny (Reese) sexually" to the couple, wanting to add another partner to his marriage.