Local Government

Proposed road tax formula divides county municipalities

Some officials from less populous municipalities in Boone County think the proposed new county road tax formula is unfair.

Amnesty program encourages rental property registration

Between Oct. 1 and Nov. 15, the Office of Neighborhood Services offered an amnesty period for landlords to register rental units in compliance with city laws. The office registered 225 new units in that time.

City Council renews Columbia's anti-identity theft program

The Red Flag Rule, a city government effort to prevent identity theft, has been renewed for a second year. So far, the program has found no problems with the protection of municipal records.

Council stipend likely to be put on April ballot

According to several City Council members, voters will once again consider whether city government should be a paid gig.

Pledge of Allegiance may soon be a Council requirement

A proposal by Daryl Dudley might soon make the Pledge of Allegiance a staple of City Council meetings.

Richland Road request approved; Weiss property rejected by City Council

The controversial 181-acre Richland Road rezoning request was ultimately approved Monday after two years of debate.

Columbia City Council to discuss proposed stipends for members

The stipends — $6,000 for ward representatives and $9,000 for the mayor — would be put to a vote of the people. Not all members agree they're appropriate.

Fred Schmidt to run for open seat in Columbia First Ward

Accountant Fred Schmidt has decided to declare his candidacy for the First Ward and plans to tackle issues such as the city's budget, financial issues and the pension system.


Columbia Transit boosts ridership with new routes

Since August, adjusted routes and a new one have increased Columbia Transit's ridership citywide by 20 percent compared with the same time last year. 

Dinner train could arrive in the next two weeks

The Columbia Star dinner train was expected to begin operations this fall but has been delayed. City and railroad representatives say the attraction will be up and running soon.

Police chief disagrees with review board in Billups case

In a memo to the chairwoman of the Citizens Police Review Board, Police Chief Ken Burton re-affirmed his decision that Officer Nathan Turner did not use excessive force when he threw a man to the ground while responding to a reported disturbance at a nightclub last year.

Fatal motorcycle accident provokes lawsuit against city

The family of Michael Heaston, who died in July after he collided with a city bus, is seeking damages from the city of Columbia.

Boone County Commission nearing approval of East Area Plan

The commission will be the final government body to vote on the plan.

Columbia celebrates extension of Maguire Boulevard

People who work on LeMone Industrial Boulevard say they like the northward extension of Maguire Boulevard, and Mayor Bob McDavid said the project was key to bringing IBM to town.

Columbia, Boone County reveal federal funding requests

The city of Columbia and Boone County have completed their wish lists for projects they hope will win federal money. The projects include road extensions, airport and public transportation improvements and environmental infrastructure.

City Council to vote on ordinance restricting parking by mailboxes

Second Ward Councilman Jason Thornhill asked for the proposed ordinance to be drafted after he received complaints from people who said they were missing mail deliveries due to parked cars blocking their mailboxes.

Columbia Planning and Zoning Commission looks ahead to resident input

The Columbia Planning and Zoning Commission finalized a document of goals and objectives for the city, developed with the Comprehensive Plan Task Force. 

City manager names interim finance director

City Manager Bill Watkins announced that John Blattel has been named the interim director of the city Finance Department.

Engineers to begin examining central Columbia sewer basin

Columbia faces a lengthy and expensive effort to overhaul aging sewer systems that are compromised by stormwater and groundwater.

City Council hears about need to expand power grid's capacity

The director of Columbia Water and Light said some substations are approaching their maximum physical capacity and suggested a new substation and transmission lines.